Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 239

When his voice fell, the venue grew heated.

Auctioning magic beasts was more exciting than auctioning equipment. Compared with equipment, a good, high-quality magic beast could play a more important role in battle. Furthermore, once contracted, they would never betray you, meaning that there was an extra layer of protection on their lives. If they were lucky, contracting a magic beast with attributes meant more options in combat.

“First up is the Ball Beast! 4 Stars! When provoked, it can spray poison needles from all over its body. The starting price is 500,000 gold coins, increments of 100,000!”

The magic beast inside the cage was around the size of a hedgehog, curling up listlessly.

“How pitiful,” little Jun Zun quietly said.

“Humans are all this cold-blooded and ruthless. They were like so in the past and still is in the present!” the Violent Dragon coldly stated.

The three tails of the Fire Fox were ramrod straight, his small paws clenched tightly: “Hey, hey, don’t jump to conclusions! Master isn’t like that!”

The other magic beasts glared at the Violent Dragon. Exactly, their Master was great to them!

The Violent Dragon was a bit stunned, “Impulsive, too impulsive.” At this moment, he didn’t realize that he was bowing down to a magic beast more than 200 stars below him. Before this change, don’t mention softening, swiping them dead was considered normal.

The 4 Star Ball Beast was bought for 3 million gold coins.

The second and the third magic beasts were 5 Stars and 6 Stars, sold respectively for 6 million and 10 million. The higher the star rank, the rarer and more expensive they were.

Lu Shiqian’s magic beasts couldn’t say exactly how they were feeling as they watched the auction. They were just extremely thankful that the met Master. With her, they also gained these life and death partners, how lucky they were!

After the 20th magic beast, Lu Shiqian took a look. Oh, amazing, it was a 20 Star magic beast.

This was a Maned Lion, a lion king. It was a little unlucky, getting caught after a hard fight. It took an unknown amount of resources and manpower to tame it. A king was still a king, even after being tamed, it still retained a lion king’s dignity.

Twenty Star magic beasts! Even the Church of Light’s White Phoenix and and Church of Darkness’s Black Qilin hadn’t grown to that level. It was the highest star rank known to people (the White Phoenix and Black Qilin’s growth was very high, but Shuang Ruyue and Dan Feiyang were only 19 years old, so their magic beasts also weren’t high level. Of course, this was before they became Gods.)

People grew enthusiastic. The lion with the low price of 10 million quickly soared to 100 million by the crazed crowd.

Among them, the most fervent was Qi Tianxiong and Shuang Ruyue.

Indeed, how could the Church of Light miss out on such an event?

“Master, can you bid for him?” the Flaming Lion requested.

Since they were both lions, he could feel how the lion below felt.

A lion king was treated as merchandise and sold at will. He could understand his humiliation.

Alright, bid for it and gift it to Qin Xingluo. Just take it as she owed him.

Lu Shiqian thought and immediately bid, “200 million.”

Shuang Ruyue immediately smiled hearing Lu Shiqian bid.

Qin Xingluo was able to identify her through the ones by her side, but he was more capable. Moreover, he had personally experienced a certain someone’s ability to disguise herself.

This woman often surprised him.

Life was too boring, so wasn’t the unexpected a great thing?

“210 million!” he shouted.

Qi Tianxiong almost fainted from anger. His task was to obtain this Maned Lion. For a mage, magic beasts were too important. Mages originally lacked in stamina, and this Maned Lion could make up for this weakness. In order to bid for this Maned Lion, he began to prepare a year ago for this one day. However, today, two Cheng Yaojins popped out of the woodwork.

“300 million!” he yelled.

“310 million!” Lu Shiqian apologetically looked at Tie Mu. After all, he was the one he earned the money but she spent it like water. Truly embarrassing.

Tie Mu smiled gently and humbly. He was wholeheartedly willing and without regrets to be able to make money for his master and be of use.

“320 million!” Shuang Ruyue continued.

He must at least let her know of his existence!

His purpose for coming to the Qi Empire wasn’t simple. It was confidential and even crazy, but so what? What did it matter?

He laughed like the spring breeze, undoubtedly brilliantly… However, no one knew what craziness was buried underneath that refined appearance.

The so-called light was just to cover up the darkness, wasn’t it?

Lu Shiqian long recognized Shuang Ruyue’s voice, but so what? They were just nodding acquaintances. Even though he had once saved her and fought side by side with her in the Forest of Death, don’t forget that the Church of Light wouldn’t let Lu Shiqian go or Ren Woxing. They were hostile to both of her identities. However, she did need to find a chance to repay him.

Favors must be repaid; magic beasts must also be fought for!

“320 million and 1 gold coins!” Lu Shiqian called.

Unlike other magic beasts, the auctioneer knew that a 20 Star magic beast would be popular so there was no increment restriction.

When Lu Shiqian yelled, someone booed. Others increased by so much, but she merely increased it by 1 gold coin. She wasn’t too ashamed to speak? Could it be that this wastrel had finally been drained?

“350 million!” Qi Tianxiong bitterly shouted. He couldn’t offend the Church of Light, but as for that woman who continued to go against him… He crushed the table beside him. Damn woman. When he tamed her, he must make her suffer a fate worse than death and give her the cruelest torture!

“350 million and 1 gold coins!” Shuang Ruyue yelled. He adopted Lu Shiqian’s method and sure enough, Lu Shiqian’s reaction was truly cute.

“350 million and 2 gold coins!” Lu Shiqian hurriedly followed helplessly. This Son of Light truly had no standards.

The people beneath were speechless. Did these two dare be more shameless? The auctioneer released the increment restriction, but it didn’t mean that you could trample over it so unscrupulously.

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