Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 266

At the same time, Wei Mo opened his domain. He looked absolutely sacred as he stepped lightly on a white lotus.

The giant beast’s defense was broken and became violent, its fur rising up like thorns.

These thorns formed with fur were sharp and powerful. If it was concentrated together, it would break through most defenses easily. It was clear that it was trying to break the two’s domains!

How could Lu Shiqian do as it wished? A Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds swept through all obstructions!

Wei Mo took the opportunity to stab at the beast’s nose.

The poor giant beast… Its nose was its softest part. Blood spurt out of the wound.

The giant beast covered its nose and repeatedly slapped its tail. Its mouth shot bursts of light at the two!

Humans versus beast, you come I go, a spectacular battle. The people around grew embarrassed: this was a high-level battle! They fell into a daze, completely forgetting how dissatisfied they were with Lu Shiqian earlier.

Qi Tianxiong stared closely at the two figures tumbling up and down. He only wanted her earlier because of her elegant beauty, but now he was more determined to get her now due to her strength, strong magic beasts, and high-level martial arts. This was perfect material for a lover!

Just then, Lu Shiqian jumped onto the giant beast’s head, pointing the tip of her sword at its eyes: “Accept or refuse?”

This battle was totally unfair. The giant beast was bound by chains and couldn’t use its full strength. Furthermore, the sly Lu Shiqian kept coming in at tricky angles. This was why she won. Otherwise, she would need to merge with the kitty and Jun Zun.

However, there were only so many ifs in the world. If you won, you won; if you lost, you lost. The giant beast lowered its head, “I accept. I’ll let you pass.”

Lu Shiqian’s eyes were as beautiful as the starry night sky, “I can help you break free of these chains, but you must recognize me as your master. Are you willing?”

In front of the heaven-defying contract, all powers must make way.

In line with the principle of optimizing the use of resources, she never wasted anything.

However, Lu Shiqian’s proposal didn’t attract the beast’s attention: “You can’t break them.”

“How do you know if you haven’t tried?” Lu Shiqian’s voice seemed magical, “Rather than being trapped here for a lifetime, it’s better to take a gamble!”

The giant beast thought for a moment and hesitated. After contracting, it would definitely lose its freedom. The worst part was if it still wouldn’t be able to break these chains! “These chains are made of star iron…”

“So you were actually such a coward. Forget it! Just consider my eyes bad.” Lu Shiqian shook her head and jumped down the beast.

This beast was ferocious and provocative. How could it stand someone calling it a coward? It stuck out its neck and shouted, “Just a contract, contract if you will! Who is afraid of whom?”

Lu Shiqian struck while the iron was hot and placed her hand on the beast’s head, quickly concluding the contract.

The huge contract array lit up and advancement followed shortly after. The giant beast advanced a whole 100 Stars and became 890 Stars! What word was suitable to describe this?

The giant beast was stunned. It never thought that contracting with this woman would make it grow so much! Think about it, the higher the star level, the more difficult it was to advance. However, contracting with Lu Shiqian meant that the higher the star level, the greater the advancement. What kind of heaven-defying skill was this?!

Lu Shiqian didn’t take it seriously. Every beast that contracted with her would have a mouth open wide enough to stuff an ostrich egg in. She shouted at the beast, “Return.”

Calling the giant beast into the magic beast space, the chains immediately lost its function and crashed into the ground, forming a small mountain.

Lu Shiqian walked over and put the chains into her interspatial bag. Are you kidding? This was a rare material for making god rank equipment! Even her interspatial bracelet didn’t have many!

The giant beast gained its freedom and even advanced! Its excitement was beyond words!

Jumping out of the magic beast space, it turned into a small beast, a miniature version of its larger form. It was about knee level, small and cute. Lu Shiqian’s beasts all had the same characteristic: they all loved to trick people, pretending to be pigs to eat the tiger!

With the giant beast contracted, the level was naturally passed.

Lu Shiqian showed her hand and naturally shocked everyone. Everyone stayed far away and didn’t know that she had contracted it. What they thought was that she must’ve used some unknown method to subdue the giant beast, and thus, she became a hero in their hearts!

People were just like this. When you were weak, they would step on you like a cockroach; when you were strong, they would respect you like a god!

“Girly, we meet again!” a hearty voice shouted.

The voice seemed familiar. When she turned to look, sure enough, it was Qi Zhan!

In the Forest of Death, this amiable old man taught Lu Shiqian quite a few things.

At first, Qi Zhan didn’t recognize Lu Shiqian. At the time, she had disguised herself and looked completely different from her current stunning appearance. When Hong Jin came out, he was a little skeptical. However, when Lu Shiqian used her Battle Domain, he was completely sure that she was Ren Woxing! You must know that everyone’s domain was different. A person’s domain was their personal specialty! If you recognized it, you wouldn’t go wrong! Only then did he confirm that this abnormality that had went to another level of abnormality was indeed Ren Woxing!

The old man jumped to Lu Shiqian’s side, blinking and saying, “Girly, I haven’t seen you for a year and you’ve grown more abnormal.”

He was dressed in a green robe, a macaw standing on his shoulder. During the past year, the macaw grew to 40 Stars.

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, but she didn’t expect to be recognized. However, she was recognized even though she was cautious and naturally wouldn’t hide it any longer, “It’s alright, just average.” Qi Zhan was already a second stage lower god. She couldn’t understand why he came here, “Why’d you come?” When there were questions, it was best to ask.

“Haha, because I’m bored!” Qi Zhan laughed, “There’s finally something interesting happening! How could I face myself if I didn’t come check it out?”

This old buffoon!

Qiu Di ran over and hugged Lu Shiqian’s shoulder, “Little Sister, you’re so great!”

Lu Shiqian laughed, “Just so-so, just so-so.”

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