Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 257

She was a young lady from a rich family, magnanimous and virtuous.

He thought about it and knew that he didn’t love her, but a woman suddenly treated him kindly. Even though she was also interested in his appearance, she tried her best to not show it, increasing his goodwill. In order to live up to this kindness, he tried his best to trust her, like her, because this may be the only good thing he’d ever have… He never expected that it was all a scam. When he discovered the dirty desires hidden under her gentle appearance; when he discovered that the so-called ‘kindness’ was just a well-planned trap, he was both angry and sad. Before being caught, he killed her in fury for no reason other than the fact that she ruthlessly pinched out the last wisp of flame in his heart that desired to be saved.

After being caught, torture was inevitable. He lost all faith and hope. Whatever those people asked, he would answer. He no longer cared about anything.

Just how much chaos would that secret stir up? They got the secret but still wanted his guidance. The several forces that caught him couldn’t decide on who got to own him and sent him to the auction venue in the end…

At that time, his heart was already dead.

Did his dead heart still have the right to be revitalized?

“Duyi, you said that you only know the general location but not the specific place?” Lu Shiqian pulled the little gold dragon’s face, “You tricked me!”

“I know the place.” Like a ghost, Yao Hong who finished reminiscing spoke up, “Go straight ahead and there should be three islands. It’s over there.”

“Oh?” Lu Shiqian looked at Yao Hong, blinking, “You know?”

Yao Hong lowered his head and didn’t speak.

Actually, from when they neared the Deceiving Sea, he could feel something calling him, becoming stronger and stronger. He closed his eyes but could still accurately pinpoint the direction.

Lu Shiqian rubbed her chin, her brain turning fast. Bai’s seal, Lu Wushuang, Yao Hong… Could there be a connection here?

Yao Hong raised his head slightly and saw Lu Shiqian thinking hard. Her eyes were clear and deep without desire.

This woman was really different, not hiding any dirty thoughts at all.

He didn’t know but ever since Lu Shiqian saw Bai and the Death God, how could anything else enter her eyes? When she looked at people now, appearance was only secondary, personality was first.

The ship sailed for four hours and it became one in the afternoon.

“Master, it’s lunch time.” Lan Ruo called out after preparing the meal.

After Lan Ruo sent Sikong Yun and Tie Mu back, he prepared a large amount of fruits and foods before returning to Lu Shiqian’s side an hour ago. It couldn’t not be said, the magic beast space was truly amazing. It could be used to hide and heal injuries, and the key point was that they could return to Master’s side in an instant no matter how far the distance.

Lan Ruo knew that he couldn’t beat Esteemed Bai, Esteemed Death God, or Esteemed Shang in either beauty nor strength. However, he wanted to become Master’s most capable housekeeper, arranging her food and clothing. For this reason, he learned how to cook Chinese cuisine, barbecue… One day, Master would realize his good.

A table was placed on the deck and an exquisite meal was laid on top.

Elves were naturally great and everything was done to perfection. Even this plate of vegetables was tender and appealing, piquing their appetites.

Not to mention the braised pork and three-delicacies soup. It was way better than the greatest chef, causing a flood of drool.

Lu Shiqian was a little surprised. When did Lan Ruo learn to do this?

Looking at the sea under the ship, she happily said, “Let’s go fish later and cook some fish tonight.” She gave Lan Ruo a rewarding smile and sat down, taking a bite. Mm, delicious, way better than what she made. Her appetite enlarged.

Lan Ruo smiled at Lu Shiqian, his face red. Seeing her eating so happily, he grew even more overjoyed.

There were six bedrooms, one kitchen, one wheelhouse, one living room, two bathrooms, and a deck on the ship. It was a total of 36 meters by 7 meters, very comfortable.

The third day, other than the sea there was only the sea. The beasts were bored silly.

The Fire Fox swiped his paws, “So bored, so bored. How come there aren’t any fishies attacking us?”

At this time, the sky was blue and the water was clear. The weather was absolutely perfect.

The sea was just like this. Sometimes the weather would be sunny and the next moment a violent storm. It was very hard to predict.

The little kitty sat on a deck chair grinding its paws, “Don’t rush, anything could happen on the sea.”

Jun Zun pretentiously held a fishing rod, “Stop being so noisy, I’m fishing. Recently, research has shown that Master likes to eat steamed fish and fish soup very much. I must try hard to fish and earn a reward kiss from Master.” Thinking of Master’s red and tender lips nearing his own, Jun Zun laughed wretchedly.

Lu Shiqian had just returned from fighting Shang when the Death God caught her.

After being tempted by his unscrupulous master several times, he formed a rather bad habit. That is, he would rather be glued to his master, touching her from time to time, kissing her, and hugging her.

Even though he hugged his master every night, he always felt a stream of fire in his body that needed Master to extinguish.

Especially after experiencing what happened on the beach that day, this innocent baby really wanted Master to kiss him again. Even pushing him down on the bed was fine…

Holding Master’s hand, the Death God felt a little better.

Lu Shiqian also liked the closeness of the Death God. He gave her a very good feeling and unwittingly, she grew accustomed to him standing beside her. He wasn’t gentle and he didn’t speak sugar-coated words, but he stood firmly beside her, reassuring her. She liked him. Maybe there was still some distance from love, but she definitely liked him.

“Do you like me?” Lu Shiqian coolly asked.

Do you like? What’s like? He thought about it all the time, thinking to the point he grew silly. He wanted to protect her, hug her. Was being willing to do anything for her ‘like’? In front of her, he was not the Death God, not the ultimate powerhouse. He was like a fragile child begging for favor. Was it ‘like’? He really wanted to hold her in the palm of his hand. In the past year, he constantly reminisced, wishing that every second he spent with her would last an eternity… Was that ‘like’?

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