Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 251

“What happened? Why are there suddenly so many?” Third Elder shouted.

“D-Don’t know,” a soldier replied worriedly.

The dragons were no match for these bugs, either getting infected or eaten.

The infected dragons either cut off their limbs or, as a last resort, would blow up their magic beast core and suicide. They would never drag down their companions.

At this moment, Shang moved.

A sword as red as blood, black and red intermingled hair shot forward as he waved his sword!

The majestic aura rushed ahead and a trace of pure magic power radiated out, overwhelming the dragons.

The sword roiled like stormy clouds and thousands of invaders were annihilated.

A tyrannical sword—the sword pointed at the venomous bug’s commander.

These little lackeys couldn’t interest Shang. What he wanted to fight was a higher existence.

“Demon Clan…” Third Elder’s mouth opened wide, his chin almost falling off. He never imagined that he would fight side by side with the demon clan one day. It was even a noble demon!

This world was sure crazy. To think that 100,000 years ago, demons were the invaders of the entire continent!

Third Elder was stupefied, all the other dragons and elders were shocked silly too.

Suo Fei nodded, asking for Lu Shiqian was the right choice. She even brought such powerful helpers with her! It was done in one fell swoop.

“Don’t stop, everyone. Friends of friends are also our friends,” Suo Fei decisively stated.

‘This guy was very good at forming relationships,’ Lu Shiqian remarked about a certain gold dragon.

The dragons no longer hesitated and quickly followed behind Shang, cleaning up the bugs. The 77 beast kings acted earlier, trailing behind Shang.

The existence standing in the space crack snapped its fingers and the bugs crawled out like a poisonous tide. Behind the bugs followed very disgusting carapace-like creatures with legs.

Lu Shiqian was speechless. These things were a little too disgusting.

Third Elder was surprised. They were used to the venomous bugs, but it was the first time they encountered a new species.

Furthermore, what was the foul breath coming from the space crack? Could it be that those disgusting things were being ordered? What could drive these disgusting things?

Lu Shiqian thought for a while before waving her hand.

The Thorn Army staff rose behind her. The staff had become more beautiful after ranking up three times. The black and white wings spread open even wider and became more and more connected with Lu Shiqian’s thoughts.

“Wang Cai, weapon merge; Five-Colored Elk, soul merge; Water Eagle, armor merge; little kitty, Jun Zun, come out and help.” Lu Shiqian floated over, her hair turned into five colors, water-like armor wrapping around her body.

Wang Cai turned into a machete. As a mechanic beast, Wang Cai wasn’t afraid of these invaders.

The machete curved in a beautiful arc. Where the machete passed, those carapace-like creatures were diced.

Lu Shiqian cast Fire Dragon with her right hand, throwing them out. Twenty fire dragons whizzed out, devouring the invaders. Lu Shiqian continued casting another Fire Dragon and another 20 once again roared out. Her colorful hair danced and ripped through the air. Every step of hers would be marked with 20 fire dragons. Her languid attitude was simply aweing.

Yao Hong stared at the person standing amidst the flames, lost for a moment.

She was so beautiful, so divine.

But he was so dirty…

The elders of the dragon clan couldn’t help but twitch. The amount of magic power in this woman made even the dragons ashamed.

Even if dragon were good at breathing fire, they couldn’t continuously spit out fire over such a large area, okay?

The dragons couldn’t help but sigh secretly. Have they grown old? What a tragedy!

“Old guys, just go wash and rest up! Leave the rest to this great one!” Wei Mo arrogantly jumped into the battle, issuing out Fire Rain everywhere.

The corners of the dragons’ mouth twitched. O-Old dragons?

Damn it! They haven’t admitted to being old yet! They also charged in with a burst of adrenaline.

Shang’s sword was tyrannical. Where he pointed would be a mass of destruction.

The invaders that ran in were all destroyed by him.

Lu Shiqian pointed at the invader hiding behind the space crack, “Do you only know how to hide behind the space crack? You coward!” Not caring whether or not the other party understood, she continued mocking: “Poor insect. You’re probably so ugly you only dare hide behind your subordinates!”

“Dear friend, be careful. These insects can not only devour our bodies, but also our memories. It is also for this reason that our comrades only choose to destroy their magic beast cores at the last moment,” Suo Fei reminded Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian smiled, continuing to shout, “Lowly insect, if you have the guts, come out and 1v1!”

“Pa!” The creature standing in the space crack once again snapped its fingers.

Countless carapace-like crawling creatures once again flooded in.

Following, Lu Shiqian would mock them every time they eliminated a group of enemies.

The battle continued and the invaders’ forms were growing more and more advanced. Their strength also seemed to increase, and the two sides seemed to be caught in a tug-of-war.

However, the enemy’s forms grew better but their natures hadn’t improved at all and even got worse. This batch of enemies resembled both crawling insects and reptiles, large and small in size. If their attention diverted slightly, dragons would be hooked away and have a bad end.

“You should retreat first,” Lu Shiqian decided.

Third Elder was the commander of the dragons. He also knew that the 70 or 80 Star dragons couldn’t do much in this battle anymore. He ordered the average dragons to leave and left behind 100,000 dragons with more than 200 Stars.

“Battle Domain!” Wind blew around Lu Shiqian and the battle domain erupted.

Within the domain, all invaders were broken by the slash of a sword.

The invaders continuously flooded in and their battle techniques also grew better.

This was indeed a powerful enemy. They could gain knowledge and intellect by swallowing the memories of their enemies, continuously evolving.

Those bugs from before were probably only probing.

Perhaps these things had already swallowed countless lives… Lu Shiqian inexplicably shivered.

She now wanted to know just what kind of terrifying creature lived behind the space crack.

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