Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 246

Shuang Ruyue turned his head, smiling brilliantly: “Not only am I going to suppress you, after I go back, I’ll be the Pope of the Church of Light, the leader.”

“Don’t you hate the Church of Light? Why aren’t you going to leave?” Dan Feiyang asked.

“Ai, the Church of Light wants to deal with her, I can’t just always stand on the side watching.” Shuang Ruyue smiled like the sun as if he wasn’t an executioner that just butchered a human.

She? Who was she? Could it be… “Why do as such? She wouldn’t understand your struggles,” Dan Feiyang said.

“You’re so uptight, I’m just saying.” Shuang Ruyue waved his hand, “I’m going.”

It was better to destroy things you hated yourself.

Dan Feiyang stared at Shuang Ruyue’s fading back complicatedly. The Church of Light and Church of Darkness were like water and fire, but no one knew that he and the Son of Light were actually friends… I hope that you may achieve happiness, friend…

A few days later, explosive news spread through the entire continent. The Son of Light had succeeded the Pope of the Church of Light.

He was the Church of Light’s final pope on the Devil Dance Continent…

Transitioning back…

Lu Shiqian and the others undertook the escort mission as part of Silver Blue. That day, news of Lu Shiqian and Yao Hong spread throughout the group and the number of people signing up for the mission increased exponentially.

Lu Shiqian was afraid Yao Hong would have an accident and insisted on sharing a room.

At the same time, she could ask him why the God of Light wanted to obtain him.

Lu Shiqian was about to speak when Yao Hong suddenly asked, “Do you think that I’m a burden?”

Just now, Lu Shiqian had led him out of the men’s encirclement. He got into countless troubles; she should be fed up…

“Huh?” Lu Shiqian didn’t know how to answer and could only ask, “Why do you think so?”

Yao Hong turned his head, not speaking.

Lu Shiqian rubbed her nose, a little sullen. Why was this man’s temper so weird?

At this moment, a message was sent to Lu Shiqian by the Elf Lord Tree through the mental platform: “Master, the dragon clan has sent their greetings.”

Dragons, like elves, rarely appeared in front of humans.

Dragons were nobles amongst magic beasts. They naturally absorbed magic power and were close to the five elements. They were powerful and could fly, extremely lethal and meat grinders on the battlefield.

Any random dragon could grow to 20 Stars even if they put in no effort. If they put in a little effort, they could grow to 50 Stars. If they worked hard, 70 Stars was no problem. With good talent and hard work, the future was boundless.

There were many types of dragons, the most noble and talented one the gold dragons.

There were many dragons and they could be seen on almost all planes.

The Violent Dragon and black dragon were greatly excited. 100,000 years ago, dragons were a great sight. They appeared in streets and alleys, but now let alone seeing one, hearing of one was rare. With news of the dragon clan, the two were naturally excited.

The little purple dragon Jun Zun disdained the other two dragons’ excitement.

Comparing talent, strength, and figure, no one could beat the God Dragon. He was handsome and of the same race as the Azure Dragon, absolutely not a little crawling reptile! Speaking of it, on a certain planet called Earth, a certain country called China were fervent believers. Oops, went off track!

“What did the dragon clan say?” Lu Shiqian asked.

“They hope that Master can go to the Deceiving Sea to meet them,” the Elf Lord Tree replied.

Ever since Xiusi and Milo became Gods, the elves grew greatly in strength, especially after the Elf Lord Tree divided them into wisdom, life, battle, and defense. They each performed their duties and their strength was recognized by the dragons. This was when they decided to greet Lu Shiqian.

The Deceiving Sea?

Bai’s sealed power was there, Lu Wushuang’s secret was there, now even the dragons were inviting her. All of the clues were pointing towards the Deceiving Sea. There was truly no reason not to go.

It was decided, to the Deceiving Sea!

“Did they say what they needed me for?” Lu Shiqian asked.

The Elf Lord Tree transported over a dragon horn, saying: “They have something they need and hope to discuss when Master meets with them. This horn can guide you to them.”

Lu Shiqian threw the dragon horn into her interspatial bracelet, “Understood.”

Without hesitation, Lu Shiqian gathered everyone to discuss.

“Master, I will go wherever you go.” The Death God pulled Lu Shiqian’s sleeve and stated.

Shang snorted coolly, “Hmph!”

The black-haired Wei Mo had turned into the silver-haired Wei Mo. He brazenly said, “Woman, we will be joined at the waist no matter where we go!”

Yao Hong stayed silent for a long while before muttering, “I’m going too.”

Wan Feng frowned slightly, “There are very few missions to the Deceiving Sea. There’s only a mission to the border of the Song Empire, slightly closer to the Deceiving Sea.”

The Deceiving Sea was located at the easternmost part of the three empires. It stretched for tens of millions of miles, and the Song Empire was the closest to it.

The group decided their plans and went to rest early.

Only the Death God and Yao Hong remained in Lu Shiqian’s room.

Today, after Shang confronted the God of Light, he didn’t find Lu Shiqian to fight. The Death God happily hugged Lu Shiqian to bed.

Ever since he returned, he didn’t want to leave his master for a moment. Especially at night, he liked to hug his master, embrace her tightly, full of joy. He didn’t sleep but he liked to see Master sleep, though he sometimes wanted to jump up and fly a few rounds from being electrocuted.

This time, as soon as he hugged her, he wanted to lean over and taste her red lips.

How could Lu Shiqian not know what he was thinking? She covered his lips with her fingers, “Be good, sleep.”

The Death God didn’t get to kiss and drew circles despondently on the bed.

Ai, truly helpless! Lu Shiqian grabbed the Death God’s hand and pecked his lips before he smiled and cheered up.

This side was warm and sweet, but the other was cold and dejected.

Yao Hong watched the two embracing in bed, not knowing whether his heart was feeling sour, bitter, sweet, salty, or spicy. In his memories, there had never been someone who treated him so warmly and patiently.

How great it would be if he could also be treated like this…

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