Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 244

In the sky behind him, the clouds formed into a gigantic face! That face exuded great pressure!

First were the clouds, then came the enormous face. People all thought that these were God’s miracles and knelt reverently.

More than 100 six-winged angels were destroyed and the God of Light personally descended into the Pope’s body.

“Audacious mortal, let go of that man and admit to your sins. I will forgive you and allow your soul to be accepted to heaven!” The clouds merged together and a voice traversed over.

Lu Shiqian glanced at Yao Hong and didn’t speak. Even the God of Light was interested in him.

Yao Hong’s head dropped deeply. She would definitely abandon him. After all, who would betray God for him…?

He even wanted to break free from Wei Mo’s support.

“Trust her, she won’t give up on you.” Wei Mo smiled slightly, holding Yao Hong tightly.

Yao Hong didn’t believe. He had already been abandoned too many times. It was too hard for him to believe again…

The God of Light descended and his strength was equivalent to a third stage higher god, a full two stages higher than the kitty and Jun Zun. He deliberately released his pressure and normal people had already fainted. Within a few tens of miles, only Lu Shiqian, the Death God, Wei Mo, and Yao Hong were standing.

Even though the Death God didn’t exude any pressure, but those standing around him weren’t affected by the coercion.

“My soul? Sorry, its resting place is not heaven.” Lu Shiqian coldly stated, “As for this man, I want him! Stand aside!” Heaven? She wasn’t interested!

The God of Light heard these words and the huge face made of clouds flashed with anger. For so many years, never had anyone dared to speak to him like this: “You’re seeking death!” A huge beam of light gathered at the mouth, containing immense power. This move was enough to massacre all below the higher god rank.

The strength gap was perceivable. This wasn’t something that could be solved through strategy.

It was like how a strong man, no matter how stupid he was, could still easily kill an extremely brilliant baby.

The beam of light shot down!

Black and red hair flew; black and red eyes burned with spirit!

Shang flashed over, blocking the thunderous attack!

Excitement at meeting a strong enemy exuded from his body, the devil’s presence lingering around his body.

He felt the God of Light’s presence while practicing the sword in the hotel and quickly rushed over, managing to block the attack at just the right moment!

Excited! Incomparably excited!

The cool Shang finally showed his true face meeting a strong enemy! When the strong met the strong, exterminate all under the heavens!

The God of Light also didn’t expect to encounter such a powerful enemy in this world. The Devil Dance Continent was sealed so his true body was unable to appear, and he could only have his soul descend into the Pope’s body. However, this greatly hindered him from using his strength, limiting him to the third stage higher god.

But this demon that just appeared… His heart lurched.

He had planned that thing for so many years, he definitely cannot fail!

Just as he was thinking, Shang’s sword arrived. He jumped to the sky, his sword chilling as he slashed down.

In his heart, there was no lofty god, just an enemy and to defeat the enemy!

Rumble, the clouds roiled and the face was distorted and scattered…

The Pope suddenly fell to the ground and the God of Light left his body. He couldn’t hold on.

After all, it was a God. The energy was fundamentally unstable.

Lu Shiqian held her chin. He finally came! Even a God of Light was so difficult to face, let alone those hidden enemies.

Even though the Devil Dance Continent was sealed and she hadn’t been exposed yet, what if the Devil Dance Continent was unsealed one day?

This was a question worth pondering.

“You guys, quickly come with me.” A voice broke through her thoughts.

She suddenly saw Wan Feng open a sewer lid and beckon towards them, “Come with me.”

Yes, the most important thing was to escape the Qi Empire first. Who knew what that God of Light would do next? She didn’t want to stand around to get beaten.

Lu Shiqian followed, the Death God and Shang also followed without a word. Wei Mo supported Yao Hong and went after them.

There were many mages in Qi Empires; there were also many that researched cities. The underground waterway crisscrossed complicatedly.

“How does a noble prince of the Qi Empire know how to traverse the underground waterway?” Lu Shiqian asked curiously.

Wan Feng paused, “I grew up with the common folk.”

After walking around for several hours through many twists and turns, Wan Feng finally opened a sewer lid and said: “Ahead is a Silver Blue team. I’ve already prepared identities for you and there will be an escort mission tomorrow. You guys should leave the country with me.”

When he was going up, Lu Shiqian took off her disguise and her stunning visage burned Wan Feng’s eyes.

Blue-green robes, fluttering black hair, picturesque eyebrows, beautiful like ripples in the water and dragons and phoenixes.

“Give me a minute.” Saying that, Lu Shiqian took off her blue-green robes and took out a sapphire-blue spirit armor to wear from her interspatial bracelet and also carried a spirit sword on her back. Both pieces were adjusted to appear as normal equipment. In an instant, Lu Shiqian turned from a dull-looking, glasses-wearing woman to a beautiful figure, fiery as if about to dart into battle at any moment.

Wan Feng and Wei Mo blushed. The white skin under those blue-green robes, though only slightly revealed, was stimulating enough.

Lu Shiqian had her own plans for changing at this moment. The God of Light had probably already recorded her disguise, so changing back to her true face was instead safer. As for Shang and the Death God, their ability to restrain their aura was top notch. No matter who, they would seem like ordinary people with no magic power.

What was difficult was Wei Mo and Yao Hong. It was certain that the Qi Empire’s army was currently pasting portraits everywhere to catch them.

The kitty, Jun Zun, and Hong Jin could hide in the magic beast space and temporarily didn’t have to be worried about.

“The other me is coming out tonight.” Wei Mo seemed to know what Lu Shiqian was thinking about. He was simple, but not stupid.

Then, there was only Yao Hong.

His face was too memorable and hard to forget.

“Are you willing to change your face?” Lu Shiqian asked, “How about appearing as a woman for the time being?”

Lu Shiqian’s eyes were too beautiful. As she looked at Yao Hong, he felt that he was dirty. He lowered his head, “Up to you.”

Lu Shiqian took out woman’s mask from her interspatial bag and a woman’s dress. These masks, clothes, and stuff, she had prepared early, ready for use at any time.

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