Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 270

With this action, she could tell that this person was very ruthless.

He was 2,000 Stars, yet didn’t reveal his power when Lu Shiqian and the others entered, letting them slowly fall into his trap. This kind of person was the most difficult to deal with.

He had already silently launched an attack!

Qi Zhan was unfamiliar with this kind of existence. He even asked, “Why is there a person here?”

His beauty was almost lethal to women; Qiu Di had already been confused by him. As long as he gave Qiu Di a hint, he would be able to rob her mind and have her raise her sword against those dear to her.

The gap in strength was insurmountable, and he was good at psychedelic attacks.

Qiu Di suddenly drew her scimitar and attacked Lu Shiqian. She looked confused, obviously struggling with herself.

“Quite good, you can still resist my temptation.” The Nine-Tailed Snake’s voice was neither hurried nor slow, as elegant as his appearance.

The Snake Beauty grabbed Qiu Di and tried her best to dissolve the confusion.

However, the Nine-Tailed Snake had more to him than just that. The 2,000 Star him was already an unsurpassable existence on his plane, standing at the peak of power. It was hard to imagine why such an existence would be willing to guard a gate.

He had nine tails, good at psychedelic attacks, sound attacks, charm, killing, and his true strength was unknown.

Lu Shiqian’s brain turned quickly. Bai’s seal was here, so the person that pulled these powerful magic beasts from various planes over must be extremely strong. The more she understood, the more afraid she was of the one behind the scenes!

How mighty this enemy was!

However, she made up her mind to help Bai and had no reason to retreat!

Bai was extremely miserable. Think about it, if you were extremely powerful yet had nine-tenths of your strength sealed by an even more powerful existence, how painful would that be? They may even go crazy. However, Bai had never showed a smidgeon of despair. Such a man was more admirable the more you thought about it.

How lucky she was to meet him!

Thus, she must succeed!

The Snake Beauty helped Qiu Di resolve the Nine-Tailed Snake’s attack. Qiu Di was exhausted and fell to the ground.

Lu Shiqian’s eyes turned cold.

But right now, she couldn’t reveal any flaws. She had to wait for an opportunity to counterattack!

This was a sly snake. She would lose if she revealed the slightest opening!

The snake nodded in satisfaction, as if satisfied with Lu Shiqian’s performance. He rolled up his long sleeves, picking up the zither on the stone table.


Lu Shiqian soul merged with the Snake Beauty in one thousandth of a second, weapon merged with the panda, and received five buffs. She used the 25th move of the Heavenly Swinging Sword: Fire Swirling Cloud!

Thousands of flaming dragons rushed towards him like lightning, carrying the imposing might of thunder!

Since he was good at mental attacks, then she would use physical attacks to deal with him!

The Nine-Tailed Snake wasn’t afraid of her and brushed his hand over the zither’s strings. Three notes echoed out and met against the fire dragons, exploding into dazzling fireworks!

At this moment, Jiu Fang, the three-headed dog, and the griffin attacked at a tricky angle!

The Nine-Tailed Snake turned around gracefully, playing the zither towards the ground. Sound waves counterattacked the magic beasts. They wailed and broke countless stone pillars!

He was too strong! Even with five magic beasts together, they couldn’t even near his body!

The gap was more than 700 Stars, too much!

What to do? The three magic beasts fell and the buffs decreased in power. If they didn’t find a way soon, they could only wait for death. A 2,000 Star magic beast was at the peak of God King while Lu Shiqian was only a second stage middle god. Even the five beasts had only just stepped into God King rank. A peak God King could massacre over a hundred weaker God Kings in a second!

What a hard iron plate!

The Nine-Tailed Snake stood and gracefully asked, “Still fighting?”


She jumped up and slashed towards the Nine-Tailed Snake.

“It’s useless!” The Nine-Tailed Snake plucked the strings and notes were sent crashing over.

Lu Shiqian seemed to tread on clouds as she walked towards him step by step. When she got closer, she twisted her waist and sent a sneak attack Rising Winds, Scudding Clouds.

The Nine-Tailed Snake leveled his zither and broke Lu Shiqian’s shoulder. She rolled on the spot, their distance less than 2 meters apart.

The Nine-Tailed Snake probably didn’t expect she would be so close to him and hesitated for a moment.

“Living Domain!” Lu Shiqian’s eyes were as bright as the stars.

Two hundred giants struck their fists towards the Nine-Tailed Snake. At such a close distance, there was no way to dodge.

All of this was calculated, traded for with a blow to her shoulder! She had calculated every step clearly!

When the Nine-Tailed Snake finally understood, the 200 fists had already landed.


The ground collapsed by more than 100 meters deep, but the diameter was only 2 meters.

What powerful! Lu Shiqian’s strength had increased again!

However, did this full-power blow succeed? Would the Nine-Tailed Snake fall so easily?

Lu Shiqian didn’t believe it and was prepared.

The ground vibrated and boulders rolled. A teal figure jumped up from underground, landing lightly and gracefully. His hair was like silk, his delicate hands holding a zither, his feet… was replaced by nine snake tails.

The Nine-Tailed Snake lifted his hair, “How amazing. You’re the first to force out my original form.”

At this time, he seemed more seductive and eviler. The charm unique to snakes was revealed.

“Should I reward you?” the Nine-Tailed Snake’s magnetic voice said, “How about… letting you die?”

Lu Shiqian coldly replied, “Why don’t you take out some real strength before saying that again?”

The Nine-Tailed Snake frowned slightly, “How uncute.”

His two hands waved and waves of sound came shooting over. The momentum overwhelmed the heavens and the earth. Where the wave passed, stones would crumble to dust.

Lu Shiqian quickly jumped and nimbly dodged backwards. Her figure was extremely beautiful. After fighting so many times with Shang, she was very confident in her ability to dodge. However, the sound attack came too fast at too many angles, and the Nine-Tailed Snake’s nine tails continued to send out more. The interval between attacks was only one-thousandth of a second! What was more hateful was, this despicable snake even taunted as he attacked, “Aiyah, cutie, don’t dodge!”

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