Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 230

There were three entrances to the auction and each entrance was guarded by 10 Rank 5 mages and one Rank 6 mage.

Lu Shiqian walked over and swiped her Magic Crystal Card.

In the auction venue, those with less than a million gold coins weren’t even qualified to enter. ‘Please swipe when entering’, this was plastered everywhere.

The receptionist glanced indifferently at the card first, but soon, his indifferent turned into shock, then dumbfoundedness.

Lu Shiqian found it strange and asked Tie Mu, “Just how much money did you deposit into it?” She never checked the account and had no idea how much money was inside at all.

Tie Mu smiled politely, noncommittedly.

Lu Shiqian and her party were politely led to the third floor’s super luxurious private booth which overlooked the entire venue.

At this time, the entire venue was filled and not many seats were left.

Not long after, the auction began.

The auctioneer was a capable-looking man in his forties. As soon as he came up, he announced in an infectious voice, “Welcome, ladies and gentleman! To the once-in-a-century auction! I am honored to serve you for the next few days. This auction will bring together all kinds of exotic wonders and treasures, ensuring that this was worth it.” He waved his white-gloved hand fervently, “Alright, less nonsense. Let the auction begin!”

Materials were auctioned on the first day.

The staff brought out a plate, a jade-green grass on top of it.

“This grass is called Dragon Beard Grass, said to grow next to a dragon’s lair. It has miraculous effect on burn wounds and was exchanged for with our fellow warrior’s life. The starting price is 5,000 gold coins, and each increase is by 100 gold coins.” The first item wouldn’t be the greatest, but the Dragon Beard Grass was still considered rare.

“You can grab a fistful of that thing in front of my lair,” the Violent Dragon disdained.

Red lights revolved around and the price was increased to 20,000 before stopping. No one on the second or third floors bid. It was obvious they were waiting for the good things to come out. The Dragon Beard Grass was taken by a middle-aged woman.

The second to tenth items were also materials that were rare but useless to Lu Shiqian. Lu Shiqian was drowsy and lay in Wei Mo’s embrace, bored. The things weren’t that great but the prices were sky-high. After the tenth item, some cat’s eye stones, heavenly thunder stones, black iron were actually raised to a million gold coins! The second floor also began bidding. However, these things, Lu Shiqian could just casually grab a pile. Furthermore, there was also that huge treasury in the Forest of Death.

Sikong Yun was itching for it all. As a Master Forger, when it came to materials, he would naturally be highly enthusiastic. However, he also clearly knew that Lu Shiqian gave him a large pile of these things so his brain would be moldy if he used money to buy.

“The value of the next material is hard to say. It was originally saved for the last day, but the organizer decided to give you all a surprise.” The auctioneer mysteriously brought up a branch.

This branch seemed nothing special. There didn’t seem to be anything strange about it.

However, when Li Jing saw this branch, his charming face changed. It was obvious this branch attracted him.

The God King accumulated hundred of thousands of treasures over his years, what kind of thing could attract his notice?

He twisted his way over to Lu Shiqian and lifted her hand, “Can you help me get it, Lil’ Qian’er?” The ‘Lil’ Qian’er’ was spoken extra coquettishly, causing Lu Shiqian to break out in goosebumps.

Ai, Li Jing truly had a lot of treasures, but he didn’t have any money. There was no choice. For the sake of that item, he would have to exchange with his body.

“Help a certain someone get it. Tonight, I’ll let you do anything you want to me.” Li Jing’s watery eyes stared at Lu Shiqian, only making her hair stand up straight.

Little Jun Zun saw Li Jing seducing his master and grew unhappy, but he was also unable to beat him so he could only glare at him. Furiously glare at him. Hoping a certain someone would be more self-aware.

However, a certain someone had no self-awareness. His eyes alluringly hooked as he leaned down, trying to land a kiss.

Lu Shiqian was helpless, “Alright, I’ll help you bid, okay?”

Ai, her weakness was being unable to reject the people close to her.

Uh, Li Jing was already considered close? Lu Shiqian looked at the blushing Wei Mo. Maybe it was classified like this: whoever Wei Mo is close to would also be close to her.

Li Jing got a reply and couldn’t conceal his charm, scattering it all over the place. He smiled brightly like a child that got what they were promised.

In truth, no one knew what that strange branch could do. Swords couldn’t slice it, fire couldn’t burn it, thus, very few people bid for it. The auctioneer also blew the item to the sky, telling grand tales about how many people were lost, how much blood was shed in order to bring this item over. However, people were clever and refused to fall for it. The price lingered around 100,000 gold coins.

The auctioneer was very depressed. He didn’t want to sell the final item today at a low price.

“105,000 gold coins going once. 105,000 gold coins going twice. Anyone else bidding?” The auctioneer was disappointed that no one wanted to bid.

“150,000!” Lu Shiqian leisurely called.

The auctioneer immediately cast a hopeful gaze in Lu Shiqian’s direction.

“200,000!” As soon as Lu Shiqian’s voice fell, another female voice from a private booth came.

Lu Shiqian didn’t back down, “250,000!”

That woman followed, “300,000!”

The auctioneer grew excited. Bid, bid! This was called true bidding!

That woman was of course Qi Wanru. Her purpose was obvious: to challenge. She wanted to see just what qualifications a commoner had to compete with her!

Lu Shiqian naturally knew who the owner of the voice was and their intentions. She didn’t evade, “1 million!”

As soon as she shouted, a surprised shout came from the bottom. It wasn’t that the price was high, but that they bid so high on a worthless item. This was like seeing someone spend 10,000 on a steamed bun. No matter how delicious a bun was, they weren’t worth that much. The word ‘prodigal’ popped up in everyone’s minds.

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