Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 261

“Go forward in that direction.” Yao Hong pointed ahead.

At this time, his mood was complicated. The secret that was hidden for 100,000 years and sacrificed the happiness of countless clan members, passed down from his forefathers through the generations, hailed as a legendary secret… It was real?

The people in the clan long gave up on the truth. When he was also about to give up, fate made a sudden turn and the legendary secret became a solid fact. How his heart beat wildly, trembled, and shook!

He wasn’t sure how to express his feelings with words. He was both looking forward to it and afraid. What was he looking forward to? What was he afraid of? He didn’t know himself.

Perhaps he was looking forward to finally letting go of this burden.

The submarine passed through the sea forest and arrived at the sea mountains.

The sea mountains were more majestic than the mountains on land. They extended outwards for thousands of miles.

Submerging down about 5 kilometers, the surroundings were black and there weren’t any more creatures around.

The huge trench continued downwards. The search light was turned on and the submarine continued heading down.

Seven kilometers under the sea, Yao Hong spoke: “Here.”

Looking up, it was black; looking down, the depths seemed endless.

Lu Shiqian turned the searchlights to the maximum and shone it around. In the huge ocean ravine, there were countless blue holes. They were densely packed, probably around 10,000. The location of the seal was within one of these holes. What an enormous formation!

Entering a random hole may pose a huge danger!

Yao Hong frowned, carefully searching his memories.

“Go to the right and count to the third hole,” Yao Hong said.

Lu Shiqian drove the submarine in without another word.

The giant fish that had followed them the whole time stayed at the entrance, patiently waiting for them to come out.

Yao Hong was surprised, “You trust me so much?”

Lu Shiqian smiled, “Of course. You wouldn’t joke with your own life. Besides, with so many holes, having a guide is much better than taking a wild guess!”

“What if… I’m wrong?” Such strong trust made Yao Hong uneasy and unable to believe.

Lu Shiqian turned around and patted Yao Hong’s shoulder, “Relax, just treat it as sightseeing!”

“…” Yao Hong was stunned. How could she be so calm? You must know, in case he was wrong, they would die without a burial place. “Each of these 10,000 caves are guarded by a fierce beast. Each cave has traps, and the cave layout also changes every other day…” If it weren’t for the fact that the inherited memory wouldn’t be wrong, he wouldn’t be able to think of how someone could spend so much effort and energy to make so many dangerous caves.

Could it be that the legend was true?

“My clan passed down a secret from long ago. We will act as guides, guiding the savior to save our great god.” Yao Hong slowly said.

Lu Shiqian remained silent, steering the submarine.

“My ancestor was a 600 Star Magic Butterfly; he was good at using space magic. Though he was just an insignificant ant under that God, during that catastrophe, he accurately remembered the location the Lord God was sealed at. When he died, he used all his power to pass this memory down to his descendants and the descendants of his descendants. After 100,000 years, it still never faded… My existence, my mission is only to guide…” Yao Hong spoke.

“Who is that Lord God?” Lu Shiqian asked.

“…I don’t know. That existence is one that my ancestors dare not look at.”

“Then who is the savior?” Lu Shiqian asked again.

Yao Hong gave Lu Shiqian a weird glance, “…It may be you.”

Lu Shiqian’s expression was insipid, “You mean your existence is merely to serve as a guide for today?”

This was very hurtful, but it seemed to be the truth. Yao Hong lowered his head.

“Bullshit!” Lu Shiqian turned serious, “No one exists only for these bullshit ‘missions’. People live in order to live well, to enjoy love and friendship, to have dignity and faith, to live uprightly!”

Yao Hong abruptly raised his head, his heart shaking.

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly, “Of course, we’re already here. Even if we meet danger, that’s unavoidable.”

Yao Hong knew that she was comforting him. A smile appeared on his enchanting face and his heart felt lighter. Setting his life mission or whatnot aside, what he wanted to do the most right now was to follow his heart and help her this time around.

Just like its name, the blue cave was filled with mysterious blue hues. They were surrounded by stalagmites, luminous objects attached on them, adding a touch of beauty to these caves.

Lu Shiqian drove the submarine as she thought. Was the Lord God mentioned by Yao Hong Bai?

She tried to call for Bai, but only got a slight response: “Dumbo, my power has been suppressed, but this is where I was sealed.” He paused, “You must be careful.”

Lu Shiqian’s heart softened as she replied, “Don’t worry, Bai.”

After ten hours, they reached the depths of the mountains.

The twists and turns inside the blue hole were like a maze. If Yao Hong wasn’t guiding, they would’ve long been lost.

The bottom of the sea was rather depressing, and the beasties weren’t making any noise. Even Jun Zun was silent. The Death God silently sat beside Lu Shiqian, staring at her. Wei Mo gently helped Lu Shiqian pour a cup of water. Shang kept a serious face, unknown as to what he was thinking.

“Ahead, at that broken stone door.” Yao Hong pointed to the front.

The searchlight shone over and a huge stone gate was illuminated.

The submarine approached but the stone door didn’t budge. There were strange markings on the gate, both eerie and solemn.

Yao Hong twisted his hands, chanting mantras with his mouth. It was the first time he spoke that spell in his inherited memories. A circular halo wrapped around the palm of his hands and when the spell finished, the light passed through the glass to the gate.

“This is a type of space magic. This stone door has a water barrier function,” Yao Hong explained.

The patterns on the stone gate radiated an orange light, appearing strange in this blue sea cave.

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