Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 226

Right after, Wei Mo knocked on the door, calling her down for dinner.

At this time, it was 7 pm at night. The lanterns were lit and the hotel was bustling, music light and slow. The rich and noble gathered together, taking advantage of the dinner party to seek opportunities to cooperate.

Wei Mo changed into a blue, water-like robe, which made his eyebrows seemed painted, handsome, and extraordinary. His pure eyes shone.

“Wei Mo, I’m serious right now. I have an extremely powerful enemy, if you follow me, you may get hurt or even die…” Lu Shiqian wanted to persuade him to leave her early. She didn’t want to see such a wonderful person to get hurt. His life should be destined to be bright!

Wei Mo raised his head, fixedly staring at Lu Shiqian. He interrupted, “A’Qian, if you chase me away, I will die.”

Someone as simple and pure as him, he feared her speaking those words.

He spoke earnestly and firmly. It was the first time the black-haired Wei Mo expressed his stance so decisively!

If she drove him away, he would die. What was the point of life without her?!

Lu Shiqian was speechless. She had truly been stunned by Wei Mo.

“A’Qian, don’t chase me away. No matter what difficulties you face, no matter what dangers, I want to stay by your side. Look, I’m working hard to grow to be with you. Even if I die, I am satisfied.” Wei Mo took Lu Shiqian’s hand and blushed. These were all his heartfelt words. When spoken aloud, it was like a confession.

Lu Shiqian nodded, “I will never say these kinds of things again.”

She thanked Wei Mo for being able to do this for her. If she still drove him away, she would be a hypocrite and artificial!

Wei Mo suddenly smiled.

“Aiyo, how affectionate the two of you are. It sure makes others jealous.” Li Jing sauntered over, smiling charmingly, “This one can also die for you, do you want to accept me then?”

Lu Shiqian’s face turned cold. This guy would get itchy if he didn’t pull others for a day!

Li Jing would just about to take Lu Shiqian’s small hand when Shang drifted over like a ghost, coldly blocking his mal-intended hand.

Li Jing and Shang were absolutely polar opposites!

The group of four went downstairs in a lively manner.

As soon as they appeared, everyone’s gazes turned to them.

Obviously, Shang’s coolness, Li Jing’s charm, and Wei Mo’s beauty yet pureness, these three peerless men were devastating by themselves, let alone together. The storm they blew in surged for a while without ceasing.

Comparing experience, nobleness, and richness, not one of the men present were bad. Even their appearances were first-class. However, compared to these three, they wouldn’t match up to a single fingernail.

Comparing nobility, the son of the devil, commander of the demons, slaughtered through the world! Comparing riches, just how many treasures did the God King 100,000 years ago own? Comparing handsomeness, who could beat Wei Mo’s slight smile?

Their presence was too big!

The only thing that was unpleasant was the plain-looking Lu Shiqian. Standing in the midst of handsome men, she was like the weeds amidst peonies. What was even more unbearable was that the three men revolved around her.

The ladies grew faint. It was too painful on the eyes!

With everyone’s eyes on them, the four didn’t care and walked to the table Tie Mu prepared for them. There, the little purple dragon Jun Zun and Sikong Yun waited since long ago. After the four sat down for a few minutes, the music in the hall started up again and people’s discussions sounded.

“Who’s that ugly woman?”

“Don’t know. Wow, those men are so tasty.”

“Isn’t that the table where only the magnates and nobles of the Qin Empire are allowed to sit?”

Someone slightly more learned chimed in, “If I’m not wrong, that should be Master Sikong Yun.”

“It is Master Sikong Yun. I didn’t expect that he would condescend himself to sit with the magnates and noble of the Qin Empire.”

“I think that those men have unusual bearings, don’t know who they are?”

“Don’t know. I also don’t know the details.”

There were also jealous men, “I think they’re all wallflowers. Maybe they’re all that ugly woman’s male pets.”

“So shameless. Dignified men are actually relying on their faces to eat.”

“What’s the use of being good-looking? It’s better to be like me. I may not be handsome, but money’s pouring in.”

Shang’s cold face revealed slight murder intent, “So much chirping. Noisy.”

The corners of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. This great one was a very ruthless character. It was possible he would kill the entire room of people in a moment of dissatisfaction. Lu Shiqian hurriedly sat next to him, leaning towards him, whispering by his ear, “Let’s exchange pointers later, no giving up until one side falls.” Ai, only by satisfying this battle-crazed man’s desire for fighting could others be safe. Was it easy for her?

The sweet fragrance, supple skin, and warm breath on his ear… Shang’s slightly more pointed ears trembled, “Alright, until I’m satisfied!” The demon nobles’ ears were all very sensitive.

Lu Shiqian saw the cool Shang’s ears trembling cutely and couldn’t help but tease him. She gently pinched his ear and rubbed it, and sure enough, he trembled again! So cute! This was a new discovery!

Shang’s face instantly turned cold and suddenly stared at Lu Shiqian with his heterochromatic red and black eyes. There was a dangerous atmosphere!

The ears of the demon noble were only touched by lovers when flirting!

And this was also their weakness. As long as their ears were pinched, their bodies would involuntarily soften.

Lu Shiqian didn’t know she had made big trouble and still pinched his ears to play. Shang’s entire body was stiff like iron other than his ears, which were unbelievably soft.

“Alright, I understand!” Shang stood up, “I accept your proposal, but you must first defeat me!”

Suddenly, high-temperature glares once again swept towards Lu Shiqian.


Lu Shiqian was stunned. S-S-S-She proposed marriage?! Alright, fortunately, she had to beat him first. She was not his opponent at all right now… AHHHHHHHHHH!!!! Now wasn’t the time to consider these things! The problem was! How did she propose marriage just by touching his ears a little?!

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