Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 253

The dragons’ eyes widened. Heavens, were they hallucinating? Something the Dragon Clan had devoted 50 million dragons to and hadn’t been able to accomplish for 100,000 years was so easily done by these people?

Strictly speaking, it was settled in a few minutes by the Death God!

The poor dragons hadn’t returned to their senses yet!

Generations of dragons racked their brains over the space crack, over the invaders, day and night, fighting desperately, but none had thought about what they were going to do after they succeeded.

As for Lu Shiqian’s people, the dragons had no idea how to treat them.

Elder Yan Qing also understood he was wrong now. He was greatly mistaken! This woman far surpassed his imagination! Even without the Death God or Shang, she had already reached the first stage middle god. The most frightening thing was that she was only a Rank 7 mage. The magic beasts she contracted were also very strong!

What great potential!

The elders looked at each other, each with their own thoughts. After speaking with Queen Ling Shan and His Majesty Suo Fei, they felt that the idea was feasible. They even wanted to finish this matter as soon as possible.

“Little Sister.” After solving the big problem, Ling Shan’s smile spread across her face, “Sister has done us a great favor, so much so that I have no way to repay it.”

Lu Shiqian smiled and humbly replied, “It’s not much.”

When these words came out, the dragons couldn’t help but sweat. If closing a space crack ‘wasn’t much’, then what was considered ‘much’?

Ling Shan also sweat dropped. This little sister was too sincere. The more she looked at Lu Shiqian, the more pleasant to the eye she felt she was. She decided that it was necessary to implement that idea, “Elder Sister sees that Sister has contracted over four magic beasts, don’t know if there’s still space… My family’s Duyi talent is okay and he’s also cute and obedient…” Boasting about her own wares, Ling Shan was truly a little embarrassed.

However, Lu Shiqian understood, “Yes, there’s still space…”

Hearing these words, the elders immediately decided that they must grab that spot even with force! You must know that a talented human was an amazing treasure! If the little gold dragon followed her, he would definitely have a much brighter future.

“Honestly, I also don’t know how much space there is. Contracting with the entire dragon clan might be okay,” Lu Shiqian continued. How could she not know what the dragons were thinking? She already contracted with so many magic beasts, so contracting a few more shouldn’t be a problem.

“Think about it, contracting with our dragon clan’s gold prince…” Third Elder was preparing to persuade when he lurched to a stop, “W-What are you saying? You can contract the entire dragon clan?!”

Elder Yan Qing reacted extremely quickly, “Can you contract with me?”

The others immediately glared at Yan Qing with despise. Despicable, he actually tried to get a step ahead!

“Then contract with me too!”

“Me too!”

“Contract with me! Contract with me!”

The dragons fired up. Even though dragons were proud creatures, Lu Shiqian’s power was too stunning. In the face of absolute power, pride was completely unnecessary!

“Hehe, perhaps we should head up first. It’s never too late to contract.” Lu Shiqian smiled but her inner thoughts were very wretched: that was to net all the dragons at once!

Ling Shan held Suo Fei’s hand, “My people, let us head up first. The battle is over!”

The dragons cheered. Yes, their battle was finally over! That war was so long they almost suffocated to death. Now, they could finally enjoy the joys of living!

In a short while, the dragons all gathered aboveground. The 200,000 dragons led by the Queen and Queen’s Male Consort Suo Fei as well as a group of elders stood and waited for the contract.

Think about it, thousands of dragons stood mighty. What kind of magnificent scene was that?

Little gold dragon Duyi looked here and there happily. He was 10,000 years old this year and this was the first time he saw so many dragons together.

He then looked at Lu Shiqian and felt that the woman standing in front was stunningly beautiful, as beautiful as his mother.

The purple contract array expanded out, and soon, the contract was concluded. Promotion patterns shone on the dragons.

Rumble, rumble, rumble!

The dragons’ star rank rapidly increased, especially the two 600 Star gold dragons, thirty 500 Star elders, as well as the soldiers that were around 400 Stars. Their increase was just too terrifying!

The dragons were stunned again. They were shocked too many times today and almost didn’t know how to spell the word ‘shock’ anymore.

After contracting with the dragons, Lu Shiqian’s magic seas were filled by a half. The higher the rank, the bigger the magic sea was and the more magic power was needed.

“Sister, you didn’t say that we would advance after contracting.” After contracting, Ling Shan felt even closer to Lu Shiqian.

Lu Shiqian smiled wryly, “I was afraid you would tear me up in excitement.”

Ling Shan blushed. True, if she had said so, the dragons would’ve been overly excited.

Suo Fei grabbed Ling Shan and hugged her in front of everyone, “We haven’t… Shouldn’t you satisfy me today?”

Ling Shan’s face turned completely red.

The little gold dragon was curious, “Father, what are you going to do?”

Suo Fei glared at the little guy, picked him up by the collar, and threw him at Lu Shiqian. He then picked up his dear wife and ran to the bedroom.

Fire Fox Hong Jin smacked his paws together, “Isn’t it easy enough to find out? We can go listen in the corner.”

Little purple dragon Jun Zun wringed his chubby hands, “I must learn in advance.”

Yin roundaboutly announced, “This great one will watch over these three.”

Thus, an eavesdropping group of four was formed, setting up in the corner very professionally.

Lu Shiqian couldn’t help but smack her forehead. What misfortune! How did she raise three sex fiends?

“You should all go too,” Lu Shiqian said to the dumbfounded dragons.

The dragons all looked at the sky, looked at the ground, I look at you and you look at me, before scattering.

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