Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 237

Lu Shiqian was also a little surprised. Other than her, there was someone else that knew the value of the Fallen Goddess Set. Otherwise, why would they want it so badly?

“Master, I want to pee again.” Little Jun Zun gritted his teeth secretly and obediently said. He wanted to see just who was short-sighted as to fight with his master.

Lu Shiqian glanced askew at little Jun Zun, “Obediently sit down. You’re not allowed to go anywhere.” She didn’t even need to think about it to know who created that farce earlier. She wanted to get the Fallen Goddess Set, but she wanted to acquire it openly. She asked Tie Mu, “Is there enough money in the Magic Crystal Card to continue bidding?” She truly didn’t know how much money was in it.

Tie Mu gently replied, “There were originally 2 billion gold coins, but I had them add another 300 million yesterday.”

Lu Shiqian immediately became more confident. At the same time, she sighed in awe at her inadvertently taking in ten money-making geniuses. Seems that being a good person had good prospects, “110 million!”

The auctioneer’s face was flushed red, shouting excitedly, “110 million going once! 110 million going twice! Is there anyone else that wants to bid? Is there anyone else that wants to bid?”

The curtain of the private box was torn off by an enraged person. The man’s gloomy gaze pierced towards Lu Shiqian.

Only then did Lu Shiqian clearly see that person. The person who was competing with her was actually Qin Xingluo!

Qin Xingluo also came to this auction? Well, he was a prince of the Qin Empire and the God of War. There was no reason he wouldn’t participate. However, why was he so intent on taking this piece? Qin Feiran should’ve given him a mission to obtain some equipment or magic beast, right? He definitely wouldn’t give him a bunch of money to bid for the Fallen Goddess part.

Qin Xingluo gritted his teeth, “120 million!”

The people around him immediately persuaded, “My Lord, my dear ancestor, you can’t bid anymore! We don’t have enough money!”

Qin Xingluo’s expression was gloomy as he kicked the person away. His sharp eyes tightly locked onto Lu Shiqian’s private box. Coupled with his red hair, there was a vague feeling that compared to before, he was wrapped in thick layers of ice. Now, he was not only cunning, but also gloomy and treacherous. What was wrong with this guy?

Lu Shiqian raised her eyebrow slightly. Could it be that this awkward kid turned so gloomy because of news of her death?

She was just guessing randomly, but didn’t expect the truth to be so.

Ever since he heard news of her death, this guy seemed to change overnight. He didn’t cry and didn’t make trouble, but made others incessantly feel that he was gloomy, especially for the people around him. They used to think that their master was profound, but now they felt like their master was always carrying a yin aura. Wherever he went, it would be gloomy and cold, terrifying! In addition, their master also became tyrannical. One month after the General of the Thorn Army died, he led the generals into the Song Empire, killing more than 10,000 soldiers. The gloominess day after day made people imagine how terrible their master would be when he grew up!

Lu Shiqian shouted, “150 million!”

The auctioneer excitedly announced, “150 million! Is anyone else bidding? Anyone else bidding?”

Qin Xingluo glared coldly at the auctioneer, “Shut your mouth!”

The powerful cold aura made the auctioneer freeze, not daring to speak.

Lu Shiqian sighed slightly. This Qin Xingluo wasn’t very cute originally, but he was even less cute now. It wasn’t easy for the auctioneer. Ordering him like so, how was he supposed to do his job?

“One hundred—”

“Hey, kid, stop speaking.” Lu Shiqian cut off Qin Xingluo.

Qin Xingluo was shocked. This voice, indeed, this voice was… He didn’t dare believe it and stared firmly at Lu Shiqian’s private booth. On his delicate face, there were major emotional fluctuations. Surprise, shock, joy, bitterness, heartache, etc.

He bid for this Fallen Goddess Set because he had seen something similar beneath that cliff. He bid for it merely in commemoration, for his secret thoughts that had yet to be spoken.

Now, when he heard this voice in his memory, he no longer fought for the equipment and stared without blinking at Lu Shiqian’s booth.

Was it you? Was it you? This time, no matter what, he would never let go again!

The auctioneer carefully took a look at Qin Xingluo before swallowing and shouting, “150 million going once! 150 million going twice! 150 million going thrice! Sold!” He excitedly sent someone to personally send up the Fallen Goddess part, his eyes especially feverish as he looked in Lu Shiqian’s direction. This woman was too cute, landing the best deal both days! Even if you told him to not love her, he couldn’t!

Lu Shiqian threw the part into her interspatial bracelet and suddenly felt a strong evil aura inside. The almost complete set began to show its might!

After the Fallen Goddess part was sold, the auctioneer brought out new gold equipment to auction. Lu Shiqian stood up and prepared to return to the hotel. No sense in staying.

When Qin Xingluo finally recovered from his senses and rushed over to Lu Shiqian’s booth, Lu Shiqian had long left.

“Find out who this booth belongs to! Remember, I want detailed information, the more detailed the better!” Qin Xingluo ordered coldly.

“Yes!” the subordinates hurriedly replied.

Back at the hotel, Lu Shiqian first went to take a shower. When she came back out, she saw the Death God sitting on the floor like a little puppy, the black scythe scratching against the rug, unknown what he was drawing. Lu Shiqian curiously walked over, “What are you doing?”

The Death God abruptly raised his head.

At this time, Lu Shiqian wrapped her body with a towel, her two white and slender legs exposed. Black and damp hair fell in front of her chest, and when she neared, she brought a natural fragrance.

For some reason, the Death God felt thousands of horses thundering in his heart. He swore that even if he encountered the toughest enemy, his heart had never beat so.

Drip, drip. Two drops of blood dripped onto the rug. Immediately after, two floods shot out.

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