Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 229

There were bursts of pleasure from his horns, and a certain someone’s black and red eyes grew darker and darker until he finally pulled off Lu Shiqian and left.

“Ah, what’s wrong with him?” Lu Shiqian was puzzled, “I haven’t touched enough yet! Two more times!”

The second day, Lu Shiqian was awakened by Wei Mo’s soothing voice. The rotation of the arrogant silver-haired Wei Mo had just passed yesterday, so the one that woke her up was the gentle, black-haired Wei Mo.

Lu Shiqian was still muddled from sleep. These days, Shang would drag her off to train at night, each day lasting way longer than a ‘day’. In the morning, she also had to accompany Sikong Yun to shop. Ai, life was so hard!

Wei Mo stretched out his slender fingers and helped Lu Shiqian rub her temples to make her feel better.

Lu Shiqian slept comfortably on his lap, murmuring, “Wei Mo, you’re still the best.”

Lu Shiqian was a restless sleeper and her robe was already loose. With these movements, a large part of her snow-white shoulders was exposed, even her chest was slightly revealed. Wei Mo’s throat tightened, his face flushing. His beautiful eyes darted around, not knowing where to look.

“A’Qian, wake up soon. The auction is starting today.” Wei Mo embarrassedly said.

The auction would be held for a total of four days. The first day, various materials would be auctioned, equipment on the second day, magic beasts the third, and the final fourth day would be all of the best.

Half of Lu Shiqian’s body was leaning on Wei Mo. Ever since that day Wei Mo expressed his attitude, the relationship between the two went further. At the very least, Lu Shiqian treated him as a confidant and someone she could act childishly to.

Lu Shiqian twisted, her clothes sliding down. Sleeping on his lap was really comfortable.

Seeing the half-exposed body, Wei Mo’s breathing hastened, his heart pounding. He quickly averted his gaze.

“Master, it’s time to get up.” Lan Ruo walked in with some clean clothes. Seeing his master’s snow-white shoulders, his face also flushed red.

Lu Shiqian finally slowly got up. Wei Mo was freed and darted out the room. If he stayed, he would explode.

In his panic, he bumped into someone.

“Aiyo.” A seductive cry came from the delicate lips of a woman.

Wei Mo was dumbfounded, only then noticing that the person he bumped into was the Qi Wanru that had intentions to him the other day. Disgust flashed through his heart. However, he was a gentle, good child in the end. Furthermore, it was indeed his fault for crashing into another. He faintly apologized, “Sorry.”

Qi Wanru furtively glanced at Wei Mo. There was still a blush on his face, and he was even more handsome and delicate than before. Those eyes directly hooked a person’s heart, and those full lips were endlessly attractive. She had countless men before, but had never had someone this excelling. Furthermore, his obedient appearance made others want to push him onto bed and bully him. Qi Wanru had a burst of passion. This man, she was definitely going to make hers!

“You knocked someone down, but you’re not going to help them up?” Qi Wanru tilted her head, her bountiful breasts seemed even more big with her dress. This was a chest that would drive men crazy.

Wei Mo was extremely reluctant, saying: “You can stand up yourself. I know you’re not injured.”

Qi Wanru heard and almost cracked. Did this stupid man not know how many advantages he could take by helping a woman up? Furthermore, as a gentleman, how could he so impolitely reject a woman like this?

Qi Wanru gritted her teeth and quickly stood up, leaning towards Wei Mo as if unsteady.

Wei Mo was shocked and quickly dodged. The poor Qi Wanru once again fell to the ground.

“You…” Qi Wanru was angered but quickly calmed down, gracefully standing up. She looked deeply at Wei Mo, “Do you know how to serve women?” She always thought that Wei Mo was only a male pet.

Qi Wanru frivolously touched Wei Mo’s chin, “I want to taste how that woman trained you.”

Wei Mo evaded in disgust, not sorry to Qi Wanru in the slightest. This woman was so disgusting. He vigorously rubbed his chin, trying to get rid of her smell.

“Pah!” A pebble shot over, swelling Qi Wanru’s hand up like a pig trotter.

“You best not touch things that aren’t yours.” Lu Shiqian slowly walked over. By her side was Sikong Yun, Tie Mu, the little purple dragon, and the charming Li Jing. Shang didn’t like lively occasions so he stayed behind to train his swordsmanship.

Lu Shiqian saw that Wei Mo kept wiping his chin and felt distressed for him. She pulled him over and kissed him.

Let her clean that woman away.

Wei Mo blushed red again like a tomato.

“Next time something like this happens again, I will destroy one of your hands.” Lu Shiqian coldly glared at Qi Wanru.

The pressure in her eyes suffocated Qi Wanru.

Covering her aching right hand, Qi Wanru hatefully gritted out, “You’re threatening me?”

“I’m just telling you a fact.” Lu Shiqian took Wei Mo’s hand and walked downstairs.

“Aiyah, a certain person also wants to receive this kind of treatment.” Li Jing held his heart and cried sorrowfully, furtively reaching out to hold Lu Shiqian’s left hand.

The little purple dragon Jun Zun’s eyes were fast and quickly grabbed Lu Shiqian’s left hand’s finger, leaving Li Jing very sad.

Qi Wanru hatefully glared at their backs and smiled coldly, coming up with a plan.

The Qi Empire’s auction took up 42,000 square meters and was 30 meters high. There were three floors. The first floor was for the average rich, and around 30,000 people could be seated. The second floor had 5,000 seats and private rooms for the wealthy and noble. There were only 100 seats on the third floor for the hegemons and royalty. The middle was hollow and a large platform about 5 meters in radius was set up, a special stage customized for this auction. The auction building was circular with amplifying equipment installed to ensure that everyone could hear. The auctioneer was also wearing the newest magic inductor that was connected to the audience, allowing him to know the situation. The second and third floors were also installed with sound amplifiers.

The auction site was already packed with all kinds of vehicles and magic beasts pulling these vehicles. They all looked very spectacular. The aristocrats and wealthy businessmen constantly compared against each other, especially at such a large venue.

Lu Shiqian drove over in a low-key silver-gray family car. When they opened the doors, five peerless men in their own right got off, shocking people’s eyes.

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