Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 245

The cool and soft fingers swept his face, bringing about an indescribable feeling.

Soon after, a seductive young lady with big eyes appeared in front of everyone. The only downside was that the lady was a bit tall.

Wan Feng unintentionally glanced at Yao Hong and felt his soul tremble, quickly turning his head away.

Even if his face was changed, the soul-capturing charm didn’t diminish. Especially now that he was a woman, he became even more lethal to men.

After finishing, Lu Shiqian was led by Wan Feng into the Silver Blue team. Soon, their identities changed to become high-ranking members of Silver Blue.

On the battlefield today, thanks to the God of Light and Shang, the ten miles within the auction venue was razed to the ground and the Pope lay weakly on the ground, aging by twenty years. The God of Light descended, but it was too much for his lower god rank to handle.

Shuang Ruyue slowly walked forward, a smile at the corner of his lips. His whole person exuded holiness, worthy of being the Son of Light.

White robes black hair, hand holding a scepter, his looks extraordinary, stunning others.

The Pope smiled weakly when he saw him, “You came at just the right time. Help me up.”

Shuang Ruyue, the most outstanding Son of Light he nurtured. He would also become the most outstanding pope in the future.

Bowing his head, looking down, Shuang Ruyue’s face still held that sacred smile, “Ah, how miserable you currently look.”

When the God of Light descended, the elders, knights, and bishops were unable to accompany and only Shuang Ruyue who had reached God Rank could stand from afar.

The Pope’s face turned cold, “What do you mean?”

Shuang Ruyue continued to smile, “You may not know. I’ve always, always, hated you, hated the Church of Light.”

The Pope seemed unable to believe that Shuang Ruyue could utter such words. His eyes almost bulged out. After a long time, he asked, “Why?” He had given him everything anyone could wish for: power, status, money, women, anything that mankind would dream of! He actually said he hated it?!

“Why?” Shuang Ruyue’s handsome visage frowned, thinking, as if recalling something: “Oh, yes, do you still remember that little girl named Yingzi?”

The Pope was slightly annoyed. Today’s Shuang Ruyue was too abnormal. Yingzi, who remembered some Yingzi… Could it be her?

He vaguely remembered that she was a very beautiful little girl, 13 or 14 years old. The purity of her soul was very high, the type of sacrifice needed by Lord God of Light… That little girl couldn’t escape death, but before she died, she at least lived happily for the last few months. That dirty body needed some use after all, right…?

“Did you not know that she… was my older sister?” Shuang Ruyue was still smiling. He was already used to using this hypocritical smile to hide all his emotions.

“Your sister? No, no way. That little girl… Yingzi never said she had a brother… ah!” The Pope watched incredulously as Shuang Ruyue stabbed the scepter into his chest.

“My hands were a little heavy, sorry, but I don’t believe your dirty mouth deserves to speak that name.” Shuang Ruyue smiled warmly, but the scepter continued to burrow into the Pope’s chest. Stab, stab, stab, but it never stabbed a vital point. He made the other party suffer torturous non-lethal wounds.

“You…” What kind of person was the Pope? Even if he wanted to chop Shuang Ruyue into ten thousand pieces, he still endured, softly persuading, “Ruyue, don’t do such a stupid thing. Think about it, you still have such a bright future. Are you going to ruin it just like this? If you kill me, the Church of Light will never forgive you.”

Shuang Ruyue stopped stabbing him and stroked his chin, “That makes sense.”

The Pope saw a glimmer of hope. He wouldn’t die!

Shuang Ruyue also rejoiced, “However, if I kill you with none the wiser, wouldn’t it be fine?”

He circled around the Pope, “Where should I start? Back then, Sister suffered so much, endured so much pain, yet smiled and told me it didn’t hurt… Oh, I know!” He took out a bag of powder and poured it into the Pope’s mouth, “It’s said that after eating this, it will confuse feelings of joy and pain. I’ll slice your skin little by little and you’ll be very happy as you watch your flesh leave your body piece by piece. I’m going to start now!”

He took out a sharp knife and quickly cut the Pope.

The Pope watched this move in horror, watched as his flesh was peeled off, but couldn’t help feeling excited. He was truly happy!

“Ai, why did you have to send people to kill my parents and kidnap my sister and I? Because they weren’t willing to believe? Very well, you sure killed well. Since you killed them, they wouldn’t need to see the current me. I truly hate the Church of Light, despise it all. You bullied me, beat me, scolded me, why? Doesn’t the Church of Light preach benevolence and love? I also didn’t understand why my sister didn’t let me call her. Every time she came back her tears would cover her face, yet she still told me it didn’t hurt. She was obviously in pain, so why lie? Later, she went to your place again and never returned… Very good, Sister died very well. She died, so she wouldn’t need to see the me now!”

Shuang Ruyue cut slice by slice. By the time he finished speaking, the Pope was reduced to almost only a skeleton. However, he still had a breath of life left.

“Aiyah, I moved too fast. You’ve already been reduced to this ugliness.” Shuang Ruyue smiled brightly, “Are you overjoyed?”

The Pope’s consciousness blurred. Power, status, money, women gradually faded far away. He wasn’t reconciled. He hadn’t enjoyed enough yet! He still had dreams to realize! He still wanted to enter Heaven and go to the side of Lord God of Light… His miserable eyes were hatefully and resentfully glared at Shuang Ruyue.

“Seeing your eyes, you seem to be dissatisfied. Then, let’s let you reach a climax.” Shuang Ruyue smiled slightly, his dagger ruthlessly piercing deep into the Pope’s heart.

No longer looking at the mangled body, Shuang Ruyue gazed upwards at the blue sky: “Looks like I’m still too soft-hearted. Sister, I’m not a good child.”

“You’re really not cute at all.” At some point, the Son of Darkness Dan Feiyang appeared not far away, “Everyone loves to compare the two of us, and it true that you’ve suppressed me.” The two once secretly competed and refused to admit defeat.

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