Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 264

This cave was larger than the others and looked more like a huge hall!

Two gates carved with the same patterns as the one outside stood in front of the cave. Two huge statues guarded the front, and the crystal pillars inside were faintly visible. Everything inside the cave was filled with a mysterious aura on the border of existence and nonexistence!

This aura seemed to be telling people to not brazenly challenge those you can’t face. Otherwise, the price to be paid was life!

Shuang Ruyue slowly spoke, “You can choose to come with me or stay outside. I can tell you with certainty that danger will come the moment you step in.”

Who was willing to stop here? Of course they followed!

Shuang Ruyue smiled mysteriously, “This cave is merely the first level. There are thousands of traps, but not many are considered levels. There is a total of 12 levels.” He smiled brightly, “Of course, I wholly believe you capable of passing.”

Lu Shiqian was a little horrified. For some reason, she felt that Shuang Ruyue’s smile was exceptionally sinister.

Sure enough, whether it was his encouragement or whatnot, everyone’s passion was stirred up.

Shuang Ruyue gazed deeply at Lu Shiqian before walking in.

The Church of Light elders and knights followed closely.

The major forces entered in turn.

Qiu Di, who was dispatched on a mission, and Lu Shiqian fell to the end.

“I, don’t like it here!” Shang suddenly said very concisely, “Aura, don’t like!”

Yes, the aura here was very pressuring, as if there were thousands of eyes staring at them from all sides.

Lu Shiqian asked the Death God, “Do you feel anything?”

“Master, I… don’t feel much.” The Death God answered. He was very comfortable in this bad environment.

Thinking about it, it seemed about right. As the Death God, this place wouldn’t be much to him.

“Master, I want to hold your hand.” The Death God begged.

Lu Shiqian didn’t say anything else and held his hand.

The Death God stiffened and held her hand tightly like a treasure.

Yao Hong followed behind them silently. He finally had the wish to help someone and guided them on the correct way. Unexpectedly, after braving through all those dangers, it wasn’t as convenient as a teleportation array. Now, he didn’t even have the qualifications to guide because Shuang Ruyue was leading them in the correct direction.

The hall in the underwater cave had crystal pillars with luminous objects on top. When entered, it felt like walking into a surreal world, both beautiful and strange.

“What is this?” Someone couldn’t help but pull down a transparent shell and look.

“This shell is called a Human Face Bug, best to not touch it.” Shuang Ruyue walked forward indifferently.

That person was just about to ask what a Human Face Bug was when he was horrified to discover the shell he was holding extend anemone-like tentacles. Before he could react, it gripped his face and punctured through. He howled in pain and his blood shimmered.

This scene frightened the people in the vicinity. It was both terrifying and disgusting.

“You better not move him. He’s already the breeding ground of the Human Face Bug. Whoever touches him will be unlucky,” Shuang Ruyue’s voice was unhurried.

No one dared be disobedient anymore. When they looked at those glittering shells again, they no longer found them pretty.

In the center of the hall, a huge magic beast was imprisoned.

Half of its body was hidden underground while the half that was outside was tied with chains made of unknown materials. It was like a wolf but not a wolf, like a tiger but not a tiger. It had deer legs, a wolf mouth, an antelope’s neck, and horse hooves. Its exposed body took up 500 square meters.

It exuded a tremendous pressure. It was actually a 780 Star magic beast.

“Best not make any noise,” Shuang Ruyue wickedly teased.

Right when he finished speaking, some bastard shouted, “Which son of a b*tch stepped on my foot?!”

This roar was truly earth-shattering. That beast’s ears shuddered before it opened its blood-red eyes.

It was already aggrieved enough when it was caught to guard the gate, but it was even locked in chains! When it wanted to sleep, it was rudely awoken. The beast wasn’t just annoyed.

“ROARRRRR!!!” It roared, yanking the chains, staring fiercely at the ants who barged in.

“I already told you to be quiet.” Shuang Ruyue spread his hands innocently.

That giant beast stared at the crowd, the anger that it had been suppressing for so long spreading out. Under its pressure, rocks flew and smashed into the crowd with unprecedented power.

When strength reached a certain level, flying leaves were like knives, rocks like cannonballs. With that power, even a pebble could show massive power! The stones raining down were like bombs dropping down, massacring the Rank 7 and below powerhouses.

The crowd immediately exploded and many people were stunned. It was truly bloody and terrifying! Some more clever ones saw that things weren’t good and quickly retreated to the side. That giant beast was chained and couldn’t chase them, but they didn’t have a way to bypass its huge body either.

The giant beast smashed indiscriminately, but the Church of Light had no casualties, which was quite strange.

What was even stranger was that the 24 people led by Shuang Ruyue had no difficulty nor danger walking by the giant beast. The giant beast didn’t attack them and merely sniffed them in disgust.

The giant beast was so powerful, but the Church of Light managed to walk past unscathed. Just what was going on?

“F*ck me, what kind of monster is that? How many stars?” Someone shouted in surprise.

“Probably more than 100 Stars. Heavens!” Someone guessed. If the power gap was too big, they wouldn’t be able to tell unless the other showed its star rank.

“Why didn’t it attack the Church of Light?” Someone indignantly said.

However, not one sighed at the passing of life or shed tears for the ones who died just now. The purpose of the ones who came here was very clear: to take treasures! Everyone was churning their brains to figure out how to get rid of the others and get more treasure for themselves! Who had time to think of anything else? To them, one less person was one less competitor!

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