Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 268

The power of an 800 Star magic beast was evident!

It couldn’t be avoided, so they could only face it head-on!

Lu Shiqian pushed her Battle Domain to the max and charged towards Wei Mo; Wei Mo also ran towards her. The two had the same idea—they were both trying to protect the other!

When the two got together, Wei Mo was a step ahead and blocked in front of Lu Shiqian.

She had always been the one that rushed ahead; she had always been the one to get injured, causing his heart to fall into disarray. This time, he wanted to stand in front of her, making her heart ache for him.

The sword strike fell on Wei Mo! Blood splattered and the bones were visible!

Wei Mo’s domain was much higher quality than that of ordinary lower gods. Its defense was first-rate, but it still couldn’t withstand an 800 Star magic beast’s powerful blow. The force pushed Wei Mo over 50 meters away!

Wei Mo comfortingly smiled at Lu Shiqian with his mouth trickling blood, “A’Qian, I can protect you now!”

Wei Mo’s face was pale and fell into Lu Shiqian’s embrace after saying this line.

At this moment, she understood that she cared about him, thought about him.

Recalling his innocent and cute character back when they first met; surprise when they met again; his appearance when he was mad and fired up; his gentleness and calmness regarding the future, his efforts… This man who loved to blush had furtively wormed into her heart, taking root.

It was all… to protect her!

She took out a bottle of gold medicine and tremblingly fed him, also having the Phoenix Bird use its healing abilities. In her past life, there was only Bai by her side. She had once longed for friendship and love, so she cherished the hearts of these outstanding men who loved her.

“Fool, it’s not like you don’t know how thick-skinned I am. I won’t keel over so easily.” Lu Shiqian gently said.

Wei Mo quickly got better after taking the gold medicine. It had to be said that this man’s outer appearance was gentle and charming, but his heart was firmer than anyone else’s. The path he decided upon would be walked unswervingly. He touched Lu Shiqian’s face, “You’re a girl, I’m a boy.”

With these words, Lu Shiqian almost cried.

Yes, he didn’t have Bai’s overwhelming power and beauty, wasn’t as strong or abnormal as the Death God—he didn’t even have Shang’s coolness. His fighting skills… He didn’t have the power to face an army alone, no noble background, but he had always protected her with a sincere heart. Never abandoning, never turning back on… This was enough.

Lu Shiqian lowered her head and pressed on Wei Mo’s lips, “Don’t be so stupid next time, okay?”

Wei Mo dazedly nodded his head, “En.” That’s what he said, but next time there was danger, he would still stand in front of her. For sure.

The panda didn’t attack while the two were being affectionate. Based on this point, Lu Shiqian didn’t plan on killing it. Otherwise, she would definitely kill it, making it the first high-level magic beast to die in her hands.

Lu Shiqian settled Wei Mo before slowly walking over. Her hair fluttered without wind, creating a beautiful picture that was hard to forget.

“Panda.” Lu Shiqian didn’t know what kind of magic beast this was, but whatever, “It doesn’t matter if you hurt me, but if you hurt my friend…” She shook her sword arrogantly.

The panda wasn’t a pushover either. It held its bamboo sword horizontally, “Come.” The panda shouted like a powerhouse crossing mountains and rivers. The bamboo slashed across horizontally and a strike came!

If you only looked at the panda’s size, you wouldn’t think that the chubby thing would have such astonishing power. It was truly eye-opening.

Such a sharp attack stunned everyone.

Lu Shiqian was also doubtful if this panda also transmigrated—from a certain movie!

However, Lu Shiqian was determined to defeat it. No matter how cool it was, she only uttered a word: “Buff!”

The higher the star rank of a magic beast, the more buffs they had. The 700 Star Jun Zun buffed Jiu Fang’s 800 Star armor merge. The increase in strength wasn’t as simple as one plus one. Lu Shiqian fully utilized the glorious tactic of strength in numbers. Your star rank was high? No problem! Even ants could bite an elephant to death!

Lu Shiqian shook her hand at the panda, “Living Domain!”

Two hundred giants waving their fists charged towards the panda!

This trick was shocking and immensely powerful no matter where it was used. It seemed even more miraculous especially under the flickering lights.

Two hundred giants made of various colored vegetation that were half-translucent, their bodies mixed with light, all punched towards the panda. Even if the panda was incredibly agile, it was still knocked out by the giants.

Lu Shiqian followed closely, not letting up the attack. A Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds sent the panda flying tens of meters away again!

The giants beat the panda together several hundred times. The poor panda was shot into the sky before being slammed into the ground. Its outlook was quite bleak!

Sure enough, using more to fight less was the golden rule of fighting!

Lu Shiqian asked the panda that had just been smashed down, “Do you accept defeat?”

The panda was violently blown around. When it climbed up, its fur was dirty and its bamboo was in tatters.

“Hero, spare me, I accept defeat!!” The panda wailed and hugged Lu Shiqian’s leg, “Take me! Don’t hit me anymore!!!”

Lu Shiqian: “…”

This panda was quite a maverick. Its life motto was to surrender to the strong and willingly came to this place to guard because the other beat it. Thus, it was just keeping its promise. Regarding this, this guy was pretty trustworthy, and it hadn’t even complained once about gnawing bamboo every day for the past 100,000 years.

Now that Lu Shiqian defeated it, it would naturally listen to her.

Of course, Lu Shiqian wouldn’t stand on courtesy. She placed her hand on its head and concluded the contract!

The panda rose to 900 Stars!

The panda’s fur once again became smooth and glossy after leveling up. Even its broken bamboo became greener! It blew into its bamboo like a flute and gnawed a few times. Speaking of, this bamboo was actually a treasure. It had bit this bamboo for 100,000 years, yet it hadn’t reduced in the slightest. How strange!

After contracting the panda, the second level was naturally passed.

Everyone was overjoyed and wanted to pass, but the panda blocked the way, “You may not pass!”

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