Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 241

Today, she hadn’t dodged a single move, let alone land a hit on Shang.

Too weak, get up!

Weak, again!

Too weak, come!

Lu Shiqian was knocked down again and again. Today’s Shang was a little different than usual.

“Shang, don’t you have an opinion?” Lu Shiqian struggled to get up, “If you don’t give me some sweetness and keep bashing me like this, I will grow despondent.” How tragic. After fighting for so long, she hadn’t dodged even a single move.

Shang’s face remained cold and didn’t speak a word.

His black armor that was like a perfect black pearl accentuated his perfect figure, his black and red hair and eyes also gave him a severe murderous aura. When ordinary people saw him, they would be scared silly by his killing intent. However, Lu Shiqian got used to it and didn’t take it to mind.

“Brother Shang, Shang Bro, pray be merciful.” Lu Shiqian bluffed . There was no choice. In front of someone that was truly cold, her slight coldness was like the most insignificant piece of dust.

Shang: “Again.”

This time, Shang allowed Lu Shiqian to land a hit, successfully letting her touch his ears.

The taste of sweetness after bitter training made her very happy.

Pleasure came in waves. Shang tried his best to endure, but couldn’t stop his slight redness.

He grabbed Lu Shiqian who was hanging off his body and quickly left.

Lu Shiqian cackled, feeling mighty proud of herself.

The fourth day of the auction.

The collective auction included materials, magic beasts, equipment, etc. was summed up with the word ‘collective’. People generously threw money at the things they were interested in, no holds barred.

She originally didn’t want to come but Sikong Yun insisted on her accompaniment.

Sikong Yun’s spirit equipment was to be auctioned today.

His thoughts were simple: to share in their feelings of joy.

Lu Shiqian sat lazily, her head lying on the Death God’s lap. She watched indifferently as people scrambled crazily for those ‘ordinary’ items.

Li Jing didn’t come today. Who knew where he drifted off to? Tie Mu also had something to deal with and didn’t attend.

“The following item will surely surprise everyone! Indeed, this is a slave!” the auctioneer shouted passionately, “It is said that a magical secret is hidden in his body!”

A large cage was carried up. Inside was a man whose shoulders were locked and bound with iron chains.

His head was lowered. There was no anger, no yelling, and no outrage at being treated as a slave.

“It is said that he was borne through the mixture of human and magic beast. Look…” The auctioneer waved his hand.

The iron chain bounding the man was lifted up, revealing his strange face!

People took a deep breath. This face had a soul-sucking force!

“How can they auction humans?!” Lu Shiqian was enraged!

The man had brown eyes, his messy hair dragging down to his waist. His face was sharp and figure long and lean. His eyebrows weren’t as delicate as Wei Mo, as charming as Li Jing, Shang’s coolness, nor Bai’s domineeringness. However, his face— his eyes and eyebrows— created a soul-shaking alluringness. This kind of alluringness, whether men or women, would have their hidden desires burst forth. This kind of alluringness was uncontrollable. Even though his face was ashen and eyes without vitality, the dreamlike alluringness still hooked people’s souls.

Even if he were to die miserably, people would probably be unable to stop themselves from tarnishing that devilish face.

His beauty carried both traces of tragedy and evil.

His beauty could evoke the sins buried deep within the human heart.

However, in any case, he was still a person. How could a person be treated as an item? Lu Shiqian was unable to allow this to pass!

She didn’t know that all auction houses sold slaves.

For their livelihood, those that were willing to sell themselves; those who lost all their money in gambling dens and sold their wives or children to make up for the debt; those who committed crimes… There were hundreds of thousands of reasons, countless ways to push a person up to sell. This was the dark side of reality.

The man that was on stage right now was said to be the offspring of a human and magic beast, becoming even less of a ‘person’. People feared magic beasts and discriminated against them. How could a monster borne of human and beast be considered human?!

Of course, there was an even more important reason. His body hid a great secret. He was the only one on all of this continent that could use space magic. The various families and forces wanted to privately take him and swallow all of the secrets in his body for themselves. However, he was too cunning and his personal strength already reached Saint Rank. A single force couldn’t control him at all. Everyone could only unite and chase him for 20 years before grabbing him. As for who he belonged to, the various forces quarreled so hard they could only put him on auction and use money to speak.

These filthy undercurrents were all covered up by the brilliant auction!

“Look at his face, how alluring! You could treat him any way you like when you take him home! Now, let the auction begin! 50 million starting price, each increment no less than 1 million!” the auctioneer shouted.

“Hmph, are the children of humans and magic beasts not considered life?” Jun Zun indignantly snorted, his eyes wide open in anger.

The star level of magic beasts in this world was currently low, but 100,000 years ago, whole streets were filled with beautiful magic beasts that transformed into humans. Weren’t there countless children borne through the union of human and magic beast?

Most importantly, the little guy was afraid that his master would develop a bad view of magic beasts from this. That would be a great tragedy.

Jun Zun secretly glanced at Master. Her face was calm, frigid cold, burning in her eyes was… rage!

The Death God tightly grasped Lu Shiqian’s hand. He didn’t know why, but he just knew he had to.

People continued calling prices one after another, both men and women wildly enthusiastic. They wanted to obtain this man, to humiliate and ravish this man, to make him twist under them!

The heated crowd, the calls for bids, all of this spread into the cage but didn’t enter his brain.

Give up struggling and surrender to reality. Nothing was important anymore…

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