Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 267

Qiu Di snorted hearing this, “Old-fashioned hypocrite.”

Lu Shiqian: 囧.

The first level was passed and Lu Shiqian followed Yao Hong to the second hall. Honestly, it was hard to tell the difference between the numerous caves, especially because they would shift every once in a while. Thus, they couldn’t just follow in the direction Shuang Ruyue took.

“Master, there are 12 levels here. Each level has a guardian beast that is a higher star level than me.” The giant beast was originally called Jiu Fang. It told Lu Shiqian through the mental platform, “Every guardian beast is a holy beast of a plane, having extraordinary strength.”

“How did you all get caught?” Lu Shiqian sharply asked.

Jiu Fang was embarrassed, “Master… This matter… is rather sad. I used to be the holy beast of the Plane of Giants…”

Lu Shiqian said, “Key points.”

“The key point is that I have no idea who even caught me!” Jiu Fang grew anxious and blurted the truth.

When this was said, Hong Jin immediately rolled his eyes.

Jiu Fang was nervous now, “What do you mean by rolling your eyes?!”

Fire Fox Hong Jin snorted softly and ignored him. His contempt was blatant to see.

Jiu Fang was defeated, “Was it easy for me?! That person was too much stronger than me! I didn’t even see what they looked like before getting caught! Besides, I should be the innocent party here!”

Hong Jin: “…”

The second hall was much larger than the first.

The pressure when they entered was also greater than that of Jiu Fang’s! Several who couldn’t stand the pressure stayed outside the door.

The hall was full of treasures, but with the lesson from the first hall, no one dared to touch it.

Hong Jin looked from a distance and carefully searched for the guardian beast. Looking here and there, he still couldn’t find a trace of it.

“Over there!” Jiu Fang lifted his paw and pointed to the front.

Only then did they see that there was a black dot in the distance. When they got closer, they realized that it was a… panda!

Wasn’t it? Chubby with dark circles, black and white fur, and its body shape was also similar to normal pandas. The second level’s clutch was actually a panda, quite surprising!

What was even more mystical was that it was really hugging a bamboo stick and eating it.

Qiu Di screamed, “SO CUTE!”

Qi Zhan sighed, “How could we bear to hurt such a cute beast?”

Hong Jin jumped in front of the panda and poked its body. The panda remained unmoved and continued eating its bamboo.

It truly seemed harmless.

Hong Jin was overjoyed, poking here and there. The panda also seemed to enjoy it and didn’t budge.

Lu Shiqian cautiously watched it. She believed that the magic beasts that could appear here definitely weren’t that harmless. Furthermore, upon closer look, this panda was actually 800 Stars! To say that it was absolutely harmless was a little far-stretched.

Someone saw that this panda seemed easy to bully and suddenly became arrogant, “Haha, what a terrible beast! Leave it to me!”

Two practitioners stepped out from the team. Winking at each other, they started attacking the panda!

Everyone cursed their slyness. This panda looked easy to bully at first sight!

However, before the two swords could slash down, the green leaves of the bamboo the panda was eating emitted a green light and shot two extremely fast bamboo leaves through the two’s brains. Even after passing through, its momentum wasn’t reduced and lodged deeply into the hall’s stone hall.

Everyone was shocked!

Hong Jin who was poking the panda’s paw immediately froze!

The panda glanced over, signaling for him to keep poking, and lowered its head to continue gnawing its bamboo.

Lu Shiqian negotiated kindly, “Can you let us pass?”

The panda took a few bites of its bamboo and paused, looked at Hong Jin, then looked at Lu Shiqian: “You may pass.”

Everyone keeled over. What the heck?! You could actually pass by discussing a little?!

This world was just too crazy!

Qi Zhan pointed at himself and cried strangely, “Then what about us?”

The panda glanced at the trembling parrot on his shoulder, “You can’t.”

Lu Shiqian pointed at Shang, the Death God, Wei Mo, Yao Hong, and Qiu Di: “Can they pass?”

The panda was very principled, “No.” Its black eyes were full of cunningness, “Unless you beat me.”

Lu Shiqian sighed, “Then fight!”

The little purple dragon soul merged, Jiu Fang armor merged, and Wang Cai turned into a weapon!

This panda was a tried and tested 800 Star magic beast. It also wasn’t bound by chains so it must be taken seriously!

Purple hair fluttered down silkily; purple eyes mysterious. Lu Shiqian wore a wolf-like armor while holding a sharp blade like a god of war! The Battle Domain was opened and Lu Shiqian lifted her sword!

Shang paid attention to the battle. It was not yet time for him to take action…

The Death God watched Lu Shiqian tightly, his eyes deep and mysterious.

Master, you must not get hurt, nothing must happen to you. Otherwise, he didn’t know what he might do…

Master, you must become stronger…

Qin Xingluo was secretly sad. He was not included amongst these six. Was he truly just an unimportant passerby?

The panda was indeed extraordinary, remaining leisurely and unconcerned about Lu Shiqian’s attacks. The bamboo it was gnawing was shifted horizontally and lifted up, blocking Lu Shiqian’s vertical strike! The bamboo was actually very hard!

The panda jumped up, traversing 30 meters in a step, even landing with a flourish of its bamboo.

Being able to make such fancy movements with a bamboo… It had been wronged!

The panda was quite pleased.

Finishing its movement, the bamboo was shoved upward and a dense wave of sword energy was shot towards Lu Shiqian.

It had to be said that a panda making these moves was quite cool! Alright, even though it was only a panda, it was a Kung Fu Panda!

Lu Shiqian seemed to step on wind as she dodged eerily.

Wei Mo saw an opportunity and stepped on a lotus, sending a domineering sword strike over!

“Despicable sneak attack!” The panda yelled and spun around like a top, continuous sword strikes sent out.

One attack laid upon the other, layer upon layers of tricks, the force of the move seemed boundless!

Wherever the sword passed, stones were crushed into dust!

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