Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 243

How could Lu Shiqian allow him to speak? Another sword slash was sent over!

Fighting against Shang every day wasn’t in vain. Lu Shiqian’s combat experience wasn’t just a little rich, but that eight-winged angel rarely fought and the experience gap was vast. He could only barely avoid the sneak attack.

The other hundred six-winged angels saw that the situation wasn’t good and cast down beams of light!

These angels moved uniformly, almost like they were a single person. Beams of light struck down and blocked almost all routes of retreat. This strategy was pretty much instant kill for anyone that had less mental capabilities and calculation ability!

“You better not die!” Shuang Ruyue stood watching the battle from afar, muttering.

Lu Shiqian controlled her movements with precision, weaving through the beams. Every sword was like the wind, each strike blocking a key point. At the same time, spells were thrown out at just the right time to block attacks.

With Lu Shiqian’s current strength, without borrowing the power of her magic beasts, it was no problem for her to verse a six-winged angel by herself and kill an average God Rank powerhouse. After merging with the kitty and Jun Zun, killing an eight-winged angel was no problem at all!

Bai once said that becoming God was just a start. Yes, even Gods were divided into nine levels. After becoming a God, they will find that the level restrictions were even stricter.

There were three stages of Gods: lower gods, middle gods, and higher gods. After the three ranks were the God King, God Overlord, God Master, too far away, temporarily stop there.

Each stage was divided into three: first stage, second stage, and third stage.

For example, for lower gods, second stage gods were much more powerful than first stage gods. It could even be considered absolute suppression.

Ever since the Devil Dance Continent was sealed and magic power thinned, few could become Gods. Due to the lack of resources, the quality of God Rank powerhouses was much lower than the Grand Era of Magic. Almost all of them were lower gods.

As for the rankings of magic beasts, those at Mortal Rank were 1 to 10 Stars, Earth Rank 10 to 30 Stars, Heaven Rank 30 to 70 Stars, God Rank 70 Stars above. 100 Stars and above magic beasts could speak, and 500 Stars and above magic beasts could transform into humans.

Comparing the strengths of human and beasts, 70 Stars was equivalent to first stage lower gods, 100 Stars second stage lower gods, so on so forth. Every 100 stars was a growth of one stage. Third stage lower gods were 200 Stars, first stage middle gods 300 Stars, second stage 400 Stars… third stage higher were equivalent to 800 Stars.

The kitty and Jun Zun were both 600 Stars, located at first stage higher gods. Jun Zun’s 24,000 subordinates in the Forest of Death were mostly in the second or third stages of middle gods. The 77 beast kings and beast bosses in the Forest of Death were in the second or third stage lower gods. Those other hundreds of magic beasts from the Forest of Death were all at the first stage lower god. Elf King Xiu Si was a second stage middle god while Milo was a first stage middle god.

Lu Shiqian’s powers were shocking, but not something she could reveal at this stage. It wasn’t that she was afraid of the powers on the Devil Dance Continent. Currently, with just the magic beasts around 30 Stars she contracted in the elven forest, she would be able to wipe out everything.

What she was concerned about was the enemy Bai mentioned…

Bai’s true strength was unknown. With nine-tenths of his power sealed, he could still maintain 700 Stars. If his power was unsealed… After being multiplied by her own increase in strength due to the contract, Bai’s star rank may have reached a terrifying point, but he hadn’t recovered yet… Even if his strength was returned, how abnormally strong was the enemy that could seal both him and the Azure Dragon?

As for the Death God, only he knew his own strength.

However, this didn’t make Lu Shiqian put down her guard. There was always someone better. Li Jing and Shang were good examples.

There was another reason, and that was she didn’t want to let others discover the secrets in her body: the contract book’s strange power, Heavenly Swinging Sword’s power, the hundred magic seas in her body, and also the Fire of Creation. These four things would all create tumultuous waves if discovered… and these four great benefits all belonged to a sole person. No matter how stupid and dumb she was, she would know that this was no coincidence…

Lord White Tiger, Bai… The burden was a bit heavy, but she could still bear it.

The six-winged angel was equivalent to a third stage lower god while the eight-winged angel was a second stage middle god.

As a Rank 7 mage, Lu Shiqian was able to contend against a first stage middle god. Borrowing the kitty and Jun Zun’s power, she could wipe the floor with eight-winged angels.

She had overestimated the other’s strength which was why she merged with both the kitty and Jun Zun. In fact, just the kitty or Jun Zun would be enough to sweep them all. She had fought too much with Shang and didn’t recover her wits quick enough.

Leaping down from ahigh, Lu Shiqian plunged her sword into the ground.

A Ceasing Winds and Vanishing Rain was sent out with the sword as the focal point. A storm surged up within a ten meter radius and the birdmen in the sky became the main target.

After the storm passed, more than 100 six-winged angels fell. Their wings disappeared and they returned to being normal people. The souls of the summoned angels prepared to escape but were pinched by the Death God.

The Death God was dissatisfied, “The quality is bad.”

Though he said that, he still followed the principle of not wasting food and swallowed those balls of light.

The remaining eight-winged angel was so terrified his eyes almost popped out. Death wasn’t scary, what was scary was having their soul dispersed. As angels, they understood the importance of the soul better than most. Seeing his companions’ souls being swallowed, he couldn’t believe that there was still such a terrifying existence in this world!

You must know that the energy contained within the soul was great and its potential was unlimited. However, it was extremely difficult to control. His master, Lord God of Light, only absorbed the surface of it and instantly became a god amongst gods. This person… actually devoured it whole!

He must report this to Lord God of Light!

Yet, he hadn’t even taken a single step before a slender, well-structured, and even indescribably beautiful hand reached into his body. His consciousness suddenly flew away…

The Death God took the eight-winged angel’s soul out. He looked at it for a bit before licking it, “So bad.”

Yao Hong’s eyes bulged. Just what were the ones that saved him?!

However, at this moment, the sky and clouds roiled and even the air grew denser by a bit.

Lu Shiqian readied herself. Here it comes!

The Pope of the Church of Light walked over in his red clothes. He was about 40 years old of medium build. There was a majestic look about his person.

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