Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 272


Master, I want to kiss you, really want to kiss you…

The Death God closed his eyes, his eyelashes trembling.

Lu Shiqian’s magic beasts had long returned to their magic beast spaces, but the space passage was temporarily closed.

At this moment, jets of magma were sprayed, and the smell of sulfur was blocked outside of the 5-meter-wide boulder by the Death God. Looking up, it was dark; looking down, it was red. This was a place that made others feel uneasy.

Here, there were only two.

The Death God’s hand unconsciously wandered on Lu Shiqian’s body. Where he passed, electricity would rush through, causing both of them to tremble.

His lips moved down, but returned from time to time to meet hers before going down again. This boulder was very clean, but the Death God took out a black cloth from who-knows-where and pushed her down.

He was gentle, slowly savoring her taste.

Lu Shiqian was a little confused. She didn’t know why the Death God was so impulsive today. However, the Death God’s attitude made her unable to reject him. Perhaps, she had subconsciously never rejected him.

Why bother to nitpick when she had accepted him since long ago?

It was just that she never thought they would do it in this kind of place.

The Death God had already untied her armor and hesitated over whether he should take off her shirt.

Lu Shiqian smiled wickedly. She lay there calmly, not in a hurry, watching what he would do next.

The Death God stared at the buttons on her shirt for a long time and finally tremblingly unbuttoned the first. Lu Shiqian’s beautiful collarbone was revealed. He felt his body tighten and actually felt a bit parched. He closed his eyes and unbuttoned the second and third buttons. Her snow-white chest was exposed with two little cherries on top.

The Death God opened his eyes and stared at the spring scenery in front of him.

Plop, plop! Drops of nosebleed unexpectedly dripped down onto Lu Shiqian’s chest like a blooming red rose.

What to do now?

The Death God almost piously kissed her slender neck, her collarbone, and paused for a moment on the butterfly mark on her chest. Great, this was his mark, continuing down like that…

Lu Shiqian trembled. The excitement was almost unbearable!

Lu Shiqian’s body tightened and couldn’t help but moan, “Mm…”

The fascinating moan made the Death God’s heart sway, kissing her lips. This time, she didn’t need to tell him to have him voluntarily take off his black clothes and press down.

Body against body caused both of them to shake.

Their bodies gradually heated up. His body was originally cold and heat shouldn’t exist, but for some reason, as long as he was with Master, he would feel this way. This time was especially strong. Could it be because of the magma beneath them?

He kissed his master up and down a few times, but the heat not only did not diminish, it also grew stronger! He didn’t know what to do; he only knew that he didn’t want to leave Master…

“Master… I’m so hot.” He was going to burn to death, but did Master have a way to relieve him?

“Master,” his expression was strange, “that place is different from mine.”

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, wanting to both sigh and laugh. Did men and women have the same body structure?

Lu Shiqian cried in her mind: this guy, this guy…

“Master, I feel even more uncomfortable now…” The Death God leaned in, his face red, seemingly tempting others to have a taste.

At this moment, this time, why back down? Then let this day become an unforgettable memory.

Lu Shiqian turned over and pressed the Death God beneath her.

…Golden light flashed past his eyes before it finally turned completely gold. However, he still couldn’t endure and just wished for this pleasure to last forever.

His heart was filled and was no longer afraid. He was sure now that where she was is his haven.

Lu Shiqian smiled unscrupulously, extremely wickedly drawling, “My dear Death God, you’re sure sensitive.”

“Master, I-I still want to…”

Before Lu Shiqian could react, he flipped over and pressed her underneath.

With experience and having tasted the forbidden fruit, how could he let it go?

Lu Shiqian wanted to cry without tears. Was this guy a wolf that couldn’t be filled? It was already long enough earlier…

Another half a day later, he finally leaned against Lu Shiqian’s body, hugging her in his arms: “Master, I’m so happy.

“Master, I still want…”

Lu Shiqian speechlessly looked towards the sky. The sky was dark. She speechlessly looked at a certain Death God. A certain someone smiled brightly, evidently overjoyed.

After eating several times, the Death God held Lu Shiqian in satisfaction. Only then did he ask the question he had held back until now, “Master, how strange. My place protrudes out while yours sinks in.”

“This is indeed the greatest mystery of life.”

“Master, why…?”

“Well… It’s just natural.”


“…Body’s natural response…”

“Why do I feel hot?”

“The body’s natural response…”

“My heart also beats so fast. Why?”

“How fast does it beat?”

“Hundreds of times every second, and very loudly. Master, can you hear it?”

“…This truly is a little fast.”

“Master, I seemed to be melted by you just now…”

He slowly added, “Master, I… I still want you.”

A certain guy’s learning ability was sure strong, the quintessential draw three inferences from one statement.

He cried happily, drunk in this pleasurable feeling.

“En…” Completely speechless. How could he be so energetic?

Classmate Death God happily moved his body as he placed his head on Lu Shiqian’s shoulder, “Master, you smell like me.”

Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched, thinking silently: ‘This classmate, are you a beast?’

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