Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 238

Lu Shiqian calmly pointed out, “You have a nosebleed.”

As she moved, the towel slipped a bit and the beautiful scenery was revealed.

The Death God’s nosebleed flowed faster.

Lu Shiqian truly didn’t know that she was enticing him. She covered the Death God’s forehead in concern, “You didn’t catch a cold, did you?”

Leaning down, her chest practically touched the Death God’s face.

The poor Death God would spray nosebleeds just thinking about her body countless times while in the World of Death. At this time, unspeakable temptations moved his heart as he saw Lu Shiqian wrapped in a towel, so much so his nosebleed unceasingly flowed.

His nosebleed continued flowing and his heart pounded like a drum. There were countless electric currents traveling through his body, bringing wave after wave of numbness, especially when that softness almost touched his face!

Lu Shiqian put her head on the Death God’s forehead. Alright, she wouldn’t be able to determine whether he was sick or not anyways.

It was true that her talent in battle was incomparable and a true genius. She was observant and had good senses, and truly treasured those around her. Sometimes, she would enchant them; other times, she was a little naïve.

For example, at this moment, while she was thinking about what to beat Shang with, she didn’t know she was unintentionally tempting the Death God.

The warm body pressed against his cold forehead. The God of Death trembled and pulled Lu Shiqian over, tightly embracing her, “Master… Master…”

The Death God’s chest was broad and sturdy, a faintly lingering fragrance drifting about.

“Master, don’t leave me.” The Death God burrowed his head into Lu Shiqian’s shoulder and said.

Lu Shiqian paused before stretching out her hands to hug the Death God.

“Master, I’m lonely. There’s only me in this world. There’s only me in all the vast planes… Master, I don’t know what joy or happiness is… Master, please don’t leave me.” The Death God gave off a heart-aching feeling of emptiness. Yes, emptiness, as if he were alone under the vast skies and earth.

At least, before meeting Lu Shiqian, he was truly this empty and lonely, a distressing thought.

When he met Lu Shiqian, the contract was like a bond, bringing Lu Shiqian into his heart. Ever since then, he knew that he wasn’t alone in the world. When the clouds stopped at midnight, he would recall all the bits and pieces he did with Lu Shiqian and slowly began to know what joy was, walking out from loneliness for the first time…

Master, don’t leave me…

Lu Shiqian stroked the Death God’s back, “Be good. I won’t ever leave you.”

The Death God trembled and tightly hugged Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian would never imagine how many waves these words would cause in the Death God’s heart!

After a while, the Death God spoke: “Master, you butt is perkier by 1.56312 (to hundreds of decimals places) cm.”

He had a serious expression as if he were speaking a fact. Of course, he had to grasp each and every change to Master’s body.

Lu Shiqian: 囧

Time flew and daylight came.

When Lu Shiqian woke the next day, it was already late in the morning.

Opening her eyes, she fell into the Death God’s deep gaze.

Their eyes met and the Death God turned away first as if embarrassed.

Bang! At this moment, Lu Shiqian’s door was swung open!

A 14 or 15 year old youth with fiery red hair walked in with a stern expression. When he saw Lu Shiqian, his face sunk further.

Lan Ruo awkwardly followed behind. He was afraid Master would be angry for having someone barge in, but he recognized Qin Xingluo and couldn’t stop him.

Lu Shiqian looked calm, waiting for the intruder to speak.

“Damn it! How long are you going to trick me for?!” Qin Xingluo’s tone was slightly grieved like a wounded beast, “Why didn’t you tell me you’re still alive? WHY?!” He began roaring, all the suppressed feelings bursting forward.

At that time, Lu Shiqian was still in the Forest of Death and she never thought that those seven would spread rumors that she was dead. Besides, she already dragged Wei Mo into the water and didn’t want to implicate Qin Xingluo too. Her enemy was far beyond their imagination, and she must proceed step by step.

“I think you’ve recognized the wrong person.” Lu Shiqian coldly stated.

Qin Xingluo furiously and sorrowfully raised his head, “You still want to lie to me?!”

Straightforward eyes, stubborn perseverance, unbending accusation.

Lu Shiqian sighed slightly, “No, I’m not lying to you. I’m not the person you’re looking for.” The Lu Shiqian he was searching for was from a decent family and wouldn’t meet much danger. She wouldn’t need to fight for her life and have powerful enemies chasing her from behind. Perhaps one day, she would truly die… and Qin Xingluo was a prince of the Qin Empire, now named the Luo King. His future was infinitely bright.

Qin Xingluo looked at the Death God, then Lan Ruo, then Wei Mo who had just entered. How was he supposed to believe her?

“Why can they stay by your side, but I can’t?!” Qin Xingluo roared.

Pain. Perhaps it would hurt this time, but it wouldn’t in the future. Even though she was exposed, Lu Shiqian remained calm: “They have the right to follow anyone they wish.” Wei Mo was different. No matter how she changed her appearance, he would recognize her from amidst the crowd. As for the Death God, he was contracted to her, a tie more closely related than blood-related family.

Qin Xingluo was in pain. How was he different from the people around her? Even if he was willing to die for her, he was different?

“I won’t give up!” Qin Xingluo solemnly threw down these words and turned to leave.

Won’t give up, won’t give up, definitely won’t give up!

This small episode didn’t cause much disturbance. Lu Shiqian drove the others to the auction venue after eating.

This was the third day— the magic beast auction.

To their fellow kin, Jun Zun, the little kitty, Hong Jin, Yin, and Wang Cai were all curious. The Violent Dragon, Five-Colored Elk, and Phoenix Bird also came out to join the fun.

Fortunately, they were obedient and retracted their aura. Otherwise, who knew how chaotic the venue would grow?

“Now, the time has come!” It was still that capable auctioneer. He waved his white-gloved hand with great passion, “Magic beasts, especially high-quality magic beasts, are a rarity on this entire Devil Dance Continent! Our auction is based on the principle of quality, and we finally have a batch of high-quality magic beasts after training for 50 years! Please look forward to it!”

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