Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 269

The crowd was confused, “Why not?”

The panda hugged its bamboo and acted stern, “Very simple. My master defeated me, but you didn’t.”

There was another reason—this wasn’t a place they should be!

Pandas were highly principled.

It jumped up and twisted a certain stone a few times. There was a light and a huge teleportation array lit up beneath their feet. This teleportation array existed since 100,000 years ago and could break through the underground cave restrictions to directly send them ashore.

“You’re only going to get in the way if you stay. Roll quickly!” The panda activated the teleportation array and sent them all away.

These people would only die if they stayed, so they may as well be sent off early.

It wasn’t that kind in all honesty. It just didn’t want to strain its eyes looking at these idiots!

The teleportation array lit up and those people were sent away regardless of their cursing and screaming!

The world suddenly became quiet!

Only Lu Shiqian, Qi Zhan, and Qiu Di remained!

“Master, I left six people behind as you ordered.” The panda pandered.

Seeing the panda so understanding, Fire Fox Hong Jin happily crawled onto its round head and squeezed it, waving its tails around and around.

The panda’s head turned and ignored the fox rubbing its head.

Following Yao Hong’s guidance, Lu Shiqian entered the third, fourth, and fifth hall one by one.

The guardian of the third hall was a three-headed dog, 950 Stars; the fourth hall was a griffin, 1,000 Stars; the fifth hall was a snake beauty, 1,200 Stars. Lu Shiqian used the same strategy she used against Jiu Fang and the panda to beat the three-headed dog. Then, she used the first three halls’ guardians to beat the griffin, and the first four guardians against the snake beauty!

It had to be said that Lu Shiqian’s strategy was shameless, but undoubtedly effective!

After the guardians were contracted, their strength was increased to another level. The three-headed dog reached 1,100 Stars, the griffon 1,200 Stars, and the snake beauty 1,300 Stars. Other than Jiu Fang who needed some time to adapt after being released from his chains, the others adapted quickly and were quickly on their way. Even though the three levels were thrilling, there was no danger!

Jun Zun pitifully walked on the side, twisting his hands aggrievedly.

Before contracting these magic beasts, his star level could be considered extremely high. However, afterwards, his star level went to the lower end.

Thus, he was very depressed.

Lu Shiqian noticed the little guy was off and asked, “What’s wrong?”

Jun Zun immediately widened his pair of purple eyes, tears rolling inside, “Sob, sob, sob. Master, I’m so weak now. I can’t protect you anymore.”

Lu Shiqian understood, so he was worried about this. She paused, “How many stars does the average purple dragon have at maturity?”

The little guy rubbed his eyes, “3… 3,000 Stars.”

Lu Shiqian touched his head, “Isn’t that right? You’re only a youth right now, so you’re naturally going to be better than them when you grow up, right?”

The little guy’s face brightened and threw himself into Lu Shiqian’s arms, “Master, you’re so nice!” while taking the opportunity to sneakily touch her thigh. Mm, felt so good!

The corner of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. Picking Jun Zun up by the collar, she threw him out with gusto!

This little perverted brat!

After passing through three halls, Lu Shiqian was about to face the sixth hall under Yao Hong’s guidance.

“Master, you must be more careful facing the sixth level.” The Snake Beauty had an angelic face and beast’s body. The light from its eyes could turn its enemies to stone, “He and I both belong to the snake family, but he is not something we few can beat.”

The Snake Beauty knew some things about the sixth level. The strength of the guardians of Floors 1-5 were about the same, but the 6th floor was a few times more difficult. Floors 7-11 were slightly weaker while the 12th Floor was the strongest!

The 6th floor was a big one!

Lu Shiqian solemnly declared, “Let’s go.”

The Death God walked up and held Lu Shiqian’s hand, “Master…”

Ever since they entered here, she could tell that the Death God’s reaction was strange. She held his hand back, “Don’t be afraid.”

She didn’t know why she said so. Was she comforting him? But what in the world could make the God of Death feel afraid? There probably wasn’t anything… However, after saying this, the Death God visibly relaxed.

The sixth hall was like an eden with peach blossoms fluttering in front of a small hut. The scenery was very beautiful.

When you arrived, you would have the illusion that this was heaven and not earth. It was just so quiet and serene.

Sitting on a stone bench in front of the hut was a young man with teal hair. He was playing the zither with his eyes closed, deep in enjoyment.

Lu Shiqian was slightly surprised. The sixth floor’s guardian was sure carefree and elegant. It was truly unexpected that he was a magic beast that guarded a gate!

The man seemed to not notice the others.

Teal hair, teal clothes, playing an ancient red zither. His face was attractive like peach blossoms. As the wind blew by, bamboo swayed and peach blossoms fell, as if trying to draw a look.

Magic beasts that transformed into humans all carried a demonic charm and were very attractive.

After the song finished, Lu Shiqian applauded.


The man looked up elegantly, his face brighter than the moon, both beautiful and demonic. His eyes were also blue-green. Seeing Lu Shiqian and the others, he didn’t shout or scream to kill and merely walked out calmly. He had a slender figure and every step he took was graceful.

This was a man who was very particular about food, clothing, and temperament. If he was a human, he must be like royalty. No, he was much more noble than a mere prince!

He gracefully walked over and his teal eyes met with the group, “You want to pass?” He asked lightly, as if he was just asking ‘Have you eaten yet?’

“Master, don’t look at his eyes.” The Snake Beauty said. Snakes could confuse others at birth, a mystical creature: “He is a Nine-Tailed Snake, and he’s much more powerful than me.”

However, Lu Shiqian had already looked into his eyes. His eyes seemed capable of sucking the very soul away.

Fortunately, she was used to seeing handsome men and her mental defenses were strong. That psychedelic light from those eyes couldn’t do a thing to her.

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