Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 262

Rumbleeee. The stone door opened and water rushed in, the huge suction also pulled the submarine in.

The sudden influx of sea water had high pressure and the submarine was finally unable to withstand it and almost collapsed. Lu Shiqian didn’t expect this and quickly took back her magic beasts.

“A’Qian, I can’t swim.” Wei Mo nervously said.

Lu Shiqian grabbed Wei Mo as the submarine officially broke.

Suddenly entering the water, Lu Shiqian sucked in a breath and calmed herself. It wasn’t that bad actually.

Wei Mo wasn’t doing so well. He drank several mouthfuls of water, struggling in an extremely painful manner. He had lived on a snow-capped mountain his whole life and had never been in water before. Drowning was absolutely normal.

At this time, the suction had already pulled them 3,000 meters away and the pressure was smaller.

Lu Shiqian’s saw Wei Mo’s face pale and knew that if she didn’t do anything, he might drown here. Without thinking anymore, she leaned over and kissed his lips, passing breath over.

Wei Mo who almost fell unconscious widened his eyes in surprise, staring deeply at the person in front of him.

The two’s black hair floated and mingled together in the water.

The Death God stepped on a black ball and flew over to Lu Shiqian, hugging her waist and pulling her into the ball of light. Lu Shiqian pulled Wei Mo’s hand and pulled him in too, saving him.

Shang was riding a ball of red light and avoided the water leisurely.

Lu Shiqian looked around and finally saw Yao Hong. He was furiously swimming above them, obviously accustomed.

The five swam with the current and the water slowly thinned out.

When the few finally emerged from the water, their field of vision broadened.

It turned out that they were in a deep pool within the sea. They climbed out and saw empty space all around. The mountains buried under the sea were miraculously hollow. This piece of dry land under the sea could also be considered miraculous.

Lu Shiqian helped Wei Mo out of the pool and checked out the surroundings.

This mountain range was very tall and wide. The top was 500 meters from the ground and there were blue crystals resembling night pearls on top as if they were artificially carved. There were hundreds of caves, each of them carved with ancient and delicate patterns. It was hard to imagine that there were traces of life in the past, a flourishing one at that.

Lu Shiqian was watching intently when she heard sounds of fighting and talking.

She was shocked. Could there be other people at the bottom of the sea? Who could go down 10,000 meters in the sea besides her? Furthermore, listening to the collision of blades, there seemed to be quite a few.

She was a little worried and wanted to check out the surroundings but was also worried about Wei Mo’s body, “Are you okay? Can you walk?”

“I’m fine.” Wei Mo was a god; how could his body be weak? Just adjusting his breath was fine.

Lu Shiqian didn’t hesitate anymore and pulled Wei Mo and the Death God towards the sound. Yao Hong and Shang followed after.

At this time, in another valley, the ground was full of gold, high-level materials and equipment. Many were fighting for this.

Counting them, there were about 50,000 people, many of whom were familiar faces.

Take for example Qin Xingluo, Crimson Wolf, and Shuang Ruyue…

The powerful groups of the mainland, the military of the three powerhouses, and even the Church of Light was involved. Just what happened?

How were they here?!

It was too strange! How did they pass through that dangerous area?!

Even the treasures littered all over the ground couldn’t satisfy human’s greed. Especially the ambitious leaders, hoping that everything here would be theirs. Yes, this was a huge treasure vault! Any random thing here could make them the strongest! And their ultimate goal for coming here was to become a god! This was a dangerous venture, but the rewards were huge!

Wasn’t it? They had just arrived, yet they had already seen the huge wealth!

Thus, the two facing off against each other were swordsmen from two rival powerhouses. They weren’t able to convince the other and their bickering escalated to a fight of 20.

“The one surnamed Mu, our Pope kindly sent us here, so don’t be so shameless!”

“Pei, everyone knows who the ambitious wolf is here. Your surnamed Fang isn’t any good thing either! Do you dare say you don’t covet anything?!”

As the two families clashed, the two heads’ bickering never ceased.

The other forces remained still, each harboring their own thoughts.

Qi Tianxiong stared at the two families in disdain, thinking, ‘A bunch of clowns, just a bit of petty profit was enough to make them start killing each other. Kill then, one less is one less. Then, the real treasure would be his! He would become a god!’ He represented the power of the Qi Empire, and all the people he brought were elite soldiers in Saint or God Rank.

His thoughts were the same as many others.

Amongst these forces, the Qin Empire led by Qin Xingluo could be considered alone and weak. He was using currently using his eyes to seek out Lu Shiqian’s silhouette. Nothing was important, the only thing he cared about was her. The reason he waded into this muddy water was for her. He believed that she must be within the crowd. She would definitely come! He searched carefully, not letting go of any person. However, he was let down, he couldn’t find her! His heart was aggrieved and upset. Did she really not want to see him that much? She never even said anything when she left! However, no matter what, he didn’t want to give up. Even if the gap was large, he still wanted to chase her! For her, he didn’t need anything else!

These intentions were plain to see!

Shuang Ruyue watched the two families fighting and swearing at each other without stopping them. There was no reaction even after five had died. The road he was taking was bound to be a bloody one. The ones who died just now was merely the beginning.

He wore a red robe. He, who had already become a red pope, compared to the time he was still the Son of Light, had become more holy. Yes, as sacred as the gods.

Behind him were 12 elders and 12 knights. What method he used to raise these 24 to reach first stage lower god was unknown, but it was obvious the Church of Light came prepared.

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