Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 227

The demon race had a rule: if someone fancied another, they could touch the other’s ears. The other party could also disagree and refuse to be touched on the ears. Demon men could propose to women, and women could also propose to men. In the past, many demon race women wanted to rub Shang’s ears, but those people all ended up miserably and were killed by him without exception. Therefore, all the demons knew that they couldn’t afford to touch His Royal Highness’ ears.

In this regard, Lu Shiqian was lucky she wasn’t killed. Of course, she was also unlucky because for a long time in the future, she would be forced by Shang to progress by any means until she could defeat him. Only then did her suffering end. At that time, she often sighed. If she knew earlier, she wouldn’t rub his ears even if she was beaten to death! It was a pity that she wasn’t omnipotent and couldn’t see the future.

Lu Shiqian was stunned, and the slightly arrogant voices of the nobles spread over, “Excuse me, can we sit here?”

Lu Shiqian returned to her senses and looked at the speaker.

It was a 27 or 28-year-old handsome man. From his clothes, it could be seen that he was rich or noble. He was even a Rank 8 mage! Next to him was a charming young woman with brown curls and brown eyes, slim with big breasts. She was in her twenties and a Rank 6 mage. Her line of sight never left Wei Mo since she came.

Wei Mo was uncomfortable at the staring. He didn’t like this woman at all.

Lu Shiqian looked at Wei Mo, then at the curly-haired busty woman. She obviously held Wei Mo’s hand, her meaning clear.

Wei Mo flushed red and shyly looked at Lu Shiqian.

That woman was enraged. Her eyes had always been at the top of her head, yet when she took an interest to a man, he didn’t respond to her. She was angry, but she was also well-educated and didn’t reveal it. She glanced at Lu Shiqian. She was confident that she could snatch Wei Mo from her!

From the moment she laid her eyes on him, she was sure that he was hers! He could only belong to her! She pulled her big brother. After all, there needed to be a reason to approach, right?

She sat down gracefully, even though Lu Shiqian didn’t agree.

When she sat down, she felt her behind growing wet.

“Sorry, I accidently put the cake on the seat. I was just about to tell you when you sat.” The little dragon Jun Zun innocently said. He blinked his large, pure eyes and tried his best to prove that he was only a mischievous child. What he did was absolutely not deliberate or intentional.

The brown-haired woman’s face turned black. No matter how great her upbringing, she couldn’t refrain: “How dare you do this?! Do you know who I am?!”

Lu Shiqian gracefully wiped her mouth, “I’m sorry, Miss, but we have no intention of knowing who you are. I will warn you: don’t try to take what’s on someone else’s plate lest you end up miserably.”

The brown-haired woman paled in anger, furiously pointing at Lu Shiqian and declaring, “Just you wait!”

The man next to her spread his hands and took off his robe to cover his little sister. Honestly, with his good looks and noble status, picking up girls was a cinch. Seeing Lu Shiqian’s cold expression, his interest was piqued, “This beautiful young lady, may I interest you in a dance?”

Jun Zun wiped his face, flicking his fingers at the robe covering the brown-haired woman. The black and white on her behind was made visible to everyone.

The hall grew strangely silent again, everyone staring at the brown-haired woman’s behind.

They originally wanted to save some face for them, but who told that man to not fear death and try to pick up their master? Then they couldn’t blame him, hmph!

The tall and elegant young man was the great Prince of the Qi Empire, Qi Tianxiong. The charming brown-haired woman was the Sixth Princess Qi Wanru. They originally came to make friends with the various nobles and magnates. They had entered the same time as the four, who completely overshadowed them. Qi Wanru was a proud peacock. After all, she was a princess and also a Rank 6 mage. The halo on her head was enough to illuminate everyone and become the focus at various public gatherings. This was the first time she was ignored like this. Not only ignored, but also lost great face! You could imagine the anger in her heart.

“He will definitely be mine!” Qi Wanru pointed at Wei Mo and challenged Lu Shiqian.

Just a male pet, how difficult would it be to secure him using her power in the Qi Empire? Yet, she saw Wei Mo wholeheartedly stare only at Lu Shiqian. She snorted coldly and left quickly, even taking the cake on her behind with her.

Qi Tianxiong had his face swept away so his expression naturally wasn’t good. However, he was more restrained than his sister, “Excuse me.”

Lu Shiqian’s face remained indifferent, coldly saying, “Please.”

“A’Qian, I’m sorry.” Wei Mo lowered his head and apologized.

Lu Shiqian asked, “Why apologize?”

Wei Mo twisted his fingers, “I caused you trouble. That woman won’t give up easily.”

Lu Shiqian laughed, “That only means your charm is big, Wei Mo. Yes, yes, sweet trouble.” She then solemnly stated, “Don’t worry, no matter what she dishes out, I will accept it all!”

Wei Mo’s face flushed and nodded, “En.”

This trip to Qi Empire may not be peaceful, but that was good, her hand was just getting itchy! If that woman wanted to attack her, then she had to bring some excitement and not let her down!

After dinner, Lu Shiqian pulled Wei Mo into her room. She ordered the kitty to seal the space and called out the Violent Dragon, Phoenix Bird, Water Eagle, Five-Colored Elk, and many other magic beasts. She thought for a moment before calling the little purple dragon Jun Zun and Lan Ruo, taking out many magic stones from her interspatial bracelet.

Wei Mo watched Lu Shiqian in confusion, not understanding what she was going to do.

Lu Shiqian was affected by Wei Mo’s words. He wanted to grow stronger, so she would give him the chance. The fastest route to strength was absorbing the magic power in magic stones. After refining the magic stones with the Fire of Creation and turning it into magic stone liquid, each magic beast and person would receive a portion.

“A’Qian…” Wei Mo didn’t know what to say. Did A’Qian do this for him because his position in her heart was different? His heart was overjoyed and he drank the magic stone liquid in happiness.

Which drop of this magic stone liquid wasn’t worth millions of gold coins? However, in the days to come, this high-value good would be drunk by Wei Mo and the magic beasts like water! What luxury!

Lu Shiqian was also furiously absorbing the magic power in these magic stones every day and night. However, the magic seas in her body was too much so there wasn’t much effect.

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