Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 255

He felt like he was going to burn to ashes…

And Master was the cold and soothing panacea.

He twisted impatiently, hoping to receive more coolness but instead attracted a more powerful fire.

“Hold me…” Master’s voice came from beside his ear. He opened his arms and held her tightly.

“Master… I’m so hot…” the Death God hoarsely cried.

Strange, how did his voice turn into this?

“Master, I’m so uncomfortable…”

Lu Shiqian kissed him. He sure was sensitive. “This is only the start…” Lu Shiqian looked like an unscrupulous enchantress, seducing him in a low pitch.

He felt very embarrassed and wanted to cry out!

Master provoked an even greater fire from him body, but it was also strangely comfortable, a truly contradictory feeling.

The two grains on his chest had long perked up, standing bright red and tall.

Lu Shiqian continued down, drawing circles on his abdomen…

The Death God felt that he was going to go crazy. Gold light kept flashing in his eyes…

Hot, unbearable…

“Master… I’m going to die…” the Death God was completely confused.

He forgot that he was the Death God, he would not and could not die.

The sun was scorching, the sands white. Waves lapped on the beach, fish swimming happily, occasionally, a breeze blowing by.

A Bone Head Shark chased its prey to the periphery of Dragon Island. It was around 300 Stars, having a keen sense of smell and hearing. It very sharply noticed that besides its prey the Magic Tortoise were two humans.

Humans were a rare delicacy.

It secretly snuck up and determined that the other side hadn’t discovered him.

It drew closer and closer. It almost wanted to laugh at the sky. These two humans were too stupid, they actually hadn’t discovered him!

What a great chance! It flew up, opening its bloody jaws, biting towards the two on the beach.

Lu Shiqian stood up elegantly; the Death God moved even faster. In less than a second, his black clothes were worn. If he wasn’t still breathing hard, you would never imagine that he was naked a second before.

The Death God was very annoyed, very annoyed. He had probably never been so infuriated in his life!

He stared at the shark flying towards them.

The shark was around 60 meters long and 7 meters wide. It rushed at them like a ship smashing down on them, casting a large shadow. Needless to say, this shark was arrogant and overbearing even though it hadn’t fully matured yet.

It met the Death God’s eyes, hiding great coldness.

It internally screamed!

Before it could even twist its body away, it felt its body turn strange.

It glanced at its body and was shocked silly!

Its body began to turn into powder from its tail, slowly yet surely vanishing. It wanted to flail its body in fear but discovered that it was pinned in the sky and couldn’t move at all!

It almost burst into tears. Seeing its body disappear little by little was definitely a most terrifying experience!

It was wrong to not look at the calendar before leaving today, provoking someone he never should’ve provoked!

Lu Shiqian chuckled. Looks like it wasn’t a great day for passion today.

She touched the Death God’s face, smiling evilly, “Moving so fast, aren’t you afraid that I might bite off that place?”

The Death God was very honest, “Master, you won’t be able to bite it off no matter how hard you try.”

Lu Shiqian was instantly speechless. Death God, can you be any more honest? At this time, wasn’t he supposed to blush and comment on her badness?

“Master, I’m still very uncomfortable…” the Death God took Lu Shiqian’s hand, shaking and shaking and shaking.

Lu Shiqian hemmed and hawed, “Aren’t you afraid of being disturbed again?”

The Death God walked towards the sea without another word.

Lu Shiqian pulled him, “What are you doing?”

The Death God replied, “Kill them all!”

Lu Shiqian was dumbstruck. Did that he mean he was going to kill all the fish, shrimp, everything in the sea?

He really got angry!

However, he was quite cute.

“I order you to come back as your master.” Lu Shiqian pulled the Death God and walked back, her lips curling up.

The sky was blue, the sea was blue, the sands were white.

A woman in sapphire-blue armor pulled a man in black. The breeze blew, rippling through. This picturesque scene was only for a moment, but these intertwined hands were forever.

After a day off, Lu Shiqian called the elders of the Dragon Clan to the main hall.

Spreading out a map, Lu Shiqian pointed to a point, “Do you know where this is?”

The elders almost glued their eyes onto the map, unable to find anything out no matter how they looked. They really didn’t know where the place was.

This picture was left behind by Lu Wushuang. Perhaps it was a guide to where he currently was. Furthermore, she always believed that this place had something to do with Bai Hu’s seal, so she may as well start here.

Little Gold Dragon Duyi crawled up and took a peek, happily exclaiming in his baby voice, “I know! I know where this is!”

Hm? Little Duyi knew?

Ling Shan smiled gently, “He might really know. There are practically no dragons of the same generation as him…” She glanced a little unnaturally at Wei Mo. In fact, there was still a little red dragon, but a certain unscrupulous teacher stole him away: “He became naughty and frequently snuck out. I couldn’t control him.” At the time, both she and her husband were busy fighting and she really didn’t take good care of him. Speaking of it, she still felt guilty towards him.

Lu Shiqian understood the meaning. The little guy ran all over the place so he grew familiar with the area.

However, the sea was extremely dangerous. It was quite a miracle this kid was safe and sound.

“Alright, take me there.” Lu Shiqian came to a decision and turned to Ling Shan, “I might need to borrow Sister’s child for a little.”

Suo Fei glared at him, “Master should consider carefully. This brat is really too clueless!”

Little Duyi hid behind Lu Shiqian, giving a face to his father, “I know!” He could be considered to have grasped his father’s weaknesses: fear his mother, respectful to the beautiful sister. In short, hiding behind this sister was a stroke of genius!

Suo Fei was about to speak when Ling Shan pulled her husband, “Sister can take him. It’s just that he may be a little immature, so please take care of him.”

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