Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 234

Did that ugly woman do it?

She had such ability?

No, impossible! Absolutely impossible!

Then, what was going on?

Qi Wanru was a little frazzled.

Qi Tianxiong narrowed his eyes and frivolously said, “Isn’t this good?”

To be honest, Qi Wanru was afraid of this elder brother of hers. Even though he seemed to be open and kind to everyone, but for those that offended him, he wouldn’t leave an inch for them. At least a few dozen people died to his hands. She was just arrogant and domineering, but her brother was truly heartless. Even that woman who was having fun with him a moment ago was brutally killed.

She immediately smiled, “Brother, how can you be like that? What’s good about this?’

Qi Tianxiong stood, “It means that that woman is still useful.”

Qi Wanru was stunned but quickly understood what her brother meant, “Then after brother’s done, can you…”

Qi Tianxiong glanced at his sister, “Relax.”

Don’t worry. He would definitely gouge out the eyes and rip off those ears of those men, ensuring they were neither human nor ghost. Just one peerless man was enough in this world!

When Lu Shiqian finished fighting with Shang, it was already 3 in the morning.

Walking out of the fighting space, the Death God was still by the side guarding and waiting.

Lu Shiqian was a little surprised. The Death God seldom stayed in her room in the past.

“Master, I want to sleep with you.” The Death God innocently said.

In truth, the Death God didn’t need sleep at all. He just wanted to lie down next to Master. This idea was so persistent he was swayed.

The corners of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. No choice, she had no resistance to the Death God.

“En, but why?” Lu Shiqian was a little curious.

“I want to look at Master.”

The past year should be considered short compared to his lifespan, but because of pining, it became exceedingly long and tedious.

The two lay in bed facing each other.

“I want to see you,” Lu Shiqian touched the Death God and said.

The Death God didn’t hesitate at all and took off his cloak.

In an instant, all colors seem to dim and all the grace of the world gathered. No, no, no. He was more firm than the green mountains, clearer than the streams, and more beautiful than a wide expanse of flowers. Perhaps it was the charm of the sun after the rain, the calmness of the towering mountains, or the fluttering of butterflies in the air. It was like the dark of night had run amuck, or the dawn at the brink of daylight… Perhaps it was an extremely gloomy beauty, or the beauty of life, touching people’s hearts.

Was it because death was too lonely that he was compensated with such beauty?

And she, Lu Shiqian, was able to see such beauty again and again! This time, she felt that even the heavens were treating her mercifully.

The two lay quietly.

The Death God lowered his thick eyelashes, the lights casting a dim silhouette.

He grabbed Lu Shiqian’s hand and carefully and studiously… licked it.

He took a look, licked, then looked, then licked again.

He took Lu Shiqian’s finger and sucked with his mouth.

There was a numb, wet feeling coming from her hand. Lu Shiqian internally thought that the Death God sometimes acted like a child that hadn’t grown up.

Who else would suck fingers like this?

She didn’t mind. Her eyelids grew heavy and she fell asleep.

When the Death God saw that Lu Shiqian fell asleep, he was almost done with his job of licking her hand. He propped up his body to look at her face.

Looking, looking. He tilted his head down to lick her face, forehead, eyebrows, eyes, nose, and her lips, slowly gnawing.

Lu Shiqian slept deeply. These days, she was dead tired. In her dreams, she felt a little dog licking her face and laughed. She turned around and fell deeply asleep again.

The Death God’s eyes were dark, golden lights occasionally flashing by. He felt somewhat uncomfortable and needed to do something to release it.

He held Lu Shiqian’s back and pulled her body towards him before he felt better.

They lay down just like that, currents pulsing through him again and again. There were extremely strong currents where their bodies touched.

Ah, holding like this, his whole being felt fulfilled. His longing was also satisfied.

The Death God that had never learned literature thus became a literato!

He shifted and found the best position, embracing Lu Shiqian.

At first, he didn’t know where to put his hands. After deliberating for a while, he still felt that it was best on top of those two large peaks.

The strong electric current almost made him jump up, but this time, he endured again and again, making his body numb…

The next day, Lu Shiqian got up and felt refreshed.

After washing up, she led everyone to the auction venue. Today’s auction was equipment, so there would naturally be a craze.

Lu Shiqian had no shortage of equipment. What she wanted to do was give a gift to the Death God. However, the Death God was so strong, what to send? How troubling.

Just when she was thinking, she heard someone knocking on the private box door, “Miss Ren Woxing, may I come in?”

Hearing that voice, it was the Qin Empire’s Eldest Prince Qi Tianxiong.

Everyone didn’t seem to have great affection for this eldest prince.

The Death God only paid attention to Lu Shiqian, as for those ants, he naturally wouldn’t spare an iota of attention. Li Jing fixed his beautiful nails, blowing with his red lips from time to time. Jun Zun stared at the ceiling, acting as if he heard nothing. Sikong Yun stared wholeheartedly at the stage, frowning at the auction item list. Tie Mu chuckled. There was some gratification and sadness, then he faintly smiled again. It was enough to stay by Master’s side. He wouldn’t expose that whatever prince.

Not just the people, even the beasts didn’t pay up.

Yin snorted, snoring while lying on the chair. Hong Jin ate fruit while the kitty lay in Lu Shiqian’s arms to nap, its tails waving round and round and round.

At this time, Qi Tianxiong had already stood outside the door for nearly 15 minutes.

Wei Mo was still the kindest, pulling Lu Shiqian’s hand: “A’Qian…” He lidded his eyes slightly, long eyelashes covering his eyes. His skin was jade white.

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