Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 249

Lu Shiqian never had much immunity to cute creatures. What more when it was a pudgy little thing exuding a charming aura that would make others scream ‘cute!’ when they saw it. She couldn’t help but feel a motherly doting to the little dragon.

Lu Shiqian couldn’t calm down and revealed a smile.

Who knew that bright smile would make the little guy dart behind his parents?

Lu Shiqian was speechless 囧. Did she look scary and wicked, frightening the cute little thing?

“Welcome to Dragon Island.” The beautiful lady wearing a crown spoke, “I am Gold Dragon Ling Shan. This is my husband Gold Dragon Suo Fei. This is my youngest son Duyi. I am the Dragon Clan’s Queen.” Ling Shan walked over, affectionately taking Lu Shiqian’s hand.

Lu Shiqian rubbed her nose. She didn’t expect that the female dragon would reign supreme.

Suo Fei saw his lover and Lu Shiqian holding hands and grew unhappy, “Dear…”

Ling Shan glared back, mockingly scolding, “I’m holding hands with a woman, so what are you getting jealous of?”

“Dear…” Suo Fei seemed to be a characteristic henpecked husband. He seemed quite aggrieved.

Lu Shiqian smiled, having a good impression of the dragon couple.

Suo Fei always spoiled his wife, but acted grieved on the outside. In actuality, he was eyeing the Death God and Shang, growing more and more surprised as he looked. At the same time, he was relieved that his decision was right.

The dragon clan was nearing its end.

Observing this woman called Lu Shiqian, even though there was coldness on her face, she seemed a trustworthy person.

Meanwhile, that little gold dragon Duyi had stolen quite a few glances at Lu Shiqian.

The group walked into the palace when Lu Shiqian raised her question, “How come I didn’t see many dragons on the way here?”

The same was true of the palace. Other than the few elders that came to welcome them, there were very few guards.

When Ling Shan heard this question, her face was covered with sorrow. It wasn’t only her, even the elders grew sad.

“What happened?” Lu Shiqian asked in concern.

Towards this gentle and amicable woman, Lu Shiqian had an inexplicable feeling of goodwill.

Who knew that this would further provoke Ling Shan’s grief? Two drops of warm crystal tears fell, landing on Lu Shiqian’s hand.

Ling Shan fell in front of Lu Shiqian.

This kneel not only shocked Lu Shiqian, it also made the elders exclaim: “Your Majesty, Your Majesty, you can’t!”

Lu Shiqian hurriedly helped Ling Shan up, “Just what happened?”

Ling Shan refused to stand up, continuing to say, “I’m sorry for involving you. Sorry.”

It turned out the smile that they greeted her with was forbearance and this sadness was instead real?

“Your Majesty, please don’t be like this. She’s only a little Rank 7 mage and can’t help us. I understand your grief, but please take care of yourself.” An old man with a grey beard sadly consoled. He had opposed seeking support from the elves, especially since they only sent a weakling as their representative.

Having them rush back from the battlefield to personally greet them in human form was enough respect.

What could a little Rank 7 mage do?!

Ling Shan knelt and didn’t get up, “No, it is not just because to beseech thee, but more so my self-blame. I failed to protect my people. I am not a good ruler…”

Suo Fei hugged Ling Shan’s waist, strongly lifting her up: “No, it is not your fault.”

Seeing that his beloved was crying too hard, Suo Fei could only explain to Lu Shiqian himself, “We are fighting. We have been fighting for many years!” Suo Fei paused, collecting his emotions, “Our dragon clan has long lifespans. Originally, a child would only come every 5,000 years, but ever since we began fighting, a child would come every 1,000 years… However, our numbers are still rapidly decreasing, do you know why?”

Lu Shiqian was stunned, “I naturally don’t.”

“Because we are fighting against invaders—terrifying invaders!”

Suo Fei couldn’t restrain his grief but was also proud, “100,000 years ago, a terrible change occurred to this land. First, four-fifths of the continent was destroyed, and then the land was sealed. However, this was not the most terrible bit. The scariest part was the space shocks and space cracks, attracting invaders. Our dragon clan recently discovered invaders. At this time, the Continent of the Gods had already fallen and human powerhouses rapidly decreased. The only ones that could protect this land was our dragon clan. We gathered all living dragons and resided on this island, fighting for more than 100,000 years. Our clan also dropped from 500,000 to 200,000 today.”

All powerful races were made of strength and numbers.

The dragon clan’s efforts to resist the invaders and protect this land was indeed touching, especially when they persisted for 100,000 years. Their undying spirits were admirable.

“With our current numbers, even if we fight with all our strength, we will be completely annihilated in a year. As a last resort… we could only ask the elves for help.” Suo Fei lowered his head. If it weren’t for the severe situation, their dragon clan would never drag the other races into this terrifying, practically no chance of winning war, a battle of endless delaying tactics.

Ever since Lu Shiqian contracted the Elf Lord Tree, every time an elf was born, they would naturally be contracted to Lu Shiqian. These newborn elves were more talented and superb than the rest.

Furthermore, most of the original elves have already stepped into Saint Rank, their strength soaring.

“No, these things should’ve been fought jointly from the beginning.” Lu Shiqian held Ling Shan’s hand, “These years, you’ve worked hard.”

Fighting alone for all these years due to the weakness of the other races. Fighting for all these years, watching their people fall day by day. Yet, no one had ever told them ‘You’ve worked hard’. Ling Shan burst into tears once more, “Let’s go, I’ll take you to see first. You can make a decision after looking.”

The dragon elder Yan Qing originally wanted to stop them. He didn’t believe that a little Rank 7 mage could change their war in any way. Could she reverse the situation? What a joke! She’d probably burst into tears once she saw the cruel battlefield! However, when he looked at Her Majesty the Queen, he couldn’t bear to say these words. For their Queen, he’ll allow this little girl who doesn’t know suffering and cruelty to see just what kind of terrible enemies their land was facing!

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