Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 256

Lu Shiqian nodded, “For sure!”

Lu Shiqian’s Fire of Creation once again came to use—this omnipotent flame.

After tinkering for a while and adding various materials, what came out was actually a cruise ship! It was fully equipped with 16 magic missile launchers built in; the hull coated in steel armor. There was nothing to fear even if they crashed into an iceberg. The four propelling motors made the ship go at the same speed as flying, and after putting out the improved robots, defense went up another level!

Thinking a little, she made another… helicopter! Two propellers were behind the helicopter, capable of supporting both high-speed flight and slow-speed searches.

Those two things were constructed based on Wang Cai and could be reduced to the size of a thumb, put into her interspatial bag. It was very convenient.

Lu Shiqian set the ship onto the sea and stepped onboard. Unexpectedly, she could experience the feeling of sailing the seas in another world. The changes of the world really made one sigh.

Lu Shiqian sighed, but the dragon elders that came to send them off were dumbfounded. Staring at the cruise ship, they almost couldn’t speak. Master was truly too amazing. With this kind of talent and ability, even if she didn’t have any magic power at all, she could still be considered incredible!

The magic beasts happily jumped onto the deck. They had never set sail on sea before, finding it a novel experience.

The silver-haired Wei Mo fidgeted around. He was very curious about the ship, but he also didn’t want others to see that.

Shang remained cool. What had this cool man not seen before? This little ship couldn’t stir his heart.

The Death God, well, from yesterday on, clung onto master every day. His eyes and heart were filled with Master, pondering when Master would push him down again. As for the rest, put it off. He got used to being electrocuted all the time anyways and even fell in love with the feeling. The poor darling may have the potential to be an M.

Lu Shiqian waved goodbye to the dragons and set sail, journeying across the seas.

Following the direction pointed out by the little gold dragon Duyi, Lu Shiqian set the route and drove.

The Deceiving Sea’s water was blue—a very pure blue. It looked very refreshing. Occasionally, sunlight shone onto the sea and would create a shimmer like that of a jewel.

Putting aside the danger, the Deceiving Sea was beautiful.

Lu Shiqian sat on the deck while the Death God sat to her right, the silver-haired Wei Mo to her left.

The sea breeze was fishy as it blew through the three’s hair. The picture they formed seemed like three fools standing in the wind. Hong Jin, Wang Cai, Yin, the little kitty, Jun Zun, and the little gold dragon also came over to sit. They all felt like little fools.

Alright, it was still picturesque.

Shang frowned. Lately, he seemed to be paying more attention to Lu Shiqian and looking at her more. He gave a cold snort and returned to the stern to train.

Yao Hong stared at the scene as if he was staring at the sunshine of life. However, he didn’t dare go over. He could only lean in the shadow of the ship, sitting like that…

He recalled some things from the past…

He was born into a mysterious clan. It was said that his ancestors were a great magic beast that could transform into human form and a great priestess. They fell in love at first sight and combined together, leaving behind their descendants. At first, the clan was lucky and prosperous because there was a great divine beast guarding them. However, due to the changes in the continent, the divine beast died and the priestess wasn’t willing to live life alone and chased after him. The clan without its guardian quickly declined. The mainland was sealed and there weren’t many powerhouses. This mysterious clan furtively survived, passing down a great secret from generation to generation… However, the clan members were very enchanting, and even if they lived in seclusion, they couldn’t stop various troubles from arising. The clan was either robbed and abused to death or alone for a lifetime. The clan declined more and more, and by his generation, there were only 10 or so members left.

When he was first born, his appearance was ordinary, making his parents relieved. The troubles from their enchanting appearances were too many, so the lack of beauty instead became a desire. That secret was too far away, but his parents still passed it down to him. Not long after he was born, he revealed a great talent for magic. This made his parents overjoyed. Their clan no longer cared much for the secrets they possessed and would rather live well. Becoming a mage would allow their wishes to come true.

However, as his ability grew, his beauty also began to show.

It was unimaginable what misery would befall a beautiful child in a poor family!

He could still remember his parent’s loving eyes turn to hate and his neighbors’ eyes turn strange… When he was ten, he experienced the darkness of life for the first time.

An uncle who usually treated him well called him over to the wood shed. At first, the uncle still spoke kindly to him; but later, that uncle pushed him to the ground and began to strip his clothes. He was stunned at the time. He didn’t understand why the uncle would treat him like this… In the end, he killed the uncle…

When he got home, he told his parents. He had thought that his parents would comfort him and never thought that they would beat him in loathing instead. They said that it was all his fault, everything was his fault!

Was he wrong? Perhaps he was wrong… It was his fault for looking like this.

Later on, his parents escaped with him and took refuge in a circus troupe, performing various tricks for a living.

However, his soul-capturing beauty still caused trouble. Even with paint, his beauty was still coveted by others—even the boss and his mistress were having ideas about him! How dirty was the human heart…?

When he was fifteen, he ushered in the greatest disaster of his life and was chased. Other than him, his whole family was killed…

Before his parents died, they said that they loved him, wanted to continue to love him… They closed their eyes just like that.

Those who wanted to kill him were spouting nonsense like they would become gods if they managed to get him… Pei, if he could become a God, would he be chased so miserably?!

He went to many places and met many people. Which one didn’t betray him, didn’t cheat him, didn’t reveal an ugly desire for him? He also met her…

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