Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 263

When the two families fought until they were only around 10 people left, Shuang Ruyue flashed his brilliant smile and slowly spoke: “In any case, I was the one who invited everyone over to the teleportation array our God of Light established for us in our Church of Light. Can you call a ceasefire on my behalf for now?” He smiled like a spring breeze, but his subordinates knew that he was no simple character.

In just one week, he used his iron fist to reorganize the elders and knights. The power was in his hands alone.

The Church of Light had a huge teleportation array built by the God of Light himself 100,000 years ago. This teleportation array only led to one place—a secret the Church of Light had guarded for 100,000 years.

Spreading the news Yao Hong may know of this place, Shuang Ruyue also advertised the Church of Light and called for heroes to enter that place where they may become gods together. This was originally top secret and was unanimously opposed by the elders and knights, but after he changed out the Church of Light from top to bottom, none dared to utter ‘no’.

Thus, the heroes of the world gathered, even the three empires came. The huge teleportation array transported them over and the scene just now came to be.

The Mu family and Fang family ate a huge loss but didn’t dare to show their anger. They still needed to rely on Shuang Ruyue and the Church of Light’s guidance in the coming expedition. Where they went wrong was that they were bedazzled by the treasure in front of their eyes.

Crimson Wolf’s Qiu Di looked around in boredom. When the orders were passed down, she had to enter the front lines as the deputy head. As a Rank 6 Martial Master, she was sexier and hotter than a year ago. Fiery red hair, fiery red armor—a fiery red beauty.

This cave was originally connected to the other caves and went up and down. There were many connected paths. After looking for a while, she found a somewhat familiar figure, a person that fired up Qiu Di and that she was proud of!

“Little Sister!” Qiu Di passionately called out.

This shout was quite loud and some followed her gaze up to Lu Shiqian who was standing at the top of the cave.

At this time, Lu Shiqian hadn’t had time to change her face yet. Since she was already recognized, she simply jumped down.

Behind her, the Death God, Shang, Wei Mo, and Yao Hong followed.

People recognized her immediately.

“Isn’t she the trash of the Lu family?” someone remarked.

However, the person who said that was immediately shot gazes of contempt. Where did this unlearned person come from? Never heard of the General of the Thorn Army?

Someone finally reacted.

“Didn’t she die?”

Qin Xingluo ruthlessly glared at the person. You’re dead! Your whole family’s dead!

He was excited and his mood was lifted. He just knew that she would come! She really did!

He just knew that she would!

There were a million words he wished to say, yet he only voiced two: “You came…”

Lu Shiqian nodded, “Long time no see.”

Hearing these words, Qin Xingluo almost cried.

Shuang Ruyue raised his eyebrow slightly. To be honest, he didn’t want to see her here. This was destined to be a burial site. With her, he was afraid he would be soft-hearted.

Lu Shiqian glanced over to Shuang Ruyue, “You’re still as hypocritical as ever.”

Shuang Ruyue smiled brilliantly, as if he was a sun god, “I have always been this hypocritical.”

Everyone heard the two’s conversation and question marks appeared everywhere. One was the powerful Pope, one was the invincible General of the Thorn Army, they couldn’t afford to provoke either.

“Well, now that everyone is here, follow me.” Shuang Ruyue stepped forward, behind him a crowd of people.

Qiu Di secretly glanced at the men beside Lu Shiqian, poking her arm: “Tell the truth, where did you steal so many hotties from?!”

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. This girl was sure something, daring to say something like kidnap from. She smiled, “You’re mistaken, they’re my friends.”

Qiu Di obviously didn’t believe it, staring mysteriously, “Speak, speak, how many of these four have you tasted?”

Sweat, big sweat, sweat pouring down! Qiu Di ah, just how corrupted are you?!

Seeing Lu Shiqian’s face go red, Qiu Di hated iron for not becoming steel: “You aren’t going to say you haven’t pushed down even one yet, right?” Patting her sister’s shoulder, Qiu Di continued, “Find a chance and ride them!”

“Sister, if I remember correctly, Crimson Wolf’s Bifeng should be a leader now, right? Don’t know if he’s come to court yet…” Lu Shiqian smiled wickedly, turning the tables around. Her fiery sister’s crush was Bifeng, and that hasn’t changed for many years.

When Qiu Di heard Lu Shiqian mention Bifeng, her face flushed. Confirming that no Crimson Wolf members were around, she pinched her little sister’s face, “Don’t say nonsense!”

“The man is unmarried, the woman is single, what is there to be shy about? Perhaps he’s waiting for Sister to say something,” Lu Shiqian joked.

“Aiyah!” Qiu Di glared at Lu Shiqian, “He never said anything special… Forget it!”

Lu Shiqian smiled and didn’t push the subject.

At this time, Shuang Ruyue was familiarly taking everyone through the caves.

The further in they went, the greater an unknown pressure. Under the violent pressure, someone couldn’t help being bursting out, “How much longer are we gonna walk?!”

Shuang Ruyue stood at the forefront clad in red. He didn’t even turn his head.

“If you can’t resist, then just go back and wait!” the Knight Commander roared.

No one wanted to give up at this point so they could only suppress their irritation and move forward.

Lu Shiqian rubbed her chin. From when she came in, she wondered why Shuang Ruyue brought everyone to this cave. With his cunningness, would he really bring a bunch of impatient fools around? Also, what was the relationship between the Church of Light and Bai’s seal? That was what she was most concerned about!

Whatever, one step at a time.

Shuang Ruyue finally stopped in front of a large cave.

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