Unscrupulous Enchantress

Chapter 275

When speaking of Lord Bai Hu, the five guardian beasts’ spirits were raised but quickly dampened again.

The Phoenix sadly said, “We five of us and Brother Qilin were insignificant servants under Lord Bai Hu. We believed in Lord Bai Hu, but 100,000 years ago, Lord Bai Hu and the others lords were defeated by an enemy while the vast majority of Lord Bai Hu’s power was sealed here… Brother Qilin said that we must believe that Lord Bai Hu would return, leading us to victory against the enemy. However, we’ve waited for so many years and… gave up. Only Brother Qilin still endures. Back when we six brothers surrendered to the enemy and came to guard here, we were cast aside by the rest… We can’t hold on any longer.”

Lu Shiqian’s expression was a bit complicated. There were thousands of thoughts swimming in her mind. She was happy hearing of Bai Hu’s strength, but also puzzled… So Bai Hu was actually so much more powerful than she thought… Then she was surprised. Bai Hu was actually this powerful! Wasn’t this all just implying exactly how powerful the hidden enemy was?!

What exactly happened 100,000 years ago?!

Yao Hong was also very concerned. His ancestor was Lord Bai Hu’s loyal servant! The reason why the clan suffered was also related to him. Now, everything seemed to be returning to the starting point of fate. He followed his ancestor’s wish and guided people over. Sneaking a glance at Lu Shiqian, he thought that she was quite mysterious, almost shrouded in mist, making him unable to see through her mysteries!

The beasties weren’t well-off other than the Nine-Tailed Snake. After a few fights, he finally regained some confidence, taking a small mirror to check out his beautiful countenance. Satisfied, he winked at Qiu Di who was tearing up at the story. After no response several times, he grew anxious and coughed until Qiu Di turned around, asking: “Am I good-looking?”

Qiu Di had Bi Feng in her heart and beauty couldn’t dazzle her. She suddenly recalled the terrible things this wicked snake had done, cursing, “You’re as good-looking as an ugly, deformed monster!”

This was absolutely poisonous.

The most unbearable thing to the Nine-Tailed Snake was being ugly. The second thing was his elegant bearing. Now that he was scolded by a fiery woman and beaten to a pulp by Lu Shiqian, his fragile confidence shattered once again.

The corners of Lu Shiqian’s mouth. What a sad atmosphere, making the snake take delight. However, after such a farce, Lu Shiqian’s mood returned to normal, “Friends, comrades, Bai had never given up on you all. Let us face the enemy together! What we need to do now is to turn sadness into strength and undo Bai’s seal, returning his power!

Yes, everything will be fine! All difficulties will pass!

“Have you all not noticed yet? The magic beast space in my body is Bai!” Lu Shiqian dropped a bomb.

The five guardians only then noticed the magic beast space—the blood-red, invincible existence. It really was Lord Bai Hu!

“This…” The five beasts were shocked, stunned, and petrified. W-W-W-What? They actually had the same master as Lord Bai Hu?

The five beasts were excited and fell to the ground. The master of Bai was their master!!

Lu Shiqian helped the five up, “Enough, let’s head to the 12th floor.”

Fate was unpredictable. In the other world, she had never dreamed of traveling together with a legendary beast. She didn’t even know that the Lord of White Tigers always guarded her by her side!

What a fantastical coincidence!

The Phoenix hesitated slightly, “Master, Brother Qilin is different from us—he’s much more determined!”

Lu Shiqian softly replied, “Determined or not, we must pass the level.”

The twelfth hall was larger than all the other halls.

Before they could draw near, a scorching flame went towards them.

There weren’t other things in the hall. Other than fire, there was only fire. It was a sea of flames.

“Big Bro!” the Bishui Dragon shouted into the flames.

A dark shadow flashed through the fire and they could vaguely see the outline of a giant beast. When it got closer, they could see it more clearly.

It was a ruby red qilin, 20 meters high and 40 meters long. Sporting a wolf snout with the head of a lion and dragon claws, patterns on its back, and six long red tails and horse hooves. It was very spiritual and spirited.

The Fire Qilin glanced at the five beasts, no special emotion in his tone: “Did you all give up?”

The Phoenix among the five was the closest to the Fire Qilin, “Big Brother, listen to us. Lord Bai has returned, let us pass.”

Hearing Lord Bai’s name, the Fire Qilin uncontrollably shuddered but quickly recovered, “Are you deceiving me?”

The Phoenix anxiously cried, “Big Brother, really, we were waiting for Lord Bai!” It paused, “We have contracted the same master as Lord Bai. Big Brother, you come too.”

The Fire Qilin’s eyes passed over the crowd, lingering on the Death God and Shang. He was obviously disbelieving, “Lord Bai contracted with someone?!”

Lu Shiqian who was completely ignored walked out, “The person he contracted is me!”

The Fire Qilin didn’t believe it and the flame grew feverish with his emotions, “Good! Since you contracted Lord Bai, then you must be extraordinary! If you wish to pass, then defeat me first!”

As the head of the five, it had 4,000 Stars!

How could it be easy to defeat him?

Lu Shiqian declared, “Alright!”

At this time, what was being fought was courage, arrogance, and ability to break through!

The Fire Qilin was also waiting for a chance to confirm what she said, to determine her ability. Otherwise, even if only his corpse was left, he wouldn’t let down an inch!

Fighting was a must!

The five beasts also understood. To let the Fire Qilin surrender and trust, you must use your strength to fight against him and defeat him! Without further ado, take out your fighting pose!

The Phoenix soul merged, Bishui Dragon armor merged, and Qiongqi weapon merged!

Bright golden hair and eyes, the ends of her hair multi-colored. Her eyebrows were like faraway mountains, her lips perfectly shaped. She wore an exquisite holy armor, outlining her sassy figure. A bird-shaped sword in hand added to her mystery!

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