Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 271

When this snake was in human form, he looked like a noble young man; however, when his nine tails were out, he really looked a bit crazy!

Not only crazy, but also mad!

Could masters all be so eccentric even magic beasts were no different?

Lu Shiqian was slapped quite a few times. Her skin was broken and she looked quite miserable, but she dodged sharply, all of these injuries were merely skin-deep.

“Aiyah, you’re bleeding, bleeding! It’s really exciting! My blood is boiling!” the Nine-Tailed Snake laughed.

Lu Shiqian really couldn’t endure it. This guy’s calm and noble manner was so cute, so why did he turn so talkative when he turned into a snake? Chitter, chatter, so annoying: “Shut up! So noisy!”

The Nine-Tailed Snake was taken aback and then smiled charmingly, “What a loud voice, pains my heart.”

Lu Shiqian: “…”

The snake’s tail never stopped whipping—up, down, left, right, diagonally. Coupled with the sound waves, it truly was attack after attack, leaving no breathing room.

What was even more annoying was that this snake continued to attack while sighing, “Aiyah, how beautiful my tails are, how pure the color is! Oh, how charming I am!”

Lu Shiqian retched. Could you be any more disgusting?

The snake pressed his hand against a large rock by his side while he attacked. Suddenly, the ground opened wide and a huge hole appeared. Lu Shiqian didn’t notice and fell directly in.

“Sorry, I forgot to mention there’s a trap there!” the Nine-Tailed Snake mocked.

If you fought birds all day long, there would inevitably be a day you would get pecked. As Lu Shiqian fell, she thought that this snake was utterly despicable! …Worth learning from.

The moment Lu Shiqian fell, the Death God felt his heart being cut to pieces. He didn’t think any more and rushed down with her. He was incredibly fast. If he wanted to go somewhere, no one could stop him. The rest only saw a black shadow ripple before he appeared by Lu Shiqian’s side.

The Nine-Tailed Snake gaped at the exceedingly fast figure, sinking into a moment of deep thought.

The hole quickly closed in less than a second. It was so fast Wei Mo, Qi Zhan, and Yao Hong didn’t even have a chance to react.

Shang gripped his sword and stepped forward, coldly declaring: “I want to fight you!”

The Nine-Tailed Snake stared at Shang for a while before saying, “If you kill me, she will never be able to leave.”

With his keenness, he could tell that this person wasn’t one he could fight against.

Shang paused. To kill or not to kill? This was the first time this had ever been a problem. He looked at the closed ground, and his cold heart that had always remained unruffled rippled for the first time.

This was the second time she fell into this kind of trap, the first time when Qin Feiran that bastard shoved her to the underground palace. This was the second time. Getting tricked by that despicable snake, she sullenly fell into this bottomless underwater world. The underwater world’s underground was not beautiful at all. At the very bottom, there was a river of magma, the air filled with the smell of sulfur. Lu Shiqian fell and landed on a 50-meter-tall boulder in the middle of the river.

Looking at the bottom, the hot lava flowed with joy; looking at the top, a haze of black.


As she sighed, a black shadow fell down. At first, his black clothes and the black sky melded together and was hard to distinguish, but when he got closer, she could see that the flying black hair and scythe in hand figure was the Death God.

He followed down with her?

Lu Shiqian’s heart softened for a moment.

The Death God landed by Lu Shiqian’s side, stretched out a hand, and embraced her.

When looking down from above, her slender figure seemed so thin and lonely as she landed on the boulder, causing him great distress. After landing, he didn’t think of anything and simply hugged her.

Lu Shiqian hugged him back. She didn’t ask why he came down. At this time, this place, this moment, wasn’t having someone to share your troubles with more real than saying a million sugar-coated words?

“Can you go up?” After a few minutes, Lu Shiqian asked the Death God. She was afraid that the others would be worried.

The Death God stubbornly refused to speak, lowering his head and kissing Lu Shiqian’s wounds.

She suffered many skin injuries and didn’t care much about it, but to say that she wasn’t moved seeing someone so concerned about her was false. She wanted to be stronger, but she had never denied that she was a woman. However, more than a woman, she was a person. As a person, she had to take up her responsibilities.

Facing such tender concern and such a way of treating wounds, she couldn’t bear to refuse.

“Master, I can kill that snake!” After hesitating for so long, the Death God finally spoke such a line.

Lu Shiqian touched the Death God’s face, “I can’t never grow stronger.”

The Death God awkwardly and almost aggrievedly licked Lu Shiqian’s wounds again.

Lu Shiqian smiled slightly, finally understanding. Did the Death God know how to feel angry now? Was he angry that she didn’t call for him? “Next time I encounter danger, I will definitely let you charge ahead, okay?”

The Death God abruptly raised his head and, seeing her smiling eyes, couldn’t help kissing her: “Master…”

The smell of blood spread in her mouth—the blood from her wounds that were licked.

The Death God felt numb on his lips and nipped her lips, prying open her teeth and burrowing his tongue in. He tangoed with her, tasting her taste.

Master, my master, do you know how much I… like you… love you!

I want to tightly hold you. I want more…

Such an unfamiliar feeling that slowly etched its way into his heart… Longing…

From the moment he came back—no, it should be from the moment he left a year ago, he longed as such, wanting to be with her forever… His life was long enough, and he had an even longer route ahead of him. However, every minute and every second, he wanted to share with her!

Holding her in his arms every night, watching her sleep, an inexplicable feeling of joy would arise, an inexplicable feeling of satisfaction as if he was holding the entire world… No, it was more profound than that, because he was holding her. She was more important than the entire world, an existence more precious than he himself.

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