Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 258

“Master, what is like?” The Death God asked in a soft voice.

“Like, is to have good feelings for the other person. Do you have good feelings towards me?” Lu Shiqian was a little regretful. She seemed to have asked something she shouldn’t have.

“Master, what’s good feelings?” The Death God was very curious.


“It’s like…” Lu Shiqian didn’t know how to answer. Seeing the Death God’s shining eyes, her heart softened and she kissed him, parting only after a long time, “These are ‘good feelings’.”

Liking to kiss somebody!

The Death God had an epiphany and kissed his master back. He really, really liked Master! He had very, very good feelings for her!

“Master, I like you very much.”

He not only wanted to kiss her, he also wanted to touch her, wanted to… It seemed to be deeper than like. He wanted to yell out ‘I like you! I like you! I like you!’ a thousand times.

Master, I love you so much…

She was more important than him…

She was the most important…

Lu Shiqian didn’t know that because of her unintentional guidance, a certain Death God wrote out a certain equation in his heart: having good feelings for someone was liking to kiss them. Another equation was also created: kissing and intimate contact, so to express his love, he had to cling onto her and beg for kisses. Thus, in the future, a certain heartless person would beat him down constantly…

As the saying went, the heaven’s sins may be forgiven, but one’s own sins cannot. It indeed made sense.

The sea lapped by as seagulls flew overhead.

Several fierce pairs of eyes had been eyeing this ship long ago. The delicacies of land creatures were rarely seen.

These eyes belonged to the Bone Head Sharks and Flying Wing Sharks. They were around 400 to 500 Stars, and were waiting for an opportunity to strike.

For example, a storm.

Though they were at home in the sea, they weren’t stupid. If they weren’t 100% sure of success, they wouldn’t casually make a move.

Sea creatures naturally understood the sea better. They had patience.

In the evening, a dark cloud drifted into the clear sky. The tainted clouds grew bigger and bigger, and the winds also grew stronger. The sea seemed to be restless.

Lu Shiqian knew that a storm was coming.

Adjusting the course again, everyone gathered in the living room, awaiting the storm.

“Wow, now the fun’s beginning!” Fire Fox Hong Jin exclaimed.

The kitty and little Jun Zun gave him a disdainful glance.

Little gold dragon Duyi crawled into Lu Shiqian’s arms in fear. It grew up on Dragon Island and knew the terror of storms on the sea.

Less than an hour later, the sky darkened. The sea water was like ink; the roaring winds slamming against the cruise ship. The waves were 3 feet high without wind, so the cruise ship drifted up and down like a leaf set free in the wind.

A flash of lightning suddenly pierced through the sky and thunder arrived like the sound of thousands of horses galloping across.

Lightning flashed down like giant harpoons. Thunder resounded throughout the sky.

One drop, two drops, three drops… Millions of drops of water fell on the boat.

Wind and rain exacerbated the situation, and the waves grew larger!

“Holy moly, incredible!” Yin was dumbstruck. He was a forest wolf, when had he seen winds and waves like this on the sea?

The sea shook so badly that ordinary people wouldn’t be able to stand. However, the Death God, Shang, Wei Mo, and Lu Shiqian stood stable. Yao Hong sat on a fixed chair. The little kitty and Jun Zun were also normal. Hong Jin and Yin rolled about, getting thrown every which way by the storm.

A bolt of lightning struck the ship.

The ship was equipped with lightning rods, but the lightning was too strong and concentrated that it didn’t do much.

“…” Shang coolly walked out, standing at the bow.

“Zap!” A bolt struck over, its brightness aweing.

Shang raised his sword and split it in two!

“…” Madman!

His sword waved continuously, and all the lightning bolts were split apart, dissipating in the sea.

Forget the lightning, even the sharks began attacking!

They first went from under the water, trying to capsize the boat.

Lu Shiqian quickly reacted and steered the ship, gliding the boat to the side.

The Flying Wing Shark leaped up and pressed against the boat.

That adult Flying Wing Shark was over 80 meters long. When it jumped up, it was twice the size of the boat. If it was going to fall…

Lu Shiqian quickly turned the wheel and the ship tilted to the side, slippery like a loach.

The sharks were enraged and clamped their giant maws onto the boat.

Lu Shiqian naturally had ways to deal with it. Pressing a certain button, sharp thorns shot out of the hull. The sharks not only lost a few teeth in that bite but also got tragically pierced a few holes!

The magic cannon on the ship fired at this time, attacking the sharks.

The sharks quickly realized this ship wasn’t easy to take!

However, delicious food was ahead and they didn’t want to give up. The sharks jumped up together and attacked. They were 500 Stars after all, so they had their own set of tricks.

The Bone Head Sharks’ skills were Water Cannon and Wing Slash. The Flying Wing Shark had the Sonar Cannon and Aerial Ace.

The magic beast skills were released at once. How would Lu Shiqian respond?

Lu Shiqian continued steering the boat. The kitty and Jun Zun moved.

Two powerful magic beasts. One was a unique 600 Star kitten while the other was a unique 700 Star purple dragon. One was sensitive to magic power and had the heaven-defying skill of taking another’s magic power; the other could naturally control the weather, moisture, and lightning.

The kitty used the power of five of its tails, standing on the bow like a phantom, swaying its tails about. It drew out the magic power from the Bone Head Sharks’ Water Cannons and condensed them into magic stones. Its body shot down the flying skills like lightning.

Jun Zun isolated the Sonar Cannons and jumped into the air, kicking each Flying Wing Shark once.

The sharks’ charge failed once again!

One of them was going to attempt again when it saw the others run away, vanishing without a trace in a moment.

It turned out that during the fight, they came to a turbulent part of the sea unwittingly.

One whirlpool after another swirled ahead, stirring the dark sea water into a deeper black.

Here, the storm was bigger and lightning denser. In an instant, thousands of lightning bolts struck down, quite scary.

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