Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 228

As soon as she finished learning the Heavenly Swinging Sword and opened her eyes, Lu Shiqian saw Shang standing in front, coolly staring at her.

Lu Shiqian immediately recalled the matter of rubbing his ears and screamed in sorrow. It was bad! Using both the kitty and Jun Zun, she could only block 100 of his attacks. If Shang made a move, she really couldn’t block it!

The gap in strength was too big!

However, don’t forget that the more difficult the situation, the braver Lu Shiqian was. She pulled Jun Zun and the kitty along and was about to enter Shang’s battlefield.

“They’re not allowed. Only you.” Shang coolly rejected the little purple dragon and the kitty.

“…Huh?” Lu Shiqian finally couldn’t resist asking, “You don’t want to marry me this much?”

The answer to her question was a punch from Shang.

Lu Shiqian didn’t even think, rolling on the spot. Afterwards, for the next eight hours, Lu Shiqian practiced this rolling skill with ardent passion. Without the buffs of her magic beasts, she fought against Shang with her own strength. It could be seen that Shang was trying his best to suppress his strength, but Lu Shiqian was still battered and bruised every which way. However, she soon fell in love with this way of fighting— relying only on her own strength, spells, and domains. Her brain churned faster; her calculations growing more accurate.

“Shang, how about this? If I can dodge ten of your attacks, you’ll let me touch your ears. How about it?” Fighting needed rewards to keep enthusiasm high, right? His ears were very cute and soft. Anyways, she couldn’t beat him and didn’t need to worry about marrying him in the future, hahahaha. However, she forgot that if a person wanted to lose, it was a very easy thing… Cough, cough, of course, that was a story for another time.

Shang coldly stated, “Talk after you dodge.”

Afterwards, Lu Shiqian tried her best to avoid his attacks, using all kinds of ploys and tricks. However, she still failed. Shang also didn’t fail to make her despair, always knocking her into the air when she almost dodged.

After fighting for a long time, Lu Shiqian was exhausted. She was one dodge short and failed this one many times. What to do?

Lu Shiqian suddenly pulled down her outer robe, revealing her snowy shoulders, smiling magnificently at Shang.

And the attack that originally should’ve landed accurately was slowed by this smile for a second.

Lu Shiqian caught the right timing and quickly evaded, laughing happily. She used a crooked trick, the beauty trap, but a trick was still a trick and effective.

“Little Shang’er, obediently stretch your ears over!” Lu Shiqian was proud.

The ice block Shang’s neck was stiff, extremely unwilling and unhappy. He stood in his spot and didn’t budge.

The mountain didn’t budge, but the water flowed; you don’t move, but I’ll move. Lu Shiqian cheerfully walked over, rubbing his ears. However, it wasn’t easy to touch the 1.9 meters tall Shang who stood straight like a pillar.

This problem hardly posed a problem to Lu Shiqian. She lightly jumped, her legs hooking around a certain person’s waist, and her hands quickly touched his ears. One hand wasn’t enough, so two!

Soft and warm, and it also trembles sometimes, so fun!

A certain person’s face was as black as carbon, but Lu Shiqian ignored it and rubbed to her heart’s content. The rewards for eight hours of fighting weren’t easy to get!

“Tomorrow, avoid 11 moves.” A certain someone coldly announced.


“Eleven moves, can touch.” A certain someone endured. Damn it, how long was she going to touch for?! Also, why was he so tolerant of her? Damn it! There was a great burst of pleasure from his ears, and a certain person finally couldn’t resist and dragged her off, “Next time, only allowed five touches.”

Lu Shiqian raised an eyebrow and smiled. Five times? Sure! He didn’t specify how long each time was, haha!

The next day, Lu Shiqian used the beauty trap again at the last moment. She showed her legs this time.

“Tomorrow, 12 moves.” The ice block coolly said.

The third day, Lu Shiqian shamelessly exposed her whole back and won again.

“Tomorrow, 13 moves.” An ice block coldly stated.

The fourth day, her fingers wiped her lips, victory.

“Tomorrow, 14 moves.” A certain ice block was determined to not be tempted.

The fifth day, Lu Shiqian was defeated. The sixth day, the same. The ice block no longer ate that trick of hers, and Lu Shiqian also picked herself up and tried her best.

She didn’t know just how great her progress was. It was simply a thousand miles a day!

Furthermore, Shang was also an excellent teacher, knowing how to stimulate her and use the carrot when she was depressed.

The day before the auction started, Lu Shiqian once again fulfilled her wish to touch his ears.

“Tomorrow, 15 moves. You must hit me.” The ice cube man said with a solemn face.

“Little Shang’er, you’re getting harsher and harsher.” Lu Shiqian was dissatisfied and attacked him. You’re kidding, right?

Shang hummed coldly and didn’t speak.

Lu Shiqian could only accept her fate.

“Have you touched enough?” The ice cube couldn’t endure any longer. If she kept touching, his body would turn soft.

Lu Shiqian was happily rubbing his ears, thinking, the next opportunity to touch his ears was far away, so how could she give up without enjoying to her heart’s content?

Lu Shiqian discovered for the first time that the demon horns on Shang’s head were very beautiful whilst touching his ears. Driven by curiosity, she touched his horns.

Boom… Shang’s mind exploded and pleasure spread through his body.

The demon horns were where the essence of the demon was stored and a sensitive place for noble demons, even more so than their ears. Being touched by Lu Shiqian’s soft hands, an indescribable feeling bloomed.

The poor son of the devil who was not afraid of massacring all under the heavens, the commander of thousands of demons, laying waste to millions, slowly growing numb to killing. His horns were touched for the first time in his life; his ears for the first time a few days ago. To think that he was the peerless genius of the demon race, a mixed-blood from the Demon King of the Demon Plane and the Asura Plane’s ruler… (omitted millions of words). Alright, he would admit. He had no idea how to deal with the current situation.

Lu Shiqian saw that Shang had no change in expression (because he was still in shock) and touched his horns again.

Hard, warm, a unique feel. Her hand could also wrap around it and stroke it.

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