Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 259

This was where even the most tyrannical sea beasts would fear. Once you fell in, even if you had copper skin and iron bones, you would be torn apart. Those rotating whirlpools were simply crushing machines.

Lu Shiqian inwardly screamed. Just when she was about to turn the ship, there was suddenly a strong force that pulled the ship to the edge of a whirlpool. The boat began to spin rapidly and soon reached the center. If this continued, it would definitely be smashed to pieces.

What to do?

Calling back Hong Jin and Yin, Lu Shiqian was preparing the helicopter.

The Death God paused and walked out.

This guy raised his scythe and a black halo rippled out, flattening the entire sea.

The sea seemed to freeze in an instant. There was no wind or rain, and the clouds dissipated.

“…” Lu Shiqian seized the opportunity to steer the ship out of the whirlpool.

Ever since the Death God revealed his might, the entire night’s voyage was smooth.

The second day, the sun rose and the Death God’s seal was released. The sea behind them soon became restless, and they could see the dark clouds with flashing lightning in the distance.

Lu Shiqian had some immunity to the Death God’s OPness. Someone who could seal a space crack suppressing an area shouldn’t be too shocking, right?

However, thinking about it, the visuals were absolutely flabbergasting!

After passing through the dangerous area, a small island appeared ahead. It seemed very beautiful and peaceful. The birds were still in the midst of slumber, looking quite soothing.

Compared to that stormy area, this island was simply a languid paradise.

After sailing for so many days, the magic beasts couldn’t help but be overjoyed at the sight of the island. They had enough of the cruise ship, only seeing blue all day every day. Enough was enough.

Lu Shiqian couldn’t bear to let the beasties down, so she docked the ship on the island.

This small island was around the size of 100 football fields with lush vegetation. Sea birds came here to make their nests, and some figures of magic beasts could be seen. Compared to some dangerous and terrifying or desolate islands, this island was indeed very beautiful.

The beasties ran ashore in joy.

Lu Shiqian released the Violent Dragon, Flaming Lion, Five-Colored Elk, the three snake brothers, Red-Tailed Leopard, Lantern Antelope, and the others to stretch their legs.

Lu Shiqian’s magic beast space was an extremely mystical place. It could simulate according to the magic beast’s mind the environment most suitable for its growth. The inside wasn’t small and very colorful. This was many times better than other people’s magic beast space.

Of course, it was also necessary to let them out from time to time to cultivate friendship.

Seeing so many magic beasts, Yao Hong’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. He had never seen so many magic beasts in his life.

Still in a daze, a pinch was given to his waist.

A magnificent Five-Colored Elk was looking at him with gentle eyes. Seeing that he didn’t react, it decided to just lay down beside him.

“Surprised to see so many magic beasts?” the Five-Colored Elk spoke.

The fact that it could speak surprised Yao Hong. It should be even more surprised, actually.

“Surprised to hear me speak?” The Five-Colored Elk breathed out a breath, and a seed quickly germinated into a tree, bearing many blue fruits. The Five-Colored Elk was born with the ability to control nature, several levels higher than the wood control of the Lantern Antelope.

It picked up a blue fruit and put it in Yao Hong’s hand, “Eat. It’s sweet.”

The herbivore elk had great insight. That’s why it very cleverly avoided fighting with Lu Shiqian in the past. It could see that its current master Lu Shiqian wasn’t ordinary.

Similarly, it could see that this youth’s heart was tangled.

As a magic beast, solving Master’s problems was only right. Helping the ones around Master solve their emotional problems was also only right.

Yao Hong held the fruit and looked in Shang’s direction first. Shang seemed to be improving himself every moment. He went to train the moment they hit land.

“His heart is like a rock, ruthless and stubborn… Once he decides on something, he would never turn his head back again.” The Five-Colored Elk languidly said, “He’s much stronger than you.”

Yao Hong frowned and looked at the black-haired Wei Mo.

The Five-Colored Elk slowly stated, “He is tough and unyielding. He’s the gentlest, yet the most persistent. Better than you.”

Yao Hong was depressed and looked at the Death God.

The Five-Colored Elk sighed, “…There’s nothing to compare.”

Yao Hong became slightly angry and looked at Lu Shiqian.

The Five-Colored Elk was delighted, “Very good. You’ve finally started to recognize your own heart. Do you think that my master is very beautiful and attractive?”

Yao Hong: “…” bit the blue fruit dejectedly.

The Five-Colored Elk’s beautiful eyes flashed cunningly.

The human-beast interaction here didn’t affect the other beast’s excitement. They spoke and laughed very carefreely.

Fire Fox Hong Jin called out, running around the grove of trees over 20 meters tall, scaring the island’s birds into flight.

The island came to life!

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly and took the water Lan Ruo passed over.

The sky was clear with a slow breeze. The island was vivacious, full of bird calls and insects. It was a picturesque haven to relax on.

The Death God couldn’t restrain himself anymore, wrapping his hands around Lu Shiqian’s waist and gluing himself to her.

He could be considered beyond saving now. He didn’t want to leave his master for a moment, wanting to hold hands and hug all the time.

“Master, I like you. I have good feelings for you.” He could be considered an expert at using feelings of goodwill to take a few kisses from his master. What he meant couldn’t be any clearer.

Lu Shiqian held her forehead, regretting the language difference.

Staring at Master’s red lips, the Death God couldn’t help but lean over and lick it and bite it.

Let the current come! He could handle it!

Fire Fox Hong Jin caused an uproar, scaring away many birds. Feeling bored, he grabbed Yin over to fight a little. Yin naturally accepted. The two began tussling about.

Seeing them fighting, the other beasties also began issuing out their own challenges and sparring.

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