Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 235

Lu Shiqian surrendered. Whatever, it was a perfect chance to see what that kind was scheming: “Yin, go open the door.”

Yin heard the orders and ran over to the door, opening it with his mouth.

Being locked outside for 15 minutes, Qi Tianxiong still had a smile like the spring breeze. However, he greatly underestimated the acuity of the men in Lu Shiqian’s private box. Most of these were evildoers, with three of them over the age of 100,000. Who was he trying to show that fake smile to?

“Wondering if Your Royal Highness needs anything?” Lu Shiqian lightly asked.

Qi Tianxiong couldn’t help being surprised. Which commoner woman wasn’t overjoyed to see him? Even noble ladies would act cold to him at first, but lie beneath his body in a few days.

However, this woman was neither happy nor cold. She was just indifferent.

He was unable to understand. Logically, she should already know that he was the eldest prince of the Qi Empire, heir to the throne. There was no reason her mood should have no fluctuation at all upon seeing him. Women, didn’t they all climb up with connections? Yes, she had money. If she didn’t have money, he wouldn’t be looking for her either. She was also a Rank 7 mage, the same rank as him, making her even more useful… A plain woman, hmph, it was his first time in this kind of scenario. If he didn’t win her over, how could he live up to his own charm?

Hence, he spoke in what he thought was a carefree tone, “I wish to invite Miss Ren to my private booth for a while.”

When he finished, multiple pairs of eyes fell on him. He acted indifferent but felt pricked.

Amongst them, the little brat Jun Zun’s gaze was the sharpest, so much so that Qi Tianxiong could no longer understand. He was obviously a small child, yet his eyes were like that of a king who had sat upon the throne for a millennium, frightening him.

What he didn’t know was that this child in front of him had already been a king for 100,000 years. Each and every fierce beast had been subdued and trained to be obedient by him. He was a king amongst kings. The deterrence contained in his eyes was not small.

Li Jing’s gaze was the most casual, yet penetrated straight to the heart, carrying great pressure.

Compared to the little Jun Zun, Li Jing was the big boss of the Grand Era of Magic. He was certainly not some fuel-efficient lamp.

As for the Death God, his slight glance made Qi Tianxiong take a few steps back, vomiting out blood. Quite embarrassing.

“Your Highness, Your Highness!” The guards outside the door anxiously rushed in. One supported Qi Tianxiong while the other lambasted, “Who harmed His Highness?!”

The men once again went back to their business. The ones checking their nails checked their nails; the ones staring at the ceiling stared at the ceiling. Nobody spoke.

Bullsh*t! Have you ever seen someone kill with their eyes? Uneducated!

Qi Tianxiong suffered a big loss and only then began to assess the strength of Lu Shiqian and the others. The more he thought about it, the more frightened and excited he became. He once again renewed his determination to use Lu Shiqian!

If these people could be used by him, then the throne would soon become his possession!

“No problem. I merely caught a cold yesterday and feel a bit uncomfortable today,” Qi Tianxiong said.

The heck? You can cough up blood with a cold?

“Wondering if I may invite Miss to go flower viewing some other time?” Qi Tianxiong persisted.

Thus, Qi Tianxiong once again vomited blood with three pairs of eyes on him.

Qi Tianxiong secretly cursed, speaking with the support of the guards, “I will take my leave first.” Everyone’s ears cleared then.

Lu Shiqian already understood that Qi Tianxiong’s purpose. So he was trying to play her.

“Master,” Jun Zun pitifully opened wide his watery eyes, “that person is obviously bad. Do you want me to…” he made a slicing gesture.

The corners of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched as she kneaded the little guy’s cute face, “Don’t mind him.”

The auction was in full swing, and the auctioneer was still the one from yesterday. He excitedly waved his hand: “Next up is,” he paused, rousing his audience, “a gold brace!”

(黄金护腕 – gold brace)

The equipment segment only had 3 to 5 silver equipment, and the highlight was the gold equipment. The spirit equipment was considered legendary and was going to be auctioned on the day after tomorrow.

A gold equipment could be sold at at least 1 million gold coins, not to mention at this century-old auction house.

The gold brace could be considered a rare protective equipment.

“This gold brace has 200 years of history with one enchantment which can increase power by 2%. The starting price is 1 million, price increments by 100,000! Everyone, please don’t miss it!”

Perhaps the auctioneer was too invigorating, but people called out one after another and the price soon exceeded 5 million, running straight to 6 million. The second and third floor also bid. Of course, compared to the first floor, they were very restrained and stopped by the time the price reached 6 million. Even fools knew that best things were for the last. If you spent too much money at the beginning and missed out later, it would be a great loss!

The gold brace was bought by a bulky man.

Lu Shiqian looked at the handsome men. Li Jing and Wei Mo didn’t need any more protective gear, the Death God didn’t need it, but Tie Mu might need. Thus, she asked, “Tie Mu, do you fancy any gold equipment?”

Tie Mu was flattered and was unable to speak for a while. Did she mean that she was going to gift him a gold equipment? Did she… care about him?

“Oh yeah, don’t I have spirit equipment?” Lu Shiqian immediately took out several pieces of spirit equipment, pushing them in front of Tie Mu: “Take a look, do you need? Or, you can take it all.” It was tragic if you thought about it. Tie Mu worked hard to help her make money, but she never seemed to give anything in exchange.

Tie Mu stared at the seven spirit equipment woodenly, a little speechless. Did Master know just how much these seven spirit equipment was worth? His eyes grew moist for a moment.

“A certain someone wants gifts too.” Li Jing’s eyes shone, charmingly saying.

Lu Shiqian disdained him. He had more than enough treasures hidden away, okay? Still asking her for more? This guy, if he wasn’t because wearing a full set of spirit equipment would be too shocking, he would probably be fully equipped, okay? Perhaps he even had godly equipment…

“I also want!” the little purple dragon Jun Zun lifted his head.

Lu Shiqian was dumbfounded. How many times better was his defense compared to spirit equipment? Did he even need?

“A’Qian…” Wei Mo aggrievedly called. Lu Shiqian immediately placed a spirit equipment in front of him.

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