Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 231

Qi Wanru shouted, “2 million!”

Li Jing was gleeful. The higher the price, the happier he was. This way, he wouldn’t need to be afraid that the item he fancied would be taken by someone else.

Lu Shiqian glanced at Li Jing, “10 million!”

Everyone was shocked. Truly prodigal!

Qi Wanru was waiting to make a bid when Qi Tianxiong stopped her, “At this price, you can stop fooling around.”

Ten million wasn’t a small number. Even for the royal family, they couldn’t casually take out ten million, what more when they still had an important mission.

Qi Wanru wasn’t reconciled but had no choice. She hatefully glared at Lu Shiqian’s private booth and stopped bidding.

The auctioneer was overjoyed. The final piece truly lived up to his expectations and was sold at the highest price of the night, “Ten million going once, ten million going twice, ten million going thrice! Sold!” He sent someone to personally deliver the branch and wished he could bear hug Lu Shiqian at this moment.

Li Jing was excited, picking up the branch and quickly kissing Lu Shiqian. He deliberately said to the auctioneer, “Lil’ Qian’er, you’re so great! I’m yours tonight!”

As soon as these words came out, everyone fell silent. Really prodigal! Not only were they prodigal, they were the wastrels that threw millions to win a smile from the beautiful man! The eyes of everyone staring at Lu Shiqian’s private booth was endlessly disdaining.

The corners of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. She was sure of how the people below saw her but didn’t care. It didn’t matter what others thought of her. She was still her and no one could change that, so she wasn’t angry at Li Jing’s behavior.

She wasn’t angry but Qi Wanru was. She had seen Li Jing before, a man that was charming yet dangerous! She was very unwilling. Not only that pure and handsome man was that ugly woman’s, even that charming man was hers! She couldn’t stand it! She was a great princess, yet the male toys by her side couldn’t compare to 1/10 of that of the ugly woman. Damn it!

However, that hateful woman won’t last a few days. Today, someone was going to take her life!

Qi Tianxiong opened his arms and took a beauty into his embrace, his lower body moving inside her: “Do things cleanly.” How could he, as her brother, not know what his little sister was thinking? As for that woman, if she could survive, then he could consider chasing her. A wastrel rich lady… He was interested in using her a little.

“Big Bro, how can you do such a thing in front of your younger sister?” Qi Wanru angrily glared at Qi Tianxiong.

When she finished speaking, a pair of hands stretched out from behind to cover her eyes.

Qi Tianxiong raised an eyebrow, “My dear sister, you’re not bad either.”

At this time, Lu Shiqian walked out of the venue and drove towards the hotel.

Halfway there, a sudden explosion rang out but the car only bumped slightly.

Lu Shiqian’s car was explosion resistant, seismic resistant, fire resistant, water resistant, thunder resistant. Others couldn’t break through its defenses.

The assassins were shocked at the sight and brewed again, preparing for a big move.

Suddenly, at this moment, the sky dimmed and the clouds gathered. Black thunder and lightning flashed down and a large crack opened in the air, a certain black figure floating out.

“Ants, you dare sneak attack Master!” It was a voice that came straight from the ninth level of hell, frightening the attackers.

The people who attacked Lu Shiqian wasn’t some random person.

The Qi Empire had a long history, and its talents were incomparable to small countries. Thus, the six assassins were trained by the royal family for assassination missions. Most disobedient officials or difficult enemies would be assassinated by them.

It’s just that they didn’t check the calendar when they went out today and didn’t realize today was a bad day to go out. What an error!

A few black bolts struck down and the poor ghosts hadn’t even figured out what was happening when they were fried so hard even dust wasn’t left.

Black cloak, black scythe, and black hair danced in the air. Black lightning flashed all around, and the black interspatial cracks exuded a gloomy light. A black pattern also floated beneath his feet!

Death God, could you be more exaggerated and magnificent?!

The mighty coercion pressured the entire Qi Empire. People felt their hackles raised, their backs chilling. Those that were closer directly fainted. Because Lu Shiqian advanced two ranks, the Death God had reached a new level. He was too excited to see Lu Shiqian and revealed a bit of his strength.

The Death God retracted his power and the world once again returned to calm.

After dealing with the things in the World of Death, those pestering Death Gods finally stopped nagging him and he was able to return to Master’s side.

His mood: couldn’t wait!

At this time, the 100 Death Gods in the World of Death all looked at each other speechlessly. Their boss was not the ordinary OP! Dissatisfied that those monsters would tear open space to make trouble, he would actually run after them and move over their entire base? Gap! The gap was indeed not just a little!

Of course, the Death God wouldn’t care about how his subordinates saw him. At this time, happy currents surged through him again and again. Firmly and stubbornly, he walked towards Lu Shiqian step by step.

“Master, I’m back.”

Lu Shiqian felt a bit surprised, overjoyed at the return of the Death God. She got out of the car. For the past year, she tried her best to not think about the Death God. Perhaps she was too greedy. When the people around her left, she would believe in her heart that they would come back someday. Since they were going to return, there was no need to overthink things.

“Welcome back.” Lu Shiqian held the Death God’s hand.

The Death God watched Lu Shiqian deeply, allowing the electric currents transferring from his hand to swallow him. The cloak covered his face, and no one could see his expression. For a year, he had thought of her. Seeing her once again, he couldn’t help extremely seriously asking: “Master, do you have experience now?”

Lu Shiqian was instantly petrified!

The Death God was very persistent, “Master, do you have experience now?”

Lu Shiqian blushed. Feeling Li Jing’s ridiculing gaze, Wei Mo’s probing gaze, Sikong Yun’s curious gaze, and the direct Death God’s gaze, she felt a little embarrassed: “This thing… a little experience…”

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