Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 252

“Living Domain!” Two hundred giants rose like a torrent, crushing the invading creatures. Leaping like a rainbow, Lu Shiqian shot like a released arrow towards the space crack.

“Pa!” A snapping sound once again came from the space crack.

A large number of carapace-like creatures charged over.

Shang stood in front of Lu Shiqian. He waved his crimson sword and its red light penetrated the invaders, sweeping down a patch. In terms of invading and fighting, this guy was definitely an expert.

However, the other just had too many to count.

This battle lasted for five or six hours. If you counted, the enemy had already sent 100 batches of troops.

Then, there was Lu Shiqian and Shang. One cast the Living Domain while the other wielded the sharp sharply… There was actually not the slightest bit of tiredness.

At this time, most dragons were already panting in exhaustion, the same was also true for those on rotation. They couldn’t help but sigh at the two. These two were just too OP, way too OP, bashing their self-esteem. Their stamina was great and did these two not know what magic power depletion was? Others could only let loose for a moment but they had erupted for five or six hours already!

Alas, it was not good to compare.

Seeing that the two defeated another batch, no more sound came from the space crack.

“Pa!” Lu Shiqian snapped her fingers crisply, “Hey, you’re not gonna do this again?”

The creature in the space crack had truly wanted to do so. Hearing Lu Shiqian’s mockery, he could no longer snap his ready fingers: “Charge!”

What stepped forward was a blue leg, two legs, three legs… Alright, it was an orangutan-like monster with many hands and legs.

The appearance was still so ugly.

Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but disdain these enemies. They truly had no sense of aesthetics.

The new monsters were 9 meters high, flexible, and didn’t have a star rank. However, to Lu Shiqian, they seemed at least 100 Stars or above.

“Death God, can you handle them?” Lu Shiqian asked. There was no way, there were too many and she couldn’t fell them in one swoop.

The Death God very obediently replied, “Yes.”

Lu Shiqian stepped back and happily kissed the Death God, “You’re so strong! I’m leaving it to you!”

Electric currents zapped. The Death God would definitely not let his master down!

Seeing that the Death God was going to act, Shang backed away coolly.

The Death God stepped out, raising his black scythe, and then put it down again.

A black ring expanded out and all monsters that were touched turned into black powder before disappearing.

It sure was the Death God! Beyond the mortal mind!

The dragons were flabbergasted!

How could such an abnormal existence be in this world?!

Don’t mention the dragon clan, even the creature standing behind the space crack ate a huge shock. He stared at the Death God with his special eyes, and what he saw was chaos: unable to be learned, unable to be researched, unable to be copied! He was just like that woman and her soldier, unique!

What kind of existence was this?!

Interesting, interesting. He had finally encountered something interesting in his boring life. Alright, let him temporarily go destroy some other planes and then come back to play again. He looked at the woman once again. Hmph, she was the first one that dared to mock him. What did she say about him again? Oh! Coward, ugly bug… According to the memory of some dragon he swallowed, these weren’t good words.

Of course, Lu Shiqian could feel that intrigued gaze.

“Want to 1v1 this sister? Come fight if you have the guts!” Lu Shiqian spoke brazenly.

However, the creature hiding behind the space crack whose appearance couldn’t be seen only left a single ‘heh’ before leaving.

Only then was Lu Shiqian able to run up to the space crack to see what lied beyond.

Even though the Death God had opened a few space cracks before, because his aura was too strong, she wasn’t able to see just what exactly the space crack was.

Space cracks were similar to space tunnels. When the Devil Dance Continent was still the Continent of the Gods, there were many space tunnels. There were various planes in this universe. Just like a piece of paper, if you broke through it, you would arrive at a different plane. Usually, space cracks or space tunnels weren’t man-made. Space was usually extremely stable and hard to pierce. Even if hundreds of millions of stars exploded at once, it may not necessarily open a space crack… Speaking of this, Lu Shiqian had to admire that overbearing White Tiger. His greatest enemy, the final BOSS, swiped away 4/5 of the continent with a wave of his hand and even created a space crack against the laws of nature, leading to the invaders and forcing the dragons to fight for 100,000 years. What a sin!

The space crack was like an ugly scar running across the air. It was about 10 meters high and 5 meters wide.

When Lu Shiqian leaned in, she felt a strong suction force, almost pulling her in.

She stared and the vast universe looked back, stars shining. It was the boundless cosmos.

Lu Shiqian looked around for a while, feeling that the existence of a space crack would be an increasing danger for every day it stayed. There was no doubt that the enemy was strong and the dragon clan could no longer defend it. Was she bound to stay here to take over this mission?

What a tragedy!

The Death God walked over and held Lu Shiqian, raising his scythe with the other, waving it.

Then, the strangest thing happened. That space crack actually closed like a zipper!

The brains of the dragon clan instantly shut down!

This brother in black, do you dare be more abnormal?!

If creating a space crack was a miracle, something that man couldn’t do, then it was even more unimaginable to close a space crack!

“How did you close the space crack?” Lu Shiqian was also shocked.

“Don’t know, doesn’t seem hard.” The Death God very honestly replied.

Lu Shiqian choked. Did her unintentional contract that time actually bring in such a great abnormality?!

For the first time, she felt that she knew nothing about the Death God.

She really contracted such a strange existence back when she muddleheadedly contracted to preserve her life. Hmm, hmm, it seemed that she needed to properly study the Death God. It turned out that he was so terrifyingly strong.

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