Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 233

The Death God touched Lu Shiqian’s waist, “Why is it thinner here?”

Lu Shiqian was once again speechless, “When a woman grows up, her waist will be thinner.”

The Death God stroked Lu Shiqian’s lips, “Why is it so soft here and delicious?”

Lu Shiqian calmly replied, “With age, it’s just like that.”

The Death God felt her eyebrows, “The eyebrows are long and curved. Eyes, so pretty…”

Lu Shiqian: “…”

“Master, I want to sleep with you tonight.”

Lu Shiqian: “What?”

Knock, knock, knock. At this moment, a waiter knocked on the door and temporarily saved Lu Shiqian.

The Death God sullenly and absolutely threateningly glared at the waiter who knocked, causing him to shiver uncontrollably. He broke out in cold sweat and his sentences came out in fragments, “G-Guest, n-noble g-g-guest l-looking for y-you.” Finishing, he ran out like he had seen a ghost. Too terrifying, that feeling just now.

Lu Shiqian sighed slightly and walked down.

The Death God stood up and followed closely behind. If his expression could be seen under his cloak, it would be extremely wronged.

Lu Shiqian held his left hand and he began to rejoice again. The thought of reaping the soul of that waiter was dispelled.

There was a gentleman standing downstairs, many Rank 6 Archmages around him. He was in his twenties and looked profound, difficult to see his talents at first sight. However, after knowing him for a while, good feelings would be born naturally.

Lu Shiqian had met this person before. It was the leader of Silver Blue she had met a year prior.

Wan Feng seemed to have become more noble than that day.

But what did he come here for?

Wan Feng held an intricate box, a trace of sorrow and contempt on his face. However, there was more so stubbornness that emanated from the inside.

“Greetings, Miss Ren Woxing. I have a request: I hope that you can leave the Qi Empire.” He handed over the box, “This is your compensation.”

Lu Shiqian opened the box. There were more than thirty 3 Star and 4 Star magic beast cores, their value more than 5 million gold coins.

“Why?” Lu Shiqian lightly asked.

Wan Feng was slightly surprised by Lu Shiqian’s calmness, holding less contempt for her wanton ways, “You’ve offended my elder sister and she won’t let you go. It’s best for you to leave quickly.”

Lu Shiqian smiled faintly, “I didn’t know you were actually the Qi Empire’s Prince.” A nice guy at that. Because he was worried that innocent people would die to his sister, he probably didn’t know that there was already an assassination attempt on them before they reached the hotel.

Wan Feng frowned slightly. Did he know her?

Lu Shiqian calmly stated, “The leader of the third largest mercenary group Wan Feng is a prince of the Qi Empire. What a surprise.”

As soon as she said these words, the mages on the side surrounded Wan Feng, entering a battle state. It could be seen that Wan Feng was in his subordinates’ heart. Whenever something bad happened, they would be prepared to deal with it.

In truth, Wan Feng was indeed supported and praised by the ministers and people.

Wan Feng’s full name was Qi Wan Feng, a quite legendary prince. When he was just born, his mother was harmed and he was thrown into the river to fend for himself. Originally, it was certain he would die, but who knew an Earth Bear would pick him up and raise him along with her cubs? It could be said that he grew up on bear milk. When he was seven or eight, he went hunting with the little bears but was caught by a hunter’s trap, only then joining human society. The little Wan Feng was raised uprightly and hardworkingly, eating from a hundred different families to grow to 12, close to the bottom rung of society. After the Qi Emperor retrieved him, he diligently studied various knowledge and showed his brilliance.

However, Qi Wan Feng being the leader of Silver Blue was known by fewer than few, and they were all his confidants.

How did this wastrel that threw millions of gold coins for a man know this?

Seeing their doubts, Lu Shiqian took out that purple crystal card given by Wan Feng.

Seeing this card, Wan Feng’s expression abruptly changed. He seemed to be excited along with some other emotion, but after opening and closing his mouth for a while, he only managed to spit out: “You…”

This card was given by him to a broad-minded and bold girl. He couldn’t tell back then what the reason was, but now that he thought of it, perhaps it was admiration.

Later, he inquired about that woman called Lu Shiqian and her various miracles.

Even later, when he heard of her death, he didn’t understand why he felt a momentary dull pain in his heart. At the time, he thought that he would never be able to see her again in his lifetime. However, today, his heart swayed along with the appearance of this purple crystal card. He truly didn’t understand where this woman in front of him got this card from.

The purple crystal card, a royal token. The pattern on this card was his insignia. There was no doubt, it was his.

“Sometimes, appearance changes, but that doesn’t mean the heart does too, does it?” Lu Shiqian’s eyes were shining like stars behind her glasses.

Qi Wan Feng nodded as if he understood something.

“In short, thank you for your kindness. You can see that I’m now a Rank 7 mage. Your sister’s a little too weak to find trouble for me.” Way weaker, a whole world’s distance away!

The power this woman gave off always instilled confidence. Compared to a year ago, she seemed to be much more dazzling and mysterious.

So distant it seemed difficult for her to touch her world again…

No, he had never entered her world before!

Qi Wan Feng didn’t insist and merely spoke, “Be careful.” He then led the other mages away.

“Competition is too fierce; this ancestor needs to work harder.” Jun Zun jumped out from somewhere, looking at the Death God and at Qi Wan Feng.

Lu Shiqian knocked on Jun Zun’s head and walked inside.

At this moment, in the Qi Empire’s palace, Qi Wanru received a secret report that all the assassins she sent to kill Lu Shiqian were all inexplicably dead.

Qi Wanru trembled. All of the assassins she sent were her painstakingly cultivated golden eggs, yet they were utterly annihilated. Just what had happened?

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