Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 260

The 200 Star magic beasts began fighting and the momentum was naturally great. They were playing so happily, their moves naturally also got taken a level higher. They bombed this and that; soil flew in the air.


However, with a long call, the island began to shudder stronger and stronger. The trees on the island snapped. It was like an earthquake.

The beasties stared at each other.

Lu Shiqian saw the island quickly sinking and calmly ordered everyone aboard, recalling the beasties along the way.

When the five got on the boat, the island immediately sunk down. Afterwards, a huge behemoth emerged.

It was impossible to determine how big the monster was—it covered their entire field of vision!

Seeing it, Lu Shiqian understood that the ‘small island’ was just a part of his back. Perhaps it was sleeping or meditating. Anyways, it had quietly floated on the water for over 50 years until its back grew lush vegetation and supported a bird paradise. If it weren’t for the beasties causing a ruckus, it may have continued slumbering like so.

Lu Shiqian looked at it with respect. Anyone that saw such a behemoth would be humbled.

The giant fish stared at Lu Shiqian’s ship with its eyes five-meter radius long as if in interest. Even though it was rudely awakened, it hadn’t violently attacked.

Lu Shiqian was a little embarrassed. After all, she was the one that disturbed it.

She steered the ship, preparing to furtively leave.

Who thought that as the ship sailed, that giant fish would casually follow.

Lu Shiqian saw that the giant fish wasn’t going to attack and let it be.

Yao Hong and the little gold dragon pointed in the same direction, but Yao Hong’s guidance was more accurate. Lu Shiqian followed the set route and with no accidents, they should arrive soon. However, this sea was highly dangerous. Who knew what could happen?

Lu Shiqian walked to the deck and saw the giant fish swimming side-by-side of the ship. Seeing Lu Shiqian come out, its large eyes glanced over.

Honestly, that huge eye scrolling over was a still a very terrifying thing.

Fortunately, Lu Shiqian was a calm person. Seeing that the big guy was gentle, she continued doing what she needed to do.

Its large eyes watched Lu Shiqian and Lu Shiqian did the same. It was just that it was too big and its eyes were the only things that she could see. There was a layer on its eyes which looked thin but was invulnerable to bullets and knives.

They stared at each other strangely!

Lu Shiqian paused before leaping on top of the giant fish’s mountain-like head.

The giant fish seemed very happy and increased its speed, shooting out like an arrow. The giant fish swam excitedly but stayed within the vicinity of the ship like an energetic child.

Wei Mo tenderly looked at Lu Shiqian on top of the fish. How fortunate he was to fall in love with this woman!

Shang glanced over before continuing to steadfastly train.

The Death God enviously watched before he could endure it no more and jumped over to stand beside the one he loved.

After playing enough, it sent Lu Shiqian and the Death God back and swam beside the ship.

With this behemoth behind them, no more sharks or other predators came to find trouble with them. There weren’t even any storms.

According to the route, they sailed for a whole month before reaching their destination.

Lu Shiqian stopped the boat on the water, looking at the vast sea before asking Yao Hong again: “You’re sure it’s here?”

Yao Hong had a slight blush but very certainly responded, “Yes, it’s here.” He paused, “There should’ve been three circular islands here.”

The sea was so vast that not a single person could be seen. Was the place indicated here?

Lu Shiqian also took out the map and studied it. The map also had three islands marked nearby.

The map was right, the location was right, but there were no islands. What was going on?

“You… don’t believe me?” Yao Hong’s voice trembled slightly. He was scared of hearing rejecting words from her.

“No, I’m thinking, something may be at work.” Lu Shiqian raised her head and stared at Yao Hong, “I believe you.”

Sitting on the deck and watching the sea, a thought emerged in Lu Shiqian’s mind.

Could it be… under the sea?!

The sea was calm and it looked no different from the other areas.

However, Lu Shiqian already began to prepare, tinkering for a while before making a submarine!

The Fire of Creation, this miraculous fire; as long as you could think of it, anything could be made!

The submarine more than 20 meters long, 10 meters wide, and 6 meters high floated on the water. The outside was glossy smooth.

The beasties looked at the strange thing with question marks in their eyes.

Lu Shiqian laughed and walked in first.

The Death God followed closely; Shang coolly walked in; even if it was hell, Wei Mo would follow; Yao Hong went last.

Starting with little Jun Zun, the beasties also followed in.

Storing the ship and closing the hatch, they began sinking down.

The giant fish also followed under.

From the water, this giant fish was even larger with a size of over ten thousand meters. This fish was comparable to Mount Everest.

Hong Jin patted its chest and pressed against the glass to see the scenery.

All kinds of fishes, crabs, seaweed, mollusks… There was an array of color, more beautiful than land. Schools of fish swam by, circling around plankton.

The Deceiving Sea was home to countless diverse species!

The beasties were awed and exclaimed again and again!

Following Master was truly eye-opening!

After submerging for another while, the beasties saw all kinds of jellyfish, shimmering like an eerie dancer, dancing a dance no one could understand.

Continuing down, all kinds of large and small coral and sea anemones were displayed. There were also various sea plants and magic beasts, forming an extremely beautiful and rich sea paradise.

The submarine and fish swam together, feeling like they were flying above a huge forest or in another world. The visual and mental impact was huge.

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