Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 254

Lu Shiqian pulled the Death God. It was time to discuss the philosophy of life with him.

Seeing this, the silver-haired Wei Mo stopped Lu Shiqian, his eyes sharply glaring: “Where are you going?” That tone sounded just like a jealous husband.

Lu Shiqian knew that towards this guy, you had to take the soft route. She stretched out a hand and patted Wei Mo’s face, “Be good, go find a place to play around first and I’ll look for you later.”

The hand gently touched his face and Wei Mo was taken aback, his face turning red.

Lu Shiqian saw this and quickly ran away with the Death God.

Shang long ago went to the highest mountain on Dragon Island to train while Yao Hong was in a daze. Anyways, everyone was doing their own thing.

There was a beautiful place on Dragon Island.

There was fine sand and the wide ocean, birds flying through the blue sky. It was very suitable to… talk about love.

Lu Shiqian pulled the Death God and ran, coincidentally reaching this place.

The Death God was truly obedient, very obedient, allowing Lu Shiqian to pull him without a word.

This place, this time, this moment, if nothing happened, it would be an embarrassment to this scenery.

Lu Shiqian solemnly asked, “What is your true identity? Who are you?” She wanted to know just how she managed to contract this great god in the past.

The Death God stared at Lu Shiqian in fear and spoke in an aggrieved tone, “I-I am the Master of the World of Death. I am also Master’s magic beast.”

He was hers, everything of his was hers…

Lu Shiqian was rendered speechless.

Hey, perhaps it was her that was being unreasonable. So what if the Death God was the Death God or whatnot?

This wasn’t very like herself.

Holding the Death God’s hand, Lu Shiqian stared deeply at him. She shouldn’t have doubted him. Thinking of this, she was truly a little guilty.

At this moment, a pair of soft lips fell on her own.

Carefully and delicately gnawing and sucking. He didn’t know why he did so, but compared to seeing her angry, he was even less willing to see her disappointed and lost… He wanted to see her laugh brightly, wickedly, openly… He liked to see her full of confidence, cool and calm. He didn’t want to see her frown and be despondent… He kissed her deeply, but he was inexperienced and only knew to suck.

Master, I am yours…

Someone seemed to whisper by her ear.

Lu Shiqian smiled, “Did you close your eyes?”

The Death God: “Closed.”

As obedient as always.

Lu Shiqian pressed him down on the beach, lying on top of him, taking the dominant position.

“As a master, it should be my duty to educate my magic beasts.” Lu Shiqian smiled wantonly (Forgive her, she was led astray by Bai).

She kissed back gently, outlining the shape of the Death God’s lips, drawing circles, and finally stuck her tongue in.

The electric current raged unbelievably. He was numbed and didn’t feel like moving.

The hand seemed to be magical as it stroked his chest, bringing wave after wave of stormy seas.

Under the sun, you could see the Death God’s face under his veil and his open lips, eyelashes trembling. This was such a depraved image that made people excited.

Death God ah, Death God, how could you make such an expression?

She kissed him again, and she actually felt the strange satisfaction of tainting a pure boy… In that world, she never had the chance so she wouldn’t miss it in this world.

Although, according to the Death God’s age, he wasn’t really suitable to be called a pure boy…

“Master, I-I’m hot…”

Lu Shiqian smiled wickedly, touching his chest, “Where?”

This touch made the Death God’s blood boil, making it even harder for him to endure.

Heavens, one year ago Master wasn’t this bad, let alone torture him like this.

“Are you mine?” Lu Shiqian asked.

Enduring the currents, an unspeakable and unbearable itch spread through his body, “Yes… Yes, I am yours.” Everything of mine is yours!”

Lu Shiqian was satisfied, “Good, then I want you!”

She kissed his lips and licked.

The Death God felt his body go limp. He couldn’t channel the most miniscule amount of strength. He felt like he was he was drifting on the sea, the waves lifting him up and down, up and down.

He felt like a little white rabbit or fat sheep about to fall into the wolf’s mouth.

This was how innocent he looked.

This pure look coupled with his peerless face gave birth to an unspeakable charm.

It was so seductive it confused people.

The Death God was very obedient. He was shy but still took off his black clothes.

Suddenly, even the sun seemed to dim.

Black hair spread out like water beneath his body, his skin was clear as jade, smooth as silk. The weird yet beautiful patterns he was born with combined perfectly with his body, making people sigh at the perfection. Every time she looked at him, every time she saw him, she felt something different yet was amazed every time… Was this the darling of nature? What kind of legend could make create such a perfect being?

Looking at him, she always felt that words were not enough to describe. The more she looked, the more she felt that all the words in the world couldn’t compare.

She could only sigh. How could there be such an existence in the world?

Lu Shiqian stroked the Death God’s chest almost reverently.

He trembled beneath her hand and wanted to open his eyes, but kept them shut with Lu Shiqian’s earlier orders.

“You can open your eyes,” Lu Shiqian said.

The Death God opened his eyes and Lu Shiqian kissed his eyes.

“Tell me, what did you see?” Lu Shiqian asked.

“You, my master…” the Death God blushed.

Lu Shiqian pressed on the Death God’s body. At this time, she was wearing armor that curved to her body.

“What do you feel?” Lu Shiqian asked another question.

“You… Master…” The Death God felt his nose burn. The place where her body pressed against him had so many electric currents he was going to fly out. The violent, strange, and unbearable feeling grew stronger and stronger, forming a raging fire within his body. He wasn’t afraid of fire, after all, he could be carefree even within a fire 10 million degrees high. However, this fire burned even hotter than that.

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