Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 236

Li Jing complained, “Not fair, my young, tender heart is injured again.”

Little Jun Zun’s eyes were watery.

Helpless, Lu Shiqian could only take out two more spirit equipment.

One big and one small immediately took away their respective spirit equipment, adoringly caressing it. After stroking it, they even compared whose equipment was better looking.

Lu Shiqian’s group casually divided the spirit equipment, but the people at the auction were fighting hard for a gold equipment.

Lu Shiqian turned her head around and met the Death God’s eyes. For some reason, she felt slightly guilty, “What kind of gift do you want?”

Even though Lu Shiqian was strong in terms of combat, relations was another thing.

“I want you, Master.” The Death God very seriously stated.

Lu Shiqian was dumbfounded again 囧. How could he say something that could be considered molesting a good young lady so calmly and straightforwardly?

Just when she wanted to tell the Death God that such ambiguous words shouldn’t be easily spoken, the familiar amplified voice of the auctioneer came from below: “Everyone, next up are two magical equipment. They have no grade or enchantments, but anyone that wears it can dominate everything under the heavens!”

The auctioneer raised his hands, and a pair of female legs was sent up.

These legs were so beautiful, exuding an indescribable brilliance. If it weren’t for the strange patterns on it, people would really think it was a pair of female legs!

That’s right, this was the leg portion of the Fallen Goddess Set. The two were even sent up together. After collecting these two legs, the Fallen Goddess Set would only be missing a left arm!

Lu Shiqian was overjoyed. She must win this bout!

Yi Mengji was also excited. She never thought that she would one day recover her body!

After 100,000 years, her thoughts of revenge have faded. The only thing she wanted was to find her lover again. In spite of the vastness of the sky and wilderness, she would find her lover even if she needed to cross the Yellow Spring!

“The starting price is 10 million gold coins, going by increments of 500,000! Starting… Now!” the auctioneer yelled. He had a feeling that this piece could create the highest price today.

“12 million!” someone shouted.

“12.5 million!”

“13 million!”

The second and third floor also went crazy. Those with good eyes could see the value of this equipment. No one on the first floor bid anymore since 10 million exceeded their bottom line. They were now just watching the excitement.

After many spoke, Lu Shiqian slowly bid: “20 million!”

The people on the first floor were full of sorrow, full of both disdain and admiration for Lu Shiqian. Probably buying for some male pet again! However, this kind of woman who took their male pets to run around was quite rare! Of course, what could a woman who didn’t mind spend lots on a male pet not do?

That’s right. She, Lu Shiqian, could do anything!

Just when Lu Shiqian’s words fell, another shouted, “I’ll bid 25 million!’

Great, it was that Qi Wanru again! It seemed that she was determined to challenge Lu Shiqian.

When Lu Shiqian was about to bid, someone else shouted, “30 million!”

Lu Shiqian looked up. It was another person from a private booth on the third floor. Seems like that person also recognized the value of this equipment unlike the arrogant Qi Wanru, merely stirring the waters. This person truly wanted to buy it.

How could Lu Shiqian obediently hand it over: “40 million!”

Qi Wanru knew that Lu Shiqian was determined to have the equipment, continuing to raise the price: “45 million!”

As soon as she shouted, little Jun Zun was displeased. This guy was very sinister even though he looked very cute, “Master, I want to go pee.”

At this moment, Lu Shiqian was completely focused on the Fallen Goddess Set. She waved her hand, “Go.”

Little Jun Zun got his master’s permission and quietly slipped away to Qi Wanru’s private booth. He moved fast, his figure hidden, truly ‘people didn’t know and ghosts didn’t sense.’ At this moment, Qi Wanru was being embraced by a strong man, doing things unfit for a child. Jun Zun sneered coldly, taking out small stones and throwing them at the man’s leg.

“Ah!” The man let out a harsh cry, dripping blood.

The private booth was equipped with amplifiers. Even if the man wasn’t next to the amplifier, his scream was enough to project into the venue, into the audience. Qi Wanru’s booth suddenly became chaotic. When the guards heard the scream, they thought that someone had attacked and immediately rushed in. Thus, they naturally found their prince and princess in an unsuitable fashion.

“Scram, get out!” Qi Tianxiong yelled with a sullen face. Too enraging! To think that something like this could happen in his sphere of influence! Absolutely intolerable! “Go find out exactly who dared to sneak attack!”

Obviously, the other party didn’t want their lives. If that stone didn’t hit the male pet and instead hit him… Unforgivable! Who?! Just who was it?! His mind quickly analyzed, yet he couldn’t reach a satisfactory conclusion. Suddenly, he thought of Lu Shiqian. Was it her?

When something like this happened, Qi Wanru grew preoccupied and stopped raising the bar against Lu Shiqian. The male pet was taken away. She looked at the blood on the ground that had yet to dry and her throat constricted for some reason.

After Jun Zun finished these things, he furtively returned to Lu Shiqian’s private booth, plastering his face with an innocent childish expression.

At this time, Lu Shiqian’s competition with the stranger had grown heated!

“60 million!” the stranger bid.

Everyone was waiting to see if Lu Shiqian would continue. Many had already backed out with the high price of 60 million. They also didn’t need to bid so much on equipment whose origins were unknown. The second and third floor’s aristocrats and businessmen were all representing their families and had their own goals.

“70 million!” Lu Shiqian accepted and apathetically rolled with it.

The person in the private booth was silent for a moment before saying, “100 million!”

When this number came out, the whole venue went silent. People couldn’t understand. This equipment only looked pretty, but was it worth 100 million?

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