Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 250

A heavy door was opened and a large staircase spiraling downwards was revealed.

Ling Shan and the elders headed down first, and the little gold dragon also wanted to follow but was grabbed by the tail and thrown to the guards behind them.

The little guy’s eyes immediately teared up.

“This trick is useless on me.” Even though Suo Fei’s heart hurt, he knew that the cruel battlefield wasn’t something Little Duyi could accept. Maybe he could go down when he grew up, but when he goes down, perhaps he would never be able to come up again.

Suo Fei walked down without looking back.

Little Duyi watched his parents walk away with tears in his eyes, looking quite pitiful. However, his tears never fell. Father said that men don’t cry, but it was so hard to endure. Seeing his clansmen heading down one by one only to be carried up one by one later, he felt so painful, truly painful.

The further down they went, the more Lu Shiqian understood why there were no dragons aboveground. It turned out that they were underground.

There were simple nests built providing rest areas with guard shifts.

The atmosphere was very frigid and tense.

“No, Elder, please allow me to enter the battlefield again. My left leg is gone, but I still have my right! My claws are also fine…” A blue dragon that was being carried away pleaded.

“You need to rest. Only by resting can you enter the battlefield again.” The elder remained calm and consoled. In the dragon’s eyes, there was pain and distress.

Underground, the dragons remained in their true form. Compared to their human appearance, they appeared much more dangerous.

Continuing down, there were even more dragons, all of them looking rather haggard yet their eyes were still shining. Seeing Her Majesty the Queen, they were going to kneel in respect.

“Warriors, no need to be polite, please rest well.” How could Ling Shan not understand the soldiers’ thoughts? She went away with the courtesies.

Several mighty red dragons and pterosaurs came over.

“Your Majesty, we have lost three dragons again.” The red dragon spoke first. This dragon was a head higher than the others.

“Third Elder, you’ve worked hard.” Ling Shan said, “Take some dragons from the east. Your side is the main battlefield.”

Third Elder was about to agree when his gaze suddenly turned to Wei Mo. There was doubt, surprise, and an even more inexplicable familial feeling.

The silver-haired Wei Mo was upset, “What are you staring at this great one for? This great one ain’t your son.” However, he still let his little red dragon out. Even though he had a fierce tone, he had great observation abilities and guessed early on that these three elders may be related to his contracted little red dragon.

When the third elder saw the little red dragon, there was first surprise before his body trembled in disbelief, “Hong’er?”

The little red dragon couldn’t speak yet but nodded its head again and again.

Third Elder finally couldn’t control his emotions and rushed up, hugging the little red dragon.

This matter was quite embarrassing.

Sixteen years ago, Wei Mo was only 4 years old when his family abandoned him. It was snowing hard and the little guy almost froze to death. Just as his life was hanging by a thread, he met his frivolous teacher Li Jing. Who knew what wrong medicine Li Jing took that day, but he actually didn’t leave him to die and adopted the little Wei Mo. Because Wei Mo stayed in the snow for too long and the coldness had seeped into his bones, he wouldn’t be able to live long. Thus, this guy slashed his way to Dragon Island, not caring that the dragons were in a pot of boiling water and stole a little red dragon that was just born… It was really sad. Meeting such a friend was truly a tragedy.

Fortunately, Wei Mo treated the dragon very well. The two little guys established a deep friendship early on so Third Elder didn’t freak out.

Father and son met again, and the atmosphere eased slightly.

However, this warm atmosphere didn’t last long before a dragon came to report, “Elder, they’ve launched an attack again!”

Third Elder didn’t hesitate anymore and led his troops over.

Lu Shiqian and the others followed.

Following Third Elder, they soon heard sounds of fierce fighting. Tens of thousands of dragons prepared to take over the previous troops on the battlefield.

Seeing Third Elder approaching, they immediately parted to make way.

Lu Shiqian finally saw the enemies.

In front, a group of brown, crawling, bug-like creatures covered the entire tunnelway, their numbers in the hundreds of thousands. At the end of the tunnel, there was a dark space crack. Those brown bugs continuously crawled out from there.

Those bugs were extremely disgusting, spitting out venom as they crawled.

This kind of thing wasn’t difficult to fight, but they had a terrifying ability. They could use their venom to corrode any organism’s cells and, in this way, assimilate with the other party, making it turn into an existence the same as them.

This kind of venom was best dealt with by fire.

Unfortunately, any part that comes into contact with the venom must be cut off immediately. Otherwise, once infected, they would become as disgusting as those bugs were, heeding only their carnivorous desires.

The battle was gradually approaching, and Shang’s aura began spreading out.

The Violent Dragon and black dragon couldn’t hold back anymore. They were also part of the dragon clan, one family in the entire world. Since they were going to fight, how could they not be a part? They asked to fight.

Lu Shiqian naturally wouldn’t stop them. Two purple lights flashed and two majestic dragons appeared in front of the others.

The Violent Dragon was 264 Stars while the black dragon was 210 Stars. This strength was also upper middle class amongst the dragons.

Third Elder looked at Lu Shiqian in slight surprise. However, just two dragons wouldn’t be able to do much.

“Master, brother went, so we also want to fight.” The double-headed black tiger spoke.

Lu Shiqian nodded.

Purple light flickered and 76 beast kings came out with great grandeur.

Third Elder looked at Lu Shiqian in shock, putting down his contempt.

Especially Elder Yan Qing, he didn’t expect Lu Shiqian to be so abnormal and contract with so many high-level magic beasts!

After many years of fighting, the dragon race naturally had their ways of dealing with these bugs. First, they would attack with faraway skills and then release fire to scorch the area the bugs passed through to erase the venom. Then, they would force them back through the space crack.

However, the attack this time seemed very determined and there was a steady stream of reinforcements, one batch after the other. There were too many to count.

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