Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 247

He was surprised, what was he thinking about! Was he not sad enough? Was he not disappointed enough? How could he be so… expectant?

Two tears dropped from the corner of his eyes.

“Drink this and take this weapon too. You’re a Saint, right?” Lu Shiqian threw over a bottle of gold medicine and spirit weapon.

Yao Hong turned his head, not wanting Lu Shiqian to see the tear tracks on his face. He muttered, “Mm.”

The next day, the four set off early towards the border of the Song Empire.

On the same day, crazy news spread throughout the Devil Dance Continent: the one who gets Yao Hong gets the world!

As long as they could get Yao Hong and the secrets in his body, then head to the Deceiving Sea, they would be able to get everything they ever dreamed of: inexhaustible wealth and become a God Rank powerhouse revered by everybody!

In the past, this news would only be considered a rumor, but due to Lu Shiqian’s brazen actions at the auction house, the various major families dispatched their powerful forces. Coupled with the rewards placed by the God of Light, everyone believed in the reliability of this news.

No one could resist the temptation of wealth and becoming a God!

The royal family, mercenary groups, big merchants, and major families… All of them prepared to head to the Deceiving Sea.

The Devil Dance Continent devolved into chaos; the Devil Dance Continent also began boiling!

Lu Shiqian lightly smiled at Yao Hong, “Didn’t expect you to be so important. Tsk, tsk, whoever gets you will get the world!”

Yao Hong’s bewitching face sank. He detested this statement.

Dressed as a woman, he didn’t know how many eyes of adoration he drew. Even with his face changed, there was still that soul-capturing quality.

Yao Hong glanced at the men of Silver Blue, his expression growing colder.

At this moment, everyone was leaving the Qi Empire. Just as they were about to pass through the last checkpoint, the soldiers were carefully comparing the faces of the crowd to the pictures on the wall. As Lu Shiqian expected, there was a picture of her disguised appearance, Yao Hong, Wei Mo. The paintings were done exceptionally and there was even color!

Lu Shiqian carefreely stood, and Wei Mo even domineeringly kicked the man shrinking in front of them. Yao Hong attracted most men’s eyes.

The Death God and Shang reduced their presence. If you didn’t look carefully, you wouldn’t find anything particular about them.

Wan Feng quickly discussed with the guards and the group passed by. There wasn’t even a blockade.

Things were going very smoothly. Who knew that the sounds of thousands of horses galloping would suddenly come from the city? An army of 10,000 people charged forward with amazing momentum. The leaders were Qi Tianxiong and Qi Wanru.

Lu Shiqian secretly cried out. Why did they have to meet these two stars of disaster now?!

The two of them had seen Shang before and would definitely realize something. Furthermore, trying to retreat or hide now would be even more suspicious.

Seeing that it was the Eldest Prince, how could the soldiers dare block them? They immediately let them pass.

Qi Tianxiong was currently puffing his chest out in pride. He was originally going to rush out the city, but suddenly stopped in front of Lu Shiqian and Yao Hong. Lu Shiqian screamed internally and leaned against Yao Hong. At the same time, she prepared to slaughter and silence upon being recognized.

The soft and flexible body leaned against Yao Hong and no matter how indifferent he was, he couldn’t help blushing. His whole person exuded a bewitching aura.

Qi Tianxiong’s gaze fell on Yao Hong. He stared at him before turning to Lu Shiqian. Both beauties had their own merits.

Such beautiful women were sorely tempting. He smiled confidently, “Young ladies, are you willing to go with me?”

Wei Mo was upset. What was this man doing? Tempting his woman? He dared to look at his woman with those little beans for eyes?! Just as he was about to burst out in anger, Lu Shiqian stomped on his foot.

Lu Shiqian’s meaning was obvious: be obedient!

Wei Mo was angry but finally didn’t curse. Hmph, he didn’t need to listen to others, but he must listen to his woman’s orders!

“Elder Brother, may I take my team away?” Qi Wan Feng calmly took over the conversation.

Qi Tianxiong’s eyes finally turned to his younger brother, “These two are your team members? Oh, you’re Silver Blue’s leader? I underestimated you.”

Qi Wan Feng wasn’t hurried, remaining calm and generous: “Elder Brother overpraises. May I go now?”

Qi Tianxiong nodded, his eyes fixed on Yao Hong, “We’re a family, what’s yours is also mine.” Saying so, he whipped his horse and left. He had more important things to do right now. Hunting could wait until later.

Qi Wan Feng took the team towards another route.

“Hmph!” Wei Mo was very dissatisfied, “Woman, you’re challenging my patience.”

Lu Shiqian grabbed Wei Mo’s hand and apologized, “Don’t be angry. Did I hurt you when I stepped on you earlier?”

Wei Mo was overjoyed but continued to act cold, “Hmph, since you know to care about me, I’ll forgive you this once.”

Everyone moved forward happily and soon left the Qi Empire.

Honestly, it wasn’t unreasonable for Silver Blue to enter the top three mercenary groups. First of all, Qi Wan Feng had great leadership skills, rationality, and had strong judgement ability. Secondly, the group members were particularly united and cohesive.

Qi Wan Feng brought a total of 30 team members, including Lu Shiqian’s people, there were a total of 36, the majority of them men. Even though they were attracted to Yao Hong’s charm, they didn’t do anything unscrupulous.

The group increased their pace, keeping their packs light, and soon arrived at a border town of the Song Empire.

This small city was less than 100 miles away from the Deceiving Sea.

“The army sends the monarch off for a thousand miles, but they must part at last. Please take care on the rest of your journey,” Wan Feng sincerely wished.

“Thank you. If you need anything in the future, tell me, and I will do my best.” Lu Shiqian said with a smile.

The two shook hands and smiled.

She couldn’t be his lover. During these days, Wan Feng deeply understood. Thus, they should be friends. Even if she wasn’t his lover, it was enough that he had once appeared in her life.

He sent off Lu Shiqian, the Death God, Shang, Wei Mo, and Yao Hong towards their unknown future.

What kind of journey, story, or miracle would greet them on their way forward?

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