Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 242

Enough running, so tired. Humans were all this despicable…

Give up, just give up. No one would come to save…

Just like this, sink forever in the mud…

But why, do I want to cry?

Hands and feet are bound but struggle to catch the light, yet all that is seen is ugliness.

Don’t want to struggle anymore…

Don’t have energy to struggle anymore…

His name was Yao Hong, bearing a face that would make anyone go crazy. His body hid a secret that would make others go crazy!

But the heavens knew how much he hated this face, how much he hadn’t wanted to inherit that secret. However, the blood from his magic beast half passed it down. How many years had passed when it finally transferred to him? He didn’t know. He didn’t even know whether that secret was a nightmare he dreamed of. That secret was too horrifying, too incredible! How many times had he cut his face? Whether it was cut with a knife, burned with fire, or even smashed to a pulp with a stone, his face would still recover the next day and be filled with the smell that disgusted him!

He hated, hated himself for having this face, for forcing him see humanity’s ugly side!

He hated, hated his secrets, making others keep hunting him down!

Generation after generation, generation after generation… continuously, continuously… until only he was left.

He was 200 years old this year. Perhaps, soon, he would also be tortured to death…

But it was okay. This way, he would finally be liberated…

Even if he wasn’t reconciled, he would be free…

Lu Shiqian turned and said to Sikong Yun, “If I smashed the auction venue and caused your spirit equipment to be unable to be sold, will you blame me?”

Sikong Yun widened his beautiful eyes before saying like a miser, “You’ll have to compensate me.”

Lu Shiqian nodded, “Go, go back home.” She called Lan Ruo out to protect them.

“You have to remember to grab some more stuff. I like the 59th and 63rd items the most…” Sikong Yun babbled on.

Lu Shiqian glared, “Scram!”

Little Jun Zun geared up, raring to go. It made him really happy that Master wanted to go crazy!

The voices were loud and noisy.

Lu Shiqian’s hair fluttered as she flew down.

The Death God followed like a shadow.

Wei Mo never left her side.

Little Jun Zun came closely after.

“Hey, you, wanna run?” Lu Shiqian asked as she walked towards Yao Hong.

Her voice wasn’t loud but somehow overshadowed everyone else’s, directly traveling into Yao Hong’s ears.

Hey, you, wanna run?

Yao Hong was stunned for a moment but quickly shook his head. An illusion, it must be an illusion.

Lu Shiqian walked to him, persisting, “Do you want to escape? Escape this cage?”

Yao Hong still couldn’t believe it. He was disappointed too many times and didn’t want to be disappointed again.

“Do you want to escape? If you do, nod your head.”

Lu Shiqian’s words were too brazen and overrode everyone else’s. People were in a daze. Was she trying to snatch the person away?

This was a once-in-a-century auction, and no one had ever dared to steal here.

The three empires, masters like clouds, who dared to be so bold and rob in broad daylight?

Yao Hong’s eyes were slightly unfocused. He saw a woman with long flying hair, a cleanness and purity he had never seen before on her face. There was sincerity in her expression, a sincerity he had never seen before.

Under some strange influence, he nodded.

He didn’t believe the woman could save him. He just, he just missed that emotion…

It turned out that his heart hadn’t died yet!

Shua shua.

As soon as he nodded, a red sword slashed down, splitting the cage and chains. The weak man was supported by Wei Mo.

Lu Shiqian moved too fast and furious. She actually did it!

“Y-Y-Y-You…” the auctioneer pointed at Lu Shiqian, utterly speechless.

At this time, the security team composed of Rank 6 and 7 mages poured in. Even the Qi Empire’s army charged in.

The auction venue immediately devolved into chaos. The various aristocrats and wealthy businessmen left under the protection of their guards.

Lu Shiqian didn’t care. These people wouldn’t be able to stop her. What she was worried about were the hidden powers behind the auction.


Lu Shiqian rushed out of the venue!

At the same time, several beams of light shot towards her!

Lu Shiqian quickly reacted and blocked backhandedly.

There was an eight-winged angel flying in the sky, and behind him, there were nearly 100 six-winged angels!

They looked so holy that the people around couldn’t help but kneel.

The Church of Light’s angels?!

Was the Church of Light also involved in this matter? They even sent out a high-leveled eight-winged angel!

The eight-winged angel had a faint glimmer of light surround him, his wings a pure white. He carried the peculiar arrogance of the angels: “Small, foolish, pitiful human, I order you to hand over that half-beast!”

Lu Shiqian glanced at Yao Hong and smiled inexplicably, “Your reputation is sure great!”

Yao Hong’s heart constricted. Was she going to give up on him?

Lu Shiqian spread her hands, “You want people? Sure.”

Yao Hong’s heart sank…

The eight-winged angel gave Lu Shiqian a cold snort. These damn humans were all so lowly!

Lu Shiqian’s eyes pierced straight into the eight-winged angel, “However, I’m unhappy with your prefixes! The one that’s small, foolish, and pitiful is you, birdman!”

Yao Hong suddenly raised his head. What did she just say? Was she going to protect him?

Soul merging with the little purple dragon and weapon merging with the kitty, Lu Shiqian stood her ground, the Battle Domain emerging. One sword that split the earth shot forward.

The eight-winged angel didn’t expect Lu Shiqian to attack him, even less so that she would be so strong. He didn’t dare resist head-on and stepped aside. However, he was still too slow and one wing was cut in half!

The eight-winged angel immediately put down his contempt, shouting in surprise and anger, “You…!”

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