Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 248

The Deceiving Sea was another forbidden area and more dangerous than the Forest of Death, the most dangerous of them all. The boundary line extended from the northernmost Xufeng Ice Field, the southernmost Forest of Death. Even Jun Zun said that from the Forest of Death, you could see the Deceiving Sea stretching to the sky. The sea was vast, the water and sky meeting in the horizon. Seeing it, people could only sigh at the magnificence of nature and at their own insignificance. However, just vast was not enough to describe the dangers of this sea. The scary thing was the unpredictable weather on the sea, the complicated currents, and the various types of terrifying magic beasts!

“Even 100,000 years ago, this sea was fierce.” Little Jun Zun obsequiously said, “Master, rest assured! I will protect you!”

Lu Shiqian was speechless 囧. This child sure had an impact.

Still a distance to the sea, Lu Shiqian didn’t feel like walking and pulled out a Ferrari from her interspatial bag, driving with great swagger to their destination. If anyone else was here, they would definitely lament how harmonious this car was with the scene.

However, where should they begin looking along this 10,000 mile coast? So hard to decide.

Fortunately, they had the dragon horn. Going there to take a look first was a good plan.

Lu Shiqian took out the dragon horn and blew it.

The sound wasn’t loud, deep and lingering, but it had a huge penetrating power, its bellows deep.

After blowing for a while, there wasn’t any response. Lu Shiqian stopped, wondering if this ‘dragon horn’ was a fake product.

Just as she was thinking this, she saw three black dots drawing closer from the sky. The wind raged chaotically as three 100 Star dragons landed.

Two blue and one red dragon appeared. Seeing Lu Shiqian, their intelligent eyes revealed visible joy.

“Esteemed Lu Shiqian, please don’t be offended at the late greeting.” The red dragon spoke.

Lu Shiqian felt a little apprehensive. How could she be referred to as ‘esteemed’? She didn’t know that because she was the master of the Elf Lord Tree, the dragons naturally treated her differently. Seeing that the dragon was so polite, she also had a good impression of them, “You came very quickly.”

The dragon clan’s aura spread around, and Wei Mo’s little red dragon couldn’t resist any longer, jumping out of the magic beast space and crying out a few times.

When the red dragon saw Wei Mo’s little red dragon, his expression suddenly changed, “You’re Third Elder’s…” before trailing off. He looked suspiciously at Wei Mo a few times, licking the little red dragon’s small face.

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. Could it be that Li Jing bastard ran to the dragon clan, stole an elder’s child, then returned to give it to his disciple? Hmm, hmm, it sounded more and more possible the more you thought about it. Li Jing was indeed someone who could do something like this.

Speaking of, they wouldn’t treat them as enemies because of this, right?

“Please climb onto our backs. We will be taking the esteemed guests to Dragon Island.” The red dragon spread its wings and lowered its head.

The dragon clan left people’s sight 100,000 years ago. No one knew where they went or why they disappeared. They only knew that henceforth, no trace of the dragon clan could be found. It turned out that they had all gathered together on an island on the Deceiving Sea.

Lu Shiqian didn’t stand on courtesy and climbed onto the red dragon’s back.

The red dragon was 38 meters long, like a large ship. It flew very fast and smoothly.

Looking down from above, they could deeply sense the magnitude of the Deceiving Sea. Gradually, the coastline disappeared and they were left with only sky and sea. The wind was strong while the sea waves lapped, forming flowers of foam, the smell of the sea assaulting their noses.

Occasionally, silver light flashed when strange fish jumped out of the water.

Black clouds lingered ahead, lightning flashing. It was a hurricane. The waves tumbled, a whirlpool continuously churning. You could imagine that the most advanced cruise ship in the other world could only meet its demise here.

“This area of water is quite dangerous. Under me is the territory of the Bone Head Shark. That guy is probably 300 Stars, even we dragons would be torn to shreds instantly if we land here. The area to the left is the Flying Wing Shark’s territory. It is not only agile in water, but can also fly in the sky for an hour. It is 400 Stars. To the right is the Lukewarm Whale’s area. That guy is so big that even we dragons are inferior…” The red dragon introduced as he flew, “This sea is like a breeding ground for magic beasts. I sometimes wonder if this was the byproduct of the mainland, haha.”

As he talked, beams of light suddenly shot from the water at high speed towards the three dragons.

The three dragons smoothly dodged the attack.

“Such sneak attacks happen often. We’re already used to this.” The red dragon continued, “Our dragon clan also took 1,000 years to make a stand here.”

The red dragon had already regarded Lu Shiqian and the others as their own. There was nothing they couldn’t say, making it quite a chatty journey.

After flying for a while, they saw a huge island. Even though it was only a small speck compared to the vast sea, it was larger than the three human empires added together.

This island looked very beautiful and rich, but it seemed odd for some reason.

It was broad daylight, but few dragons were seen outside.

The red dragon landed with Lu Shiqian and the others.

It had to be said that dragons were an intelligent race: talented at architecture, music, and various other skills.

The place Lu Shiqian landed at was the Dragon Palace.

The palace made to the size of the giant dragons was gorgeous and magnificent, not inferior to human structures. There were dragon carvings and paintings everywhere.

The dragon clan was indeed a race that liked shiny and gold objects. This palace… No, basically all dragon dwellings were adorned with jewelry.

The red dragon loudly announced that Lu Shiqian had arrived.

The palace entrance was soon filled with people. Yes, people. However, they were transformed dragons of more than 600 Stars. Among them, a man and woman were wearing crowns. The man was handsome and strong, the woman beautiful and graceful. Behind them was a group of elders, all human form. The men were all handsome while the women were all beautiful. There were a few elderlies, but not one was ugly. The only oddball was the pudgy little gold dragon next to a man and woman wearing crowns.

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