Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 232

It had to be said that Bai’s teaching was great, but speaking outrightly about these shameful things was a little…

The Death God was overjoyed. Alright, he didn’t know why he was happy either but hugged Lu Shiqian. The joy of seeing each other again rolled in like a tsunami and his longing seemed to be placated. He was immersed in some inextricable pleasure.

Master, Master, it was great to see Master again…

Li Jing, Wei Mo, and Tie Mu had seen the Death God before. They knew just what kind of abnormal existence he was. Especially Tie Mu, he still clearly remembered the way he punished the demigod princess.

However, the little purple dragon didn’t recognize him. Even though he was curious about the origin of that magic beast space inside Master’s body that was similar to Esteemed Bai’s power, he didn’t think that the owner of that space was stronger than him. Sadly, from the little bit of power the Death God accidently leaked out, this Death God was much stronger than him! Furthermore, his power source actually wasn’t magic power! Could there be another power source in this world? He came from the Cultivation Plane and had great vitality in his body, but that was also created by the accumulation of magic power. The son of the devil came from the Demon Plane and his breath could cause magic beasts to mutate, but that was also another form of magic power… No matter which plane, in the end, the power source was always magic power.

But, this black-clothed Death God actually didn’t have the slightest bit of magic power!

Just where did this monster come from?!

Another obstacle had appeared on his long and difficult path of tempting his master!

A black shadow flashed across the sky. In the blink of an eye, that black shadow’s sword slashed down. Black and red hair tangled together while his black and red eyes sharply focused on the enemy. Who would it be other than Shang?!

However, that sword didn’t hit the Death God. The Death God lifted his scythe and blocked.

Shang’s attack was thwarted and there was faint doubt in Shang’s eyes.

The Death God didn’t pursue the matter. No matter what happened, his eyes only contained Lu Shiqian right now.

“Hey, how much longer are you going to hug on the street for? Shouldn’t you be quickly fleeing the scene after killing someone?” Li Jing charmingly reminded.

Oh, that’s right. The people who fainted just now were probably going to wake up soon too.

Lu Shiqian pulled the Death God and Shang into the car, stepped on the gas, and shot away.

When they arrived at the hotel, they opened the door. The five handsome men and little boy naturally attracted much attention.

These five extremely outstanding men were hard to forget at first sight. The coming and going aristocrats and hegemons recognized Lu Shiqian as the wastrel that would spend millions to win a handsome man at the auction. Now that she brought back an extra black-clothed man, their eyes filled with even more contempt. Apart from disdain, there was also envy. Those men were truly too outstanding! Even the man in black, from his figure, could be seen that his appearance wouldn’t be bad.

That plain-looking girl with glasses really sat on various handsome men! Even the little boy was top quality!

Money would make the Devil turn millstones, but there were countless rich young ladies that resided in this hotel. How come they never met such superb men?

The heavens really weren’t fair!

The people looked at Lu Shiqian strangely with surprise, curiosity, confusion, and contempt.

Lu Shiqian didn’t care. It’s not like she would lose a piece of meat from being stared at.

The Death God was even more OP. His eyes had been glued to Lu Shiqian ever since he saw her. Otherwise, with all the presumptuous eyes on her, he would at least reap a couple souls to see just what they were thinking.

Li Jing smiled charmingly as if wanting people to misunderstand.

Shang had his pride and wouldn’t do anything.

Sikong Yun only had money and materials in his brain all day. He had no space to think about others.

Wei Mo’s face was a little red, but also ignored the unkind eyes.

As for Tie Mu and the little purple dragon… One didn’t dare overstep his boundaries while the other was thinking of great seduction techniques. Thus, none of them took to heart this matter.

The Death God was extremely happy, electric currents coming from his hand constantly stimulating him. He stared deeply at Lu Shiqian and felt that his eyes were going to shoot electricity soon.

What a strange electric current!

Master’s eyebrows were more curved, almost as beautiful as his scythe. Her eyes were also darker like the black moon in his world. Her lips were redder like the most delicious soul. She seemed to have grown a bit taller, around the height of his shoulder. Her chest… seemed to be bigger? What was it like? Her waist was thinner, like what?

No matter what it was like, he wanted to personally measure where his master’s changes were.

The Death God once again hugged his master’s waist, the wonderful feeling making him sigh.

Satisfied, so satisfied!

However, it would be even better if he could keep touching.

The Death God touched Lu Shiqian’s lips. They were so incredibly soft.

It would be even better if he could kiss her.

The Death God bowed his head, lips to lips. He rubbed, licked, bit, and cherishingly sucked.

Lu Shiqian was helpless. The Death God that just returned was quite enthusiastic.

Fortunately, she was back in her own room.

However, he was just an inexperienced, naïve child, wasn’t he?

“Close your eyes when kissing,” Lu Shiqian said.

“Master, I’ve closed them the whole time.” He was truly obedient.

Lu Shiqian’s heart pumped. How could this child be so cute? It was a little hard to get off the tiger now so continue! What if Bai blamed her for crawling over the wall (have an affair)? Stop there! She had promised the Death God before, and from the beginning, she seemed to have faint feelings for him… How difficult.

Just when she was thinking about it, the Death God pushed her onto the bed, covering her breasts with his hands.

“Bigger.” Enduring the high-voltage electric currents, the Death God judged, “It’s bigger by 3.431256… cm (accurate to hundreds of decimal places).”

Lu Shiqian was speechless 囧. How did he calculate so accurately? Besides, was it really bigger by that much?

The Death God seriously stared at Lu Shiqian’s chest, as if thinking about a profound secret: “Master, why did your chest grow bigger?”

The corners of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, “This… B-Because your master, I, am still developing.” Ai, this thing was quite sad to speak about. In that world, she had long passed the growth stage. Now, she came to this world with extra perks.

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