Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 265

“There are 12 levels and 12 magic beasts, each one more powerful than the next. Of course, the beasts are indeed strong, I am unable to defeat them. Fortunately, each of the 12 have their own weaknesses. For example, this one doesn’t like floral scents. Aiyah, I forgot to tell you, apologies.” Shuang Ruyue already walked in with his people. His voice traveled through the hall with a faint sense of unreality.

When this was said, everyone cursed angrily.

“You trash, are you trying to throw us away?!”

“Throwing away the Church of Light’s face! This great one spits at you!”

“Cowardly bastard!”

Seeing that Shuang Ruyue truly didn’t care about them and left, everyone left in the hall was on the verge of collapse. The humiliation of being deceived and used caused them endless anger.

“What the f*ck!”

“This motherf*cker actually left us here!”

“Thunder will surely strike that bastard down!”

Lu Shiqian frowned and couldn’t refrain from saying, “Since you followed willingly, then you should be prepared to take the risks.”

Wasn’t that right? What was free in the world?

“Besides, Shuang Ruyue doesn’t have the responsibility of bringing you over.” Lu Shiqian slowly chastised, “If you’re scared, then you can stay outside.”

At this moment, Shuang Ruyue had already entered another cave. Hearing Lu Shiqian’s words, he secretly smiled. Only she would say these things. Propping up his staff, he walked inside without hesitation.

“Your Holiness, since you brought them here, why didn’t you bring them over? This is bad for our church’s reputation,” the great elder disagreed.

“Are you sure that they should know what we’re going to do?” Shuang Ruyue lightly asked.

The great elder shut his mouth.

“Then why bring them here?” Second Elder turned the topic around.

“We need some advance soldiers,” Shuang Ruyue leisurely answered.

Was that so? Second Elder was somewhat unconvinced but didn’t dare voice his opinions.

Thus, in the hall, people sent all their anger to her. What she spoke was the truth, but not everyone could accept it.

“F*ck! Do you like that kid or something?!”

“Btch, does your back not ache from standing and bullshtting around? Why don’t you beat the f*cking beast?!”

Whack, whack, whack.

A red ball rushed over and whipped his tails, slapping the faces of those cursing with each of its tails. When he returned to his master’s shoulder, he pompously blew on his small claws. What the heck! Blaming others for their own lack of guts, spineless men!

This truly shocked everyone. Where did this red fox jump out from? It was actually 36 Stars!

Someone wasn’t convinced and wanted to continue cursing when a pair of hell-like eyes locked onto him. His back chilled and the hall strangely frosted over.

Lu Shiqian rotated her energy and walked in large strides towards the beast.

“Heavens, does she not want to live?” Someone exclaimed.

“Let her go, so what if she dies?” Someone gloated at another’s misfortune.

“But no matter what, she seems more courageous than us tall men?” Someone admired.

Qi Tianxiong stared at Lu Shiqian’s figure with surprise. The unforgettable beauty he saw when he left the city had such a powerful aura! He made up his mind to obtain her!

“Sister, you must be careful.” Qiu Di warned.

Lu Shiqian didn’t speak and soul merged with the Five-Colored Elk, armor merged with the Water Eagle, and weapon merged with Wang Cai. She currently had five-colored hair and eyes, looking absolutely stunning!

“Master, half of my strength can’t be used here.” The Five-Colored Elk told Lu Shiqian through the mental platform.

“Master, same here.” The Water Eagle agreed.

Wang Cai proudly said, “I’m unaffected.”

Lu Shiqian frowned. There was probably a restriction on high-level magic beasts which may grow stronger as they went deeper in!

Even so, Lu Shiqian slashed forward!

With the constant practice of the Heavenly Swinging Sword and the experience from fighting Shang these days, she believed that even if she couldn’t kill that giant beast, she was unlikely to be killed herself. Especially when it was tied down by chains.

As Lu Shiqian jumped up, Wei Mo also attacked from the side.

Ever since he started practicing what Bai taught him, his strength made a noticeable growth. Furthermore, Lu Shiqian made him absorb magic stones and magic stone hearts, and he had already broken through from second stage lower god to third stage lower god. He looked gentle and warm on the outside, but his killing actions were sharp. His movements as he stepped forward and leaped were extremely smooth. It was obvious that he wasn’t idle and worked very hard. He was originally a mage, but now that he learned some swordsmanship, he could be considered both a mage and practitioner!

The same was true for Lu Shiqian. She had a mage’s physique, but when she fought, she had the courage and guts of a practitioner!

In a blink, Lu Shiqian already made numerous scratches on the giant beast.

The beast’s skin was thick and hard and was only lightly scratched. Even so, it was slightly surprised. With that woman’s strength, she shouldn’t be able to even cut off a piece of its fur! However, she almost hurt it! What was going on? You must know that even if its body was chained, it was still the cream of the crop amongst high-level beasts in terms of defense!

After being humiliatingly locked for so many years and seeing those disgusting Human Face Bugs day after day, it had long grown almost crazy from boredom. Now that there were finally some living humans and a powerful enemy that could fight, its bloodthirsty will to fight was also triggered.

It was originally regarded as the Holy War Beast on the Plane of Giants!

A claw tied with chains was raised and slammed down, forming a strong wind, like blades and swords, scraping bones and removing flesh! Its other claw wasn’t idle either, smacking the ground and shooting countless stone cannonballs towards Wei Mo and Lu Shiqian!

Lu Shiqian jumped 30 meters high, drifting through the air: “Battle Domain!”

The Battle Domain made her fearless as she slashed down, finally drawing blood!

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