Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 274

The Nine-Tailed Snake shuddered. How was he supposed to answer? Wasn’t saying ‘yes!’ in this case akin to asking for a beating? Torturing others, he was very high; being tortured, he was very low!

“This little tail… We should cut it off! Chop, chop, throw it into the pot to brew medicine! As for the skin, peel it off to make a snakeskin bag! This meat, though it’s a bit old, frying and stewing it would still taste very good! This snake gall would make great medicinal materials. This snake oil…”

The more the Nine-Tailed Snake listened, the more terrified it grew. Did this woman have a mortal grudge against snakes? Alright, even though he tricked her, she still shouldn’t pick him apart like this!

Lu Shiqian smiled eerily as she placed her dagger against a snake tail, “A good idea, hm?”

The Nine-Tailed Snake was infinitely grieved. How could this woman be more shameless and despicable than him?!

He blinked, trying his best to charmingly and seductively say, “Heroine, I was wrong, please forgive me.”

Lu Shiqian smiled.

The snake felt that he still had a chance.

Lu Shiqian sighed, “Did anyone ever tell you? You have a huge eye booger in the corner of your eye.”

The Nine-Tailed Snake was stoned. After a whole ten seconds, he suddenly screamed, his tails lifting a mirror he got from who-knows-where. Looking closely… EYE BOOGER! That was more terrifying than cramping!

The corner of Lu Shiqian’s mouth twitched. How was she supposed to get even with the snake if he was like this? If he would rather die than surrender, then she might still feel some pleasure from torturing him. However, a snake that would overturn the heavens over a booger… She looked at a certain snake gripping a mirror while pulling at his eyes and suddenly lost the desire to continue.

“I’ll give you chance to survive. Surrender to me, and I’ll let you go.”

“Oh.” The Nine-Tailed Snake’s tails drooped, and his handsome and seductive face was listless. He felt too ashamed to meet others now.

Eye booger, this blow was too big!

As a shameless and despicable, cunning and fickle, black-bellied and cruel, killing without a blink of an eye, utterly no conscience… (another million omitted words) snake, how could he have an eye booger?

A certain snake was still deeply aggrieved while Lu Shiqian had already concluded the contract.

The gain of nearly 500 Stars still couldn’t pull the snake from this deep blow.

Heh heh, who knew that she would eat the Death God here? After the sequence of events was comprehended, they would definitely think that a certain author was absolutely wicked and despicable hahahaha!

Cough cough, while speaking, a certain snake walked out: “Author, I hate you so much. For someone as handsome and elegant, charming and beautiful, lovely and benevolent, strong and powerful… How could you not make me the protagonist?

Digging ears, swatting flies away!

Wow, a shooting star flew across the sky! Hold up your hands and see!

After Lu Shiqian entered the seventh hall, a person appeared in the sixth hall. Upon closer look, it was Qin Xingluo.

It turned out that when the panda started the teleportation array, he had foresight and hid, following them silently from behind. He saw Lu Shiqian and the Nine-Tailed Snake’s fight, saw her being thrown into the hole. At that moment, his heart seemed to be slashed by knives, but he was powerless. He hated his inability to protect her!

However, he didn’t want to give up! Even if the power gap was vast, he didn’t want to give up!

He could sense that if he gave up, the distance between them would grow larger and larger until she reached a place he could never reach.

Whether it was stubbornness or wishfulness, he just wanted to stay by her side!

As long as he never had to endure the pain of losing her again!

It had to be said that his luck was very good, actually managing to find the correct place while following from behind, not falling into a trap or stepping into a hallucinatory spell.

Shifting the focus back, Lu Shiqian and the others walked into the seventh hall. The guardian beast was a Qiongqi.

The outside looked like a lion with hedgehog hair, a pair of wings on its back. It was actually the legendary beast in the tale.

Seeing Qiongqi, a strange look flashed by Jun Zun’s face.

After Lu Shiqian asked, she learned that Qiongqi was a fierce beast at the top of the Cultivation Plane—2,200 Stars.

However, such a high star-ranking magic beast wasn’t the Nine-Tailed Snake’s opponent. The Nine-Tailed Snake that had been traumatized became more and more unpredictable. With zither in hand, a few strokes knocked Qiongqi down.

Didn’t know if it was an illusion or not, but Qiongqi seemed quite listless with no fighting spirit.

After Qiongqi was contracted, its star rank grew to 2,680 Stars, but it didn’t seem happy. When asked, it didn’t speak.

The eight hall was a Zhongming Bird, a red bird with a seven-colored tail, 2,400 Stars. However, it was the same as Qiongqi with no fighting spirit at all. Whilst fighting, it didn’t even use its beast skill.

This bird was also very famous on the Cultivation Plane, growing to 2,700 Stars after contracting.

The ninth hall was a Taotie, 2,450 Stars. The tenth hall was the Bishui Dragon, 2,500 Stars. The eleventh hall Phoenix was 2,700 Stars. They all had no fighting spirit and came from the Cultivation Plane.

After contracting, Taotie became 2,800 Stars, the Bishui Dragon 3,100 Stars, the Phoenix 3,300 Stars. Among them, only the Phoenix was slightly happy at the advancement. The rest remained bitter and listless, even frequently making mistakes during battle.

What on earth was happening?

Even after contracting, they still couldn’t raise their spirits.

Jun Zun pursed his small mouth and pulled Lu Shiqian’s hand, “Master… Lord Bai Hu is one of the four lords and the most powerful one at fighting. Our Cultivation Plane not only believes in him but also admires him.” He may understand these guardians’ feelings.

Lord Bai Hu was an invincible existence on the Cultivation Plane—no, not only the Cultivation Plane, other planes were the same.

Since Lord Bai Hu’s power was sealed here, then it was only right for these guardians to guard.

You must know that there were countless subordinate magic beasts below Lord Bai Hu. All magic beasts on planes that worshipped him respected him!

He and the other three lords were masters on every plane of existence!

This was also why he was so surprised to see Bai Hu in the Forest of Death, but he didn’t dare confirm his suspicions.

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