Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 240

“360 million!” Qi Tianxiong increased the price again.

“360 million and 1 gold coins.” Shuang Ruyue stared at Lu Shiqian’s private booth with interest.

“360 million and 1… point 1 gold coins (360 million and 1.1 gold coins).” Lu Shiqian calmly said.

Shameless! Really shameless! She was truly more shameless!

Tears almost streamed down the auctioneer’s face. Originally, today was a good day to push the auction to a peak. Originally, people should’ve been red-faced from fighting. Originally, he could’ve created a miracle today. However, it was all destroyed by two utterly shameless people. They’ve only increased the price to 300 million now, terrible!

As the auctioneer, he still had to seriously declare, “360 million and 1… point 1 gold coins going once. Is anyone else going to bid?”

“400 million!” Qi Tianxiong was going all out. 400 million was the maximum of what he could take out after including his year of preparation and the country’s financial support. If he continued to slowly raise the price, he believed that he would explode.

400 million shocked the whole audience. The royal family had the greatest momentum.

Shuang Ruyue smiled slightly and stopped increasing the price.

Everyone’s eyes focused on Lu Shiqian’s private booth. They were curious if she would continue after this high price was given out.

“400 million and 0.1 gold coins.” As expected, Lu Shiqian followed. She still only added 0.1 gold coins, but people’s thoughts completely changed. A person that could follow the Qi Prince’s price and casually throw out 400 million, how could they be ordinary? Even though she seemed more extravagant and had a few too many men by her side, so what? If you had the ability, you had the right to get the best.

Lu Shiqian didn’t know how many men began having thoughts towards her when she called out this price.

A super rich and lustful woman was easier to deal with. If they could tempt her into spending money on them, that would be wonderful.

Of course. After she shouted out this price, Qi Tianxiong’s face paled in rage. He angrily turned and left.

For three consecutive days, Lu Shiqian was the climax. Other than the Fallen Goddess part which she actually needed, the other two were for the ones by her side. She didn’t want to be too showy, but for those around her, she was willing!

She was willing to do anything for those she recognized. This temperament may make her suffer and fall into danger, but it also let her group follow her loyally and wholeheartedly.

Yes, there would be danger. The road ahead would always be dangerous, but at least, this road would have you!

Lu Shiqian sent someone to deliver the Maned Lion to Qin Xingluo as compensation.

Qin Xingluo never had a magic beast. That kid was too proud and would prefer to go without than accept a substandard option. He would never agree to the second best. Lu Shiqian had also thought about finding him a high-level magic beast such as 40 or 50 Stars, but the Violent Dragon said magic beasts above 30 Stars were all very proud and would never surrender to someone whose strength was lower than theirs. Thus, she could only refine magic beast cores and increase their potential.

When the magic beast was delivered, Qin Xingluo understood Lu Shiqian’s intentions. The past year, his mood had experienced great ups and downs, breaking through repeatedly to a Rank 8 Grand Wuzong. Life was truly drastic and unpredictable.

He didn’t refuse and contracted with the 20 Star Maned Lion. The magic beast and person were both very proud and connected with each other spiritually.

Contracting a magic beast didn’t mean that he would give up.

Wanting to cut off her connection with him?! Not so easy!

Less than two hours after the auction ended, rich gossip traveled to every corner of Qi Empire’s Wutong City: gifting magic beasts to handsome men. A Maned Lion worth 400 million was given to the Qin Empire’s Fifth Prince Qin Xingluo. The subtlety contained in that message made people sigh.

The once-in-a-century auction was paid attention to by the whole world. Lu Shiqian’s wastrel behavior of throwing money to win men was long spread all over the streets.

400 million! 20 Stars! ****! His Royal Highness! These four phrases were enough to become explosive news and stimulate people’s gossip nerves. As long as there was slight news, they would be able to come up with some dog drama plot: the rich girl chased the prince at all costs!

No matter which plane or space, as long as there were intelligent creatures, gossip would never cease.

And this bold and unrestrained pursuit became a part of the auction’s history. Many years later, people continued to talk about it. Treating the auction as a place to chase others, she was indeed full of energy!

Of course, the negative effects were also astounding.

For example, when Lu Shiqian went to go eat, men would gaze over with ambiguous, enthusiastic, or clingy eyes. Goosebumps would pop up all over her arm. What’s more, at a hotel, there was romance at every corner.

Qin Xingluo watched murderously as Lu Shiqian was surrounded by loving eyes, peach blossoms blooming.

The men were so heated they completed overrode Shang’s super freezer aura, the Death God’s eerie aura, and Li Jing’s charming aura, and of course, Wei Mo’s pure aura and the little purple dragon’s cute boy aura.

Since the men couldn’t get near Lu Shiqian, they would make sure to drown Lu Shiqian with their eyes.

Lu Shiqian remained cold and indifferent.

Instead, the men thought that a cold beauty was more attractive. Look, she only smiled warmly to the ones she liked. How cool!

Qin Xingluo coldly snorted and ordered his subordinates to separate that group of scheming men, following behind Lu Shiqian.

When Lu Shiqian looked at him, he turned his head away.

She wanted to persuade him so he quickly interrupted, “You can take this road but I can’t?” Saying that, he turned his head away again.

Speechless. This 15-year-old was in his rebellious period! She could only bear with it!

Lu Shiqian’s peach blossom luck came fiercely, so much so that at night, there was a group of men waiting outside her room door waiting for a fateful encounter. Forget the men, what puzzled Lu Shiqian was that there were also two women.

“This one admires you greatly, demoness!” The two women raised their handkerchiefs and were about to pounce on Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian broke out in goosebumps and quickly rushed into her room.


Money was the root of all evil!

“Too weak, again!” The cool Shang knocked down Lu Shiqian without mercy.

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