Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 273

The Death God pointed to the butterfly mark under Lu Shiqian’s collarbone, “Master, look.”

Lu Shiqian looked down. The black butterfly seemed to have undergone a transformation and became golden—a beautiful gold.

The mysterious patterns on the Death God’s body also turned gold, a beautiful gold.

What unknown thing happened?

The Death God smiled brightly, an indescribable glow on his face. Like a cloud on fire, a rainbow after the rain, so sacred it made one unable to look at directly. There would never be a word good enough to describe his looks. His face was simply the masterpiece of the heavens. When he wasn’t smiling, he was already thrilling to look at; when he smiled, no one could resist. His beauty surpassed the restrictions of gender and race… This person actually belonged to her, fell in love with her. He also only ever showed his appearance to her, how blessed!

“You’re always wearing a cloak, why?” Although knowing that his appearance would definitely stir up thousands of waves, she still wanted to know.

“I was wearing this since I was born.” The Death God looked at the scythe next to him, “This was also by my side when I was born.”

Wearing a cloak and scythe when he was born? Unimaginable!

“Then your mother is…”

The Death God gazed at Lu Shiqian, “I don’t have a mother.”

Lu Shiqian’s heart trembled. No mother, what kind of concept was that? Did he jump out of rock like the Monkey King?

“My appearance isn’t something those lowly ants may see.” As the Master of Death, this guy finally said something befitting his position.

Thinking of their first meeting, this guy seemed to have also called her a lowly ant. She couldn’t help but tease, “I’m also a lowly ant?” She no longer bothered about the cloak. Everyone had a past they didn’t want others to know, the important thing was the present.

“Master, you’re my master and I am yours!”

The importance was clear!

Okay, okay, at that time, he was still a pure little fish that didn’t even know what a woman was… Now he had evolved from a pure little fish into a little salted fish, understanding the joys of tangling with the water.

(TL: Idk why I keep thinking about Magikarp evolving into Gyrados rofl.)

“Master, don’t leave me.” The Death God whispered into her ear, “Master, don’t leave me, don’t leave me…”

She couldn’t bear listening to such an insecure plead. Was it because he had tasted happiness that he worried about losing it? If that was so, shouldn’t the roles be changed? After all, he only needed to reveal his face for all his rivals to go flying, right?

She chuckled and pushed a certain Death God down, “Relax, you are now mine. I will be responsible for you unless you wish to voluntarily leave one day. Otherwise, even if the heavens came to steal you, I would not let go!”

After saying so, she bit the Death God, “Look, I left a mark on you. This is the proof!”

Everything seemed to be preordained by fate. When Lu Shiqian recalled it in the future, she had to sigh at the coincidence and unexpectedness.

After a long time, the Death God finally loosened up and flew up with her.

The stone naturally couldn’t withstand a blow from him.

Speaking of, she wasn’t too worried about the situation above. With Shang covering, there would naturally be no trouble. She just felt a bit guilty. They stayed a little long down here, did they worry the others?

She seemed to be a little too willful this time.

Now that things had already come to this, she would just take the blame. If she pushed off the blame, where would that leave the Death God?

When they rushed up, she didn’t expect such a ‘spectacular’ scene.

A certain Nine-Tailed Snake was tied to a large pole, struggling futilely.

Next to him stood the cool Shang, expressionless Yao Hong, worried Wei Mo, enraged Qiu Di, and the currently raging and ranting Qi Zhan.

The moment the Nine-Tailed Snake saw Lu Shiqian, he was overjoyed, completely forgetting exactly who threw her underground in the first place: “Look! She’s completely intact! I told you that the trap was very gentle.”

Gentle was gentle—magma roiling underneath, the floor made entirely of Star Iron. It was hard to break through unless they were a third stage god or higher.

Indeed gentle.

Wei Mo excitedly ran over and hugged Lu Shiqian when he saw her, “Great! You’re fine!”

Qi Zhan studied her. Her face was ruddy and her body didn’t seem to be missing any parts, finally relaxing.

Qiu Di almost cried. After she woke up and learned that she once pointed a blade at her sister, she kept blaming herself.

Lu Shiqian comforted them. They were truly worried about her, and she would not forget this affection.

Yao Hong was relieved, secretly happy. Great, she was fine. He didn’t dare express his concern. He dared not, dared not…

Seeing that she was safe and sound, Shang’s chilly aura was finally retracted. However, the eyes he was looking at the Nine-Tailed Snake turned even colder, causing the Nine-Tailed Snake to shiver in fear. He had thoroughly learned this man with the aura of the demon clan’s skill and strength. Now, he didn’t want to get beaten again. No, no, it wasn’t a question of getting beaten or not. This man might kill him.

Oh, the heavens and the earth! He didn’t want to die! He was so smart and handsome, enchanting and seductive, his tails so beautiful and color so pure was hard to find, hard to find! It would be a great pity for him to die!

He winked at Lu Shiqian, “Heroine, please forgive me.”

Lu Shiqian smiled wickedly. Oh, Nine-Tailed Snake, Nine-Tailed Snake, to think you would have such a day.

The Nine-Tailed Snake shuddered in his heart with a sense of foreboding. He was no stranger to such a smile. Usually, when he finished pitting against a person, he would also be wearing such a smile… Oh heavens!

Lu Shiqian took out the dagger that was coated with Shui Se’s deadliest poison and tossed it up and down, up and down.

The eyes of the Nine-Tailed Snake also went up and down, up and down with the dagger. He was a Nine-Tailed Snake and specialized in poison, naturally not fearing those weaklings’ poison. However, he was now a fish on the chopping board, causing him to be panicked.

“It feels good to be killed, doesn’t it?” Lu Shiqian smiled like a demoness, walked over and lightly scratched on the snake’s tail.

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